Best ARK Maps To Try

ARK: Survival Evolved
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ARK: Survival Evolved has taken a top position since its launch in June 2015. The ARK mod maps are the most classic video game maps in the gaming universe.


With the announcement of ARK 2, which stars Hollywood actors Vin Diesel and Auli’i Cravalho, in the Xbox Bethesda Showcase, the ARK franchise attracted a lot of attention.

You would have remained glued to the game because of the ongoing release of intriguing new expansion packs and areas.

Many independent developers have created numerous mod maps throughout the years. This is because of ARK: Survival Evolved customizability.

Best ARK Maps To Try

Since we are talking about mod maps, ARK has already beaten all its competitors in the field. So, what are the most prominent ARK maps? Let’s find out. 

1. The Island 

The Island is a splendid ARK: Survival Evolved map.  In ARK’s initial days, they released ARK: Survival.  The Island in its initial days.


Its map includes five mountains in the north and lands in the south. Additionally, there are three Obelisks on the map that create a triangle.

The Island - Best ARK Maps

On The Island, you can only find two weather conditions: rain and fog. There are twelve spawn points in the game, three in each direction. Plus, there are ten artifacts to collect. ARK Mobile launched this multi-biome map as a single unit.

2. Ragnarok 

Ragnarok is a top base-building catch because there are so many gorgeous locations to construct imposing bases.

This map has everything from the Viking Bay beaches, which have built-in storage caves, to the towering plateaus, ocean platforms, and ruins. You can use your imagination to the fullest extent, as the map is based on a constructive mindset.

Ragnarok - Best ARK Maps

The surface world displays a large diversity of biomes, each with its own unique and fantastic features of beauty and curiosity. It includes an active volcano, a Wyvern canal, vast deserts, high landscapes, and luscious woods.


The further analysis exposes further difficult conditions that can wear you out. These include enormous dungeon networks, underwater water trenches, and sea creatures. Ragnarok is undoubtedly a must-check.

3. Aberration 

Aberration is the most exciting part. In the expansion pack, death and poison lurk around every corner in a damaged Ark. Aberration is quite terrifying. There are numerous unnamed and aberrant variations of species present on the map that will give you chills.

Aberration - Best ARK Maps

It has the Majestic Featherlight, Glowtail, or Shinehorn, as well as other diminutive, cuddly, and luminous creatures.

They are there to show the way, offer a glimmer of light, and offer the company. You have to clear three artifact caverns while fighting the dangerous last boss.

Last but not least, remember to train Rock Drakes in the red zones and take in the splendor of the Fertile region.


4. Valguero 

Valguero is quite simple to navigate as a solitary player because it isn’t enormous. You can rapidly move between regions to look for various dinosaurs. Or if you want to move back,  get home with a boat and other things to make travel safe and efficient.

Valguero - Best ARK Maps

Valero also contains a variety of critters and biomes in a setting that is very familiar, including deep jungles and ruins.

This map has clear highs and lows that a newbie player can exploit. Its weather issues are also not a problem at all.

The Locations on this map are quiet, and the climate is suitable. You can also observe the rainbow and auroras at the North Pole.

5. Scorched Earth 

Scorched Earth is a canon map launched in September 2016. It sets off in the Desert and is quite vast.


One of the most challenging maps to play is this one. You must accept the risk of heatstroke and the adverse effects of dust storms. These would occur in sweltering heat and unfavorable weather.

Scorched Earth  - Best ARK Maps

You must be cautious when constructing shelters and monitor your energy consumption. Besides, consider controlling your hunger, thirst, and physical and mental needs.

You risk dying if you behave carelessly while exploring Scorched Earth. Using it, you can explore Scorched Earth’s modest space and use abundant farming opportunities.

6. Crystal Isles 

The Crystal Isles Map features every feature you could want. All of it is packed with as much variation as you can manage. The spectacular and vibrant appearance of this map is excellent.

Besides, the transformation of several old maps into little biomes and distinctive looming aisles has enhanced the features.

Crystal Isles - Best ARK Maps

There is never a dull moment when exploring and learning anything new because of the incredible size and wide variety of base places.

It lets you scuba dive into the water to discover what lies below the ocean depths. While exploring this map, you will come across critters, bees, elements, and much more. 

7. Lost Island

Before becoming an actual map on December 14, 2021, The Lost Island was initially released as a mod map. The initial ARK: Survival Evolved DLC introduced three creatures.

These include the poop-throwing baboon Dinopithecus, flyer-backpacking Sinomacrops, and spike-throwing Amargasaurus. Dinopithecus King, the map’s dreadful monster, will be tough to deal with.

Lost Island - Best ARK Maps

This map combines the other ones like Genesis I & II, The Island, and Scorched Earth. There are many diverse biomes on Lost Island, including a volcanic biome, a desert biome, cold mountains, tropical islands, rivers, and Redwood forests.


Additionally, it features several tunnels, castles, and a deserted temple, all of which are excellent for setting up bases.

8. Genesis Part 2 

Genesis: Part 2 is a specialized version of all the ARK maps. This mind-blowing map features End Game technology, a new drop mechanism, and an incredible array of new monsters.

Experience challenging arenas, missions that take you to unique locations, and the breeding of mutagens.

Genesis: Part 2 - Best ARK Maps

Discover the tiny, sweet, yet terrifying Noggin by taming the valuable and adorable meowing. Even a space dolphin is frolicking about, eagerly awaiting your company.

Naturally, once you succeed in completing the taming procedure, the Hyperspace, a nighttime event that is a visual treat, is another noteworthy addition to this expansion pack.


9. Extinction 

Extinction map is an adventure you will always be looking for. One thing you’ll notice first is the city just in front of the map with a shelter that makes things less complicated.

Extinction - Best ARK Maps

The extinction map carries numerous levels to dig through. Further, it also has a hazardous area encircling the area and has small ARKS with various biomes at the rim of the globe. 

Overall, Extinction is excellent for exploring the graphics of the game. You can also tag a player friend along. This map is great terrain for hiding because the graphics are highly versatile. 

10. The Centre 

The Center is a non-canon map as well. You can play this map for free, just like Ragnarok.

Besides, you can play on this map to display your fundamental abilities and discover your hidden talents. It will give you a basic understanding of the entire game from any of the game’s free maps.

The Center - Best ARK Maps

This map is free even though it also offers paid maps if you want. The Centre has a player vs. player combat mode. 

Additionally, you will not find any unusual creatures. Moreover, there are 15 event creatures and 116 essential creatures. The maps do not contain any weapons either. You can look for 11 objects on the map.

11. Genesis Part 1 

Ark Genesis part 1 pushes you to the zone to train and get ready for the future. In contrast to previous maps, the Genesis simulation map has five distinct biomes.

The map further comprises new creatures, bosses, equipment, and game mechanics. Ark has always had a big emphasis on PvP. Now, Genesis is very obviously PvE-centered.

Genesis Part 1  - Best ARK Maps

There are many different missions for the five biomes. These include basketball, hunting, escort tasks, wave-based defense, checkpoint races, and other activities. Each one offers a variety of challenges, and completing them grants you prizes and hexagons.


12. Glacius 

Glacius is another single-biome ARK: Survival Evolved, launched on November 21, 2020. This map will place you amid perilous icy critters and frozen mountains.

Even the common ARK dinos have a brand-new blue-themed makeover in this mod map. This mod map certainly satisfies the appetite of gamers who enjoy challenges and its unique sights.

Glacius - Best ARK Maps

The survivors’ biggest struggle in this situation is staying warm rather than fending off the vicious dinosaurs.

This map’s weather system adds snowstorms, blizzards, or the terrifying ultra-cold to make survival even more challenging. The Step Bison is a novel monster that the map features. A mini-boss can also be found in the artifact cave.

13. Amissa 

Amissa is a massive map with a fantastical feel compared to The Island. It has unique spawn spots based on deserted fantasy cities, tamable mountain wyverns, undiscovered islands, and more. You should know that the map needs to be completed and has some vacant spaces.

Amissa - Best ARK Maps

When compared to other maps, the oceans are arid. Additionally, some areas have animal spawning but no resources. 

This map does include a few unique creatures, such as the knock-out-tamable mountain wyvern, a non-hostile wyvern. It also produces removable eggs, which can cause outbursts from older players. The mountain wyvern can dive quickly and griffin-like.

The Conclusion 

ARK has excellent maps, and nothing beats them. Honestly, one is just better than the other in different ways. But which one do you like to play the most?

Well, that was all for the best ARK maps. Hopefully, this article will help you find your favorite map.

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