Become The Most-Wanted Gangster in Los Santos With Mafia City RP

Become The Most-Wanted Gangster in Los Santos With Mafia City RP
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Mafia City RP is a roleplaying community for the popular PC game, Grand Theft Auto V. They are one of the largest GTA networks in Europe with over 200 members, looking to grow even more.


The server opened its doors in 2017 and since then has been running smoothly in a stable environment by providing a safe and fun place for all players around the world. 

You can create your own criminal organization and rule the city together with other players such as bikers, gangs, mafias, or Yakuza.

They aim to provide an excellent experience to our players by offering high-quality servers, helpful staff members, and tons of custom scripts to make sure you won’t get bored. 

Become The Most-Wanted Gangster in Los Santos With Mafia City RP

If you think you have what it takes to become someone important in this city or if you just like working together with others while having some spare time left; then you should definitely join this server.

Unlike other communities, they don’t focus on one group that controls everything like biker gangs or mafia families. 


Instead, they try to provide various possibilities for all kinds of players including small groups and loners so everyone can find something fun for themselves.

This also means that there are no limitations like limiting yourself only to one job/job tier at once so you can toggle freely between them without any worries. 

Furthermore, the server offer tons of jobs as well as some unique ones that aren’t available anywhere else so everyone will never run out of things they could do.

You should definitely join Mafia City RP if you’re looking for a good community where everyone is friendly but competitive at the same time and where there’s always something new happening every day. 

The server has something different from others like over 50 custom jobs (and growing), multiple locations each day which might include arenas, private ones for groups/organizations, and more traditional ones


such as casinos or banks suitable for roleplaying purposes (unless we’re doing something specific), gang/organization wars

Roleplay Experience On A Custom Map 

The Mafia City RP features a custom-made map for GTA V roleplay. It’s used for the Mafia City RP (Roleplay) server and it has been created to be as close to real-life as possible.

The only difference is that there are no NPCs or randomly spawned vehicles, but you can still find other players walking around the city and using their own vehicles.

You’ll be able to find all kinds of different buildings in the city, such as banks, police stations and even casinos! These places will allow you to do jobs that give you money in return.

You can also buy your own house or apartment if you want somewhere more private than just standing on a street corner waiting for someone else to come along.

Become The Most-Wanted Gangster in Los Santos With Mafia City RP

You don’t have to stick with one job forever though – as long as you’re willing to put in some time learning how everything works then there’s always something new available each day so make sure not to keep up with what’s going on. 

Money System & Jobs 

In Mafia City RP, the money is very realistic.  You have to pay taxes on your cars and shops, you have to pay a mechanic to fix your car if you crash it or get into a big accident (car has to be paid for), you can work as a Taxi driver, Mechanics, Medic, Police, Lawyer, Chef, Deliveryman, Drug dealer, and many more jobs!

Become The Most-Wanted Gangster in Los Santos With Mafia City RP


You also have the option to steal from people and rob stores. The main thing that I like about this game is that it’s almost impossible to lose money unless you buy every property in San Andreas and get busted by the police, so no need to worry about losing your cash.

Houses, Cars, Properties, and Shops 

You can purchase houses, cars, properties, and shops on the server. Most of them are bought using in-game money. You can own multiple houses, cars, properties, and shops at the same time. You can sell houses, cars, properties, and shops whenever you want. 

Become The Most-Wanted Gangster in Los Santos With Mafia City RP

They will be put on sale for 24 hours to give other people a chance to buy them before they get removed from sale, which means that you could buy new ones if you want to.

You are also able to rent out your house/car if you want others to live/drive it instead of having it doing nothing. 

The money earned from renting is saved in your bank account which means that you have to withdraw it from the bank if you wish to use it elsewhere than just renting out your vehicle/house again.

Realistic Vehicle Damage, Engine Failure, & Tire Burst 

When you smoke the tires, your car will start to overheat and eventually fail. In-game, a vehicle that is left running for too long or driven at high speeds will begin to overheat and eventually fail. This can be rectified by either driving slowly or turning off your engine.

When you take damage from gunfire, explosions, and collisions with other vehicles or objects in the game world, your vehicle will suffer cosmetic damage. When the vehicle takes enough damage, the components of the vehicle start falling off as well. 

Become The Most-Wanted Gangster in Los Santos With Mafia City RP

For instance, doors and windows can become inoperable and eventually fall off entirely if damaged enough (Faggios do not suffer this failing). Other times depending on how badly damaged it is, your car may catch fire. 

This will cause great amounts of damage until you get out of it/put it out with a fire extinguisher or water source like a lake. If you drive into the water while on fire it will also put the flames out.

Become The Most-Wanted Gangster in Los Santos With Mafia City RP

Functional Seatbelts & Airbags 

The Realistic Seatbelts mod brings a much-needed safety feature to the world of GTA V. With this mod on, you’ll notice that when you’re driving recklessly and get into a wreck, your character will buckle up as they should. 

That way, if you happen to slam headfirst into a dumpster or another car, your chances of survival are greatly improved. For an extra layer of realism, the mod also introduces airbag physics. 

When your vehicle is involved in a crash (or an explosion), the airbags will deploy and cushion your character from the impact. This can be especially helpful if you’re in one of the sports cars featured in Mafia City RP—the added safety measures will help prevent your ride from becoming a deadly weapon.


No More Ragdolls 

There are no more ragdoll physics in Mafia City RP. No more bodies disappear after the person is shot. No more getting away with murder because the body is too hard to find.

They’ve replaced ragdoll with a realistic physics system that cares about collisions and damage, so your dead body won’t disappear or be hard to find (unless you’re hiding it yourself). 

Getting rid of the ragdoll means there’s no need for a ragdoll corpse-disposal mechanism, whether that’s custom scripts or other mods.

As a result, we’ve been able to create a new way of handling dead bodies where they remain in the world until they decay naturally.

This adds additional realism to the game and makes crime feel more real. 

Become The Most-Wanted Gangster in Los Santos With Mafia City RP

No more ragdolls also mean fewer bugs: no more clipping through walls when you die; no more getting stuck in objects when you die, and fewer weird animations when you’re dying (like crawling on the ground).

Bottom Line 

In many ways, it’s a game of rank and files: climbing up the ranks in order to make yourself more powerful.

But one of GTA V mafia city’s greatest strengths is that it allows you and your friends to create relationships with the people you meet, giving you a chance to potentially harass and bully other players, or alternatively form mutually beneficial alliances.

So, make sure that you try this exceptional server at least once. 

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