How to Fix if Valorant Stuck on Loading Screen?

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As Valorant keeps touching new heights in the PC gaming community with regular maintenance, new agents, and skins, new bugs also join the party with every update and patch. Recently, many players have reported that the game is stuck on the loading screen.


Even after Riot, Valorant developers rolled out a few patches in response to this bug and some players faced the issue. Many of which were after the agent selection page.

This issue can be because of a few reasons. If you are facing the same problem, we have got you covered. 

First, we will understand the reasons behind the issue:

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Why is Valorant Stuck on Loading Screen?

Unstable internet connection:

Your internet connection might not be stable. In that case, you will get stuck on the loading screen. So make sure your internet is working fine, you are not facing ping spikes & losses before reporting it to Riot.


Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) & get your net fixed or change your ISP if the issue persists.

Without a consistent internet, Valorant will not function smoothly. In some scenarios, it will not even start. 

Maintenance Breaks:

Valorant servers go into maintenance breaks regularly. When they are on a maintenance break, you will face issues such as getting stuck on the loading screen or not being able to connect to servers.

So whenever you get stuck on the loading screen, make sure the servers are not down for maintenance breaks. To get updates about their maintenance breaks, you can visit their official social handles like Twitter.

Issues within game files:

Valorant comes with its anti-cheat software called Vanguard. If you make any changes in the game files or any virus affects the game files, Valorant might not start. Make sure your antivirus software is not blocking Valorant files.


These were the various reasons why your game might be stuck on the loading screen. But how do you fix the issue?

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Fix if Valorant Stuck on Loading Screen

Reboot your device:

This step is the primary thing you should do. Restart our PC and Run Valorant as an administrator. After restarting your device, right-click on the Valorant icon, click on properties, look for Compatibility. In Compatibility, click on ‘Run this program as an administrator‘. 

Valorant Stuck on Loading Screen

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Reinstalling the game:

The next step you can do is, reinstalling Valorant & its anti-cheat software. Go to the Control Panel > App & Features > Valorant. Then click on the Uninstall button. or locate the Riot Vanguard folder, click on uninstall. Download the game from their official website and install it.

Valorant Stuck on Loading Screen

Driver update:

Your graphic card drivers might be outdated. Check out the driver updates for your graphic card. If your graphic card drivers are obsolete, Valorant won’t function properly.


Firstly, you should know your graphic card. Then search for the latest drivers for the same and install them. Restart your device and try playing Valorant

Update your Windows:

Make sure your Windows is running on the latest version. Outdated Windows version might affect how Valorant functions. Restart your device after updating Windows and try again.

How to Fix if Valorant Stuck on Loading Screen? 1

Deleting Manifest_DebugFiles_Win64 and Manifest_NonUFSfiles_Win64 files:

In the Valorant folder, locate these two files in the Valorant > Live folder and delete them. Keep in mind, deleting these files may or may not affect the game. It may work for some, but the effects of deleting these files are unknown.

Valorant Stuck on Loading Screen

Wait some time for updates or breaks:

If none of the solutions works for you, there is a high possibility that the servers are either down or on a maintenance break. In that case, you cannot do anything and have to wait for the servers to be back up. 

Riot notifies the community on their socials about the breaks and updates.


These were all the solutions that are available as of now. We hope these instructions will help you get rid of being stuck on the loading screen. If the issue persists, report it directly to Riot on their official email ID. They may take time to respond.

Conclusion: Valorant Stuck on Loading Screen

Valorant saw a massive outburst of players as soon as it launched in June 2020. On average, there were a whopping 13 million players monthly in Valorant during 2021. Players around the globe love this game, but bugs like these negatively affect the overall user experience and its popularity. 

Though Riot is known for quickly responding to community queries, they should also actively fix these bugs so that users can enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

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