8 Best Bus Simulator Games for Android

Army Racing Bus Simulator Pro
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Do you love driving for long rides, but you often become a couch potato? Or do the fuel prices restrict you from riding as long as you want?


Either way, you can experience the fun of driving with simulation games. If public transport setups like buses and the environment seem remarkable, try its simulators.

Here’s where you would be looking for the best bus simulator games for Android, and we have covered you!

Let’s unravel the route to the best bus simulator games 

Best Bus Simulator Games for Android

When riding through the bus stops or finding bus simulators to drive in, you must be sure they are worth your time. Thus, we have handpicked the best 8-bus simulators for Android.

Let’s dig into each of them! 


1. Bus Simulator Indonesia 

Would you like to drive the bus in a setting that hugely relies on the bus for transportation?

If yes, Bus Simulator Indonesia is a must-check on your list!

Bus Simulator Indonesia - Best Bus Simulator Games for Android

As the name suggests, you would ride the vehicle in the beautiful city of Indonesia. Amidst the colossal traffic scenario, the bus service is a rescue to quick transport.

You won’t be stuck in traffic as there is a separate path for the buses to follow. Plus, things become easier and more immersive when you drive in a 3D setup. 

The controls are user-friendly, so you won’t have to face difficulty while driving. The game won’t be monotonous due to its diverse setup and online multiplayer mode. Further, you won’t get any ads, so that won’t interrupt your gameplay. 


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2. Bus Simulator 2023

How about a bus simulator app for Android where you get a chance to experience modern city landscapes and advanced bus models?

Well, if that impressed you, then the Bus Simulator 2023 is something you can’t miss!

Bus Simulator 2023 - Best Bus Simulator Games for Android

You can run your bus services with new-generation business models, fully tuned buses, and engine customization.

More realistic interiors are a further ado to enhance your gaming. You can ride in Sant Andreas, San Francisco, Europe, Dubai, and Shanghai.


Apart from friendly controls, you also get a chance to select the type of fuel you want on your bus. You can even tailor your bus looks as per your prerequisites.

You can choose the bus paints, accessories, AC, and more. Not to forget, it has an online multiplayer mode and saves your game progress through leaderboards.

Thus, you get a bus simulator with a challenging gaming experience. 

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3. Coach Bus Simulator

Do the monotonous metropolitan buses covering short distance don’t give you the simulation experience? So, would you like a bus simulator for Android that rides to longer instances? 

Well, if the above questions are a “Yes” then Coach Bus is what would give you the legit simulation. You can drive different small models, and vintage city shades complement more.

Coach Bus Simulator - Best Bus Simulator Games for Android

Unlike other simulators offering basic customizations, you can make and fine-tune advanced customizations. 

Things don’t seem interesting when everything turns out to be in your favor. Thus, it has something to challenge you. Any accidents would do legitimate visual damage to your vehicle.

You can cooperate on the go by helping other coach buses for the path. It is one of the best available simulators with an intelligent traffic management system, multiplayer routes, and intricate interiors. 


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4. Mobile Bus Simulator 

Does stopping at each bus stop, picking up passengers, and dropping them off sound interesting? Would you like a bus simulator for Android which gives you the simulation of a public bus?

If that’s what you want to experience, check out Mobile Bus Simulator!

Mobile Bus Simulator - Best Bus Simulator Games for Android

It lets you delve into realistic maps to experience the nostalgia of a local bus driver. Further, you can even select to drive a double-decker, super-double decker, or similar.


You can flexibly select your style if you want to use the steering wheel, tilt, or button controls. With plenty of added customizations, spacious interiors, and stroller lights in the bus, you can experience something authentic. 

Besides, you can also select your view from the outer cam, cabin cam, or the most flexible free-moving cam. Traffic can be irritating, but that’s where your patience and driving skills would test.

This is because it has different AI vehicles to create traffic. However, it has an intelligent traffic management system, so it won’t be a jam.

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5. Coach Bus Driver: Bus Games 3D 

Do you want to experience the real bus simulator for Android, which immerses you in a realistic experience? But do these frequent pickups and dropping passengers seem dull? 

If yes, you would love to ride a long way with them through different terrain and landscapes. A further ado is that apart from the missions racing with a bus would be way more interesting for you. 

Coach Bus Driver Bus Games 3D - Best Bus Simulator Games for Android

With your incredible driving skills, a 3D setup and intricate graphics would be aesthetically appealing to the eyes. You can drive to different cities as it supports three cities. Plus, you can try out favorable and unfavorable weather conditions. 

This is because it has rain, snow, and night modes, and you can use them per your choices. 

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6. Bus Simulator: Bus Stunt

Would you love to go an extra edge to show off your exceptional skills and challenges? Plus, how about jumping into the character of a superhero to drive a bus?

If that is all that impresses then Bus Simulator: Bus Stunt is what you should use! 

Bus Simulator Bus Stunt - Best Bus Simulator Games for Android

Here you can show off your insane bus driving skills in its several presets. Whether it be Spiderman, iron robot, mafia, or similar veterans, you have a comprehensive range of choices.

Besides, the freakingly challenging stunts are encapsulated in its various games, adding more fun to the gameplay. 


It’s a closer feel to a Bus Simulator as there is a gearbox, swap engine, turbo, and lots more for you to access. Further, an offline setup ensures you don’t have to spare much of your internet. 

Plus, a 3D setup is what adds more appeal to the simulation. Performing stunts doesn’t mean only actions, as you would have passengers on board to ride them.

Yes, you heard that right! That’s the twist to the tale as you get a 3D setup, passengers to transport, and fun-to-perform stunts in the avatar of superheroes. 

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into the game right now! 

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7. Malaysia Bus Simulator 

Would you like to take your bus along the city and landscapes with sophisticated driving norms?

If yes, then you should delve into the city of Malaysia to drive!

Malaysia Bus Simulator - Best Bus Simulator Games for Android

Here’s where the Malaysia Bus Simulator will take you along. You can choose both whether you ride on the darkest night or a sunny day.

You don’t have to compromise with the looks of the bus for incredible simulation. It focuses on both aspects, so you won’t regret using it. 


With easy and efficient controls allow you to drive flexibly according to your driving style. You get plenty of maps, stunning graphics, and incredible roads; thus, you can try different driving types. However, it doesn’t have an online multiplayer mode. 

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8. Army Racing Bus Simulator Pro

Do you want to drive a Bus up the mountains for commandos and even build up your driving skills?

If yes, then Army Racing Bus Simulator Pro lets you do so!

Army Racing Bus Simulator Pro - Best Bus Simulator Games for Android

The Bus Simulator is a military bus coach where you will be on a mission for the army Bus. By driving it, you can ride off roads; mountains, and even complete the task of transporting the commandos to and fro. Plus, if you are someone who loves challenges, then why not go for it? 

At some stage, enemies might encounter your bus, and despite the obstacles competing, the mission is what would reward you. You won’t feel bored with multiple preset tasks, military levels, and mines here and there.

Besides, a timer in several stages gives you more extra-edged level challenges by adding a timer. It’s pretty easy, and the friendly UI lets you experience and polish your skills well.

You would want to try different buses with realistic controls. It also has such immersive controls here, but you can unlock plenty of buses with a few clicks.

However, it does have ads but not that many! Developers have optimized it so that it won’t interrupt your gameplay. 


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Final Thoughts

When you discovered the best bus simulator games for Android, we would have helped you explore them! For the most sophisticated driving, you should try Malaysia Bus Simulator.

While for some armed forces adventure during drives, Army Racing Bus Simulator Pro should be your go-to choice.

Further, Bus Simulator: Bus Stunt should be your ultimate choice for challenging yourself to be different and brutal driving actions. 

Do you prefer an offline bus simulator or an online multiplayer? Which simulation games from the list did you find the best? Do let us know in the comments below! 

Any thoughts on the 8 Best Bus Simulator Games for Android? Our comment section is open to all; feel free to share your thoughts. Also, in the meantime, do check us on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; we post some awesome content there.

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