15+ Best Free VR Games Available Right Now

Echo VR
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When you are having a smartphone that is capable of virtual reality while playing such types of games you have to check if your phone is compatible, or you still need a headset or a controller also.


If you don’t want a costly controller, you can check out the VR games which can be played without a controller too. Although there are many interesting mobile games, all are not based on VR.

For those of you who are in search of amazing and free VR experiences, here we have made a list of free VR games that feature stunning videos that will transport you to a whole new realm. You can also explore various 3D environments and many more new features.

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Best Free VR Games for Android and iOS


Within - Free VR Games
  • Within is one of the best free VR games apps when you have  just begun to play these games.
  • It offers users one platform through which they can discover great VR content from creators across the world. Moreover, this app has immersive VR videos, fictional tales and documentaries too.
  • The graphic section of this app is very fun to use, and you can also  transport videos to a different dimension.
  • If you’re someone who enjoys great video content, then you will definitely end up liking it. It’s definitely one among the  easiest and simple VR experiences out there.

Star Chart

Star Chart - Free VR Games
  • This app has the ample domain of space  – it is a real-time space simulation which gives you accurate locations of the celestial bodies you can see from Earth. 
  • It has a beautiful environment like getting close to the Sun or drifting far away to the cold, deep space around Pluto; count Saturn’s rings or view thousands of the most visible stars in the night sky; you can do it all with a Star Chart.
  •  It’s one of the best immersive apps which  allows you to experience the most memorable moments of human space exploration, something you might have just seen on TV or YouTube up until now.


InCell - Free VR Games
  • This app has multicolored action-cum-racing game takes place in a unique micro-world,
  •  It recreates the anatomy of a human cell in full detail, including educational angles also.
  • Players ride along connections and capillaries as they take in inner space. The scaling and depth of the scenes really makes the experience very mesmerizing, and it has a rousing soundtrack to boot.

Accounting (HTC Vive)

Accounting - Free VR Games
  • This is very interesting, and you will surely like it.
  • Accounting is the preposterous NSFW adventure game that asks you to grab things in different ways.
  • This VR game is  developed by Squanchtendo which includes Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty, 
  • This game has a very strange nature, so if you love that kind of humor, this one is perfectly fine for you.

Google Earth (HTC Vive)

Google Earth (HTC Vive) - Free VR Games
  • When we talk about moving experiences, there are less gaming moments.
  • For example, the first time you had to zoom out in Google Earth VR and see everything in high definition.
  •  The glowing orb in Google Earth looks magnificent in VR. 
  • If you turn off some safety options (to keep you away from  being sick) you can even get down into the street view and find your office and house.  You can also test your fear of heights by zooming to the top of the mountains and looking down.

Star Wars: Battlefront VR Mission (PSVR)

Star Wars Battlefront VR Mission (PSVR) - Free VR Games
  •  If you are having Star Wars then Battlefront it’s a free download, and you should have this game already, because it is superb.
  •  It apparently speaks for itself, likewise you will be  piloting an X-Wing, which is quite  cool by itself.
  • After not being a PC-based VR game, this game really pushes the PlayStation 4 to its limits, with some marvelous visuals.

Robo Recall (Oculus Rift)

Robo Recall (Oculus Rift) - Free VR Games
  • This game is a free shooter from Epic Games, i.e. the people who are originally behind Gears of War and Unreal Tournament.
  • You’ll find a game that is absolutely bonkers, Robe Recall also pushes your graphics card which is the feature of the graphical grunt of Epic’s engine. 
  • This game is a must download game right now. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and shoot some robots.

Rec Room

Rec Room - Free VR Games
  • Those players who are in search of some organized and relaxed social VR experience, then you are at the right search (Rec Room).
  •  Moreover, this game has a more consistently friendly community and is less chaotic too. Therefore, you can have a more relaxing VR experience. 
  • In this game the  player can express themselves very precisely and can also gain in return a more strained experience made up of higher quality games to play with various games.
  • The player can find their new friends over the course of their time while playing this game.

Spider-Man: Far from Home VR

Spider-Man Far from Home VR - Free VR Games
  • As most of you are Spider-Man lovers,then this is a perfect find for you.
  • You can have the  pleasure of being called good throughout the course of video game history, but for those who have considered one  took such a type of  venture and made the best from it.
  • The premise is easy and simple. As the game name itself is saying, i.e. you can play as Spider-man in VR. However, it includes web-shooting, web swinging and the voices of characters from the movie.

The Red Stare

The Red Stare - Free VR Games
  • The Red Stare game  has an oozes type of style.
  • You can  become a spy in 1950’s America on the prowl for secret communist agents.
  •  The major twist is that the job of this game can  be performed from the comfort of a single room i.e. the player must see their neighbors across the street and through different  identities and various clues that which of them is a communist spy.
  •  This game will be hilarious for those who are  interested in games of deduction or  interested in this wild period of time and yes it is free.

Echo VR

Echo VR - Free VR Games
  • It is one of the earliest VR games to gain  mainstream attention
  • This game is originally known as Echo Arena. It has zero-g, sci-fi competition. Echo VR has since expanded due to the inclusion of  Echo Combat. Echo Arena is free, only  it is worth the download.
  •  You can navigate a zero-g arena with a team to face the enemy team’s goal by attacking . However, it seems simple, but the result is  pulse-pounding, sweat-inducing gameplay you can have in a VR setting. 
  • The movement of this game is quite unique and interesting. Echo VR is easy to learn, but sometimes there are difficulties in mastering it. Like many other VR games, it is exclusive to Oculus systems.

VR Chat

VRChat - Free VR Games
  • VR Chat has become one of the premier apps for interacting with others over VR, expanding and updating itself day by day.
  •  The limit of this game’s imagination is up to the player with VR Chat offering a ton of freedom too. This game has endless mod support, the player can take on the appearance of any fictional character and explore accordingly.
  •  There is no shortage of things for the player because it has mini-games galore.
  • However, the community of this game has living personification, as it guarantees entertainment.

DCS World Steam Edition

DCS World Steam Edition - Free VR Games
  • This is one of the best VR games to find as it has many reasons standing in place.
  •  It has been said that no other experience adheres to this type of idea better than a flight simulator. 
  • This VR game puts the player in charge of aircraft in their complete majesty. The controls methods are different and  complex, and the interesting part is that the player can pull off these controls in a very superb way.
  • However, the player can drop  fire missiles, bombs  and evade enemies, and much more. There is mod support too.

Wolfenstein 3D VR 

Wolfenstein 3D VR  - Free VR Games
  • This game is all about Wolfenstein goodness in a VR package. This game has become very classic and that is the reason players still love it.
  • It  has different features like Storm through Castle Wolfenstein, take on the Nazi forces guarding on it.
  •  Every level of this game is mesmerizing which is recreated in VR so that players can  enjoy. 
  •  This game can be found on Itch.IO which is an online repository for indie games, and also a surprising source of great VR games.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Astro Bot Rescue Mission - Free VR Games
  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission stands as a testament to all  VR games and their design shows what VR gaming as one combined in all.
  • Moreover, this game is very charming and has an endless abundance of fun ideas that breathe life into its platforming. It is also good  for  kids who are into PSVR. The player can also control the little robot Astro, with their own presence also.
  • It has a variety of platforming challenges using classical PlayStation controls. The player can also use themselves when they are crashing through barriers with their head or attacks aiming to themselves.

Propagation VR

Propagation VR - Free VR Games
  • Those who are fans of Horror i.e. Rush of Blood, there is this survival shooter. Propagation VR is of that type only.
  • The player stands on  their ground and fights against an onslaught of terrifying enemies  from zombies to mutant monstrosities.
  • It has a pistol, a shotgun, and two fists, the player can utilize all the tools to survive. This game is non-stop action that will keep its players on their toes till the credits roll.

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