BetBoom’s Offlaner Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko Disqualified After Violating the Tournament Rules


  • The controversy occurred during the official match between BetBoom and TI reigning champions Tundra Esports.
  • During the match, Tundra Esports called for a pause to report an issue to the official, and while the match was paused, BetBoom’s “Pure” switched his game tablet to a Twitch stream temporarily.
  • The official has overturned BetBoom’s victory over Tundra Esports to a loss & now they will have to battle in an elimination match. Also, Pure has been qualified for the rest of the tournament.


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As you may already know, Dota 2 is a multiplayer online arena video developed by Valve and is a sequel to the Defence of the Ancient, a mod created by the community for Warcraft 3 Reign of Choas. Currently, the game is hosting a Major tournament, i.e., Dota 2 Bali Major 2023.


The Major tournament is a competitive tournament introduced by Valve to improve the competitive Dota 2 landscape. The Major Championship tours include the annual tournament: The Internationals 2023 as Summer major, a new Autumn, Winter, and Spring named for their host cities.

Moving on, a controversy took place during the official match between BetBoom and The International Champions Tundra Esports in the upper bracket quarter-final of the Dota 2 Bali Major tournament.

During the matchup series, Tundra Esports called for a pause a report an issue to the officials, and in the meantime, as the match was paused, Ivan ‘Pure’ Moskalenko switched his game tablet from the game to a Twitch stream temporarily. All this was discovered after the match clips were posted online, and it can be seen that the player switched to the stream during the pause.

The Twitch stream that Puere switched to temporarily is believed to be of Aleksandr ‘Nix’ Levin, and it is against the DPC rules. According to the rules, the players are not allowed to watch any broadcasts while they are currently competing in an official match. Also, as per the rules, only Steam, Dota 2, and Teamspeak are in an event.

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Before this was discovered, BetBoom defeated the reigning Internationals Champion Tundra Esports by 2-0, including an incredible 100-minute game to seal their spot at The International 12. Although, now, because of what Pure did, there will be some serious trouble for the player & the team going forward, and that is exactly what has happened.

Less than 24 hours ago BetBoom defeated Tundra Gaming by 2-0. Now, the tournament officials have overturned the victory, and the Russian team will now have to face elimination as the team will have to battle in elimination in a lower bracket against Azure Ray.

As I said above, the team qualified for The International 2023 with the win over Tundra based on the DPC points itself, but now they will need to battle in an elimination match against Azure Ray, and if BeetBot wins the elimination match, they can still qualify for The internationals 2023. However, many have questioned why BetBoom has not been disqualified for breaking the tournament rules.

Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko
Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko

Furthermore, on the English language broadcast of the Bali Major, the announcer confirmed that Ivan ‘Pure’ Moskalenko has been disqualified from the rest of the tournament, and taking his place will be Roman Resolut1on Fromynok, a Ukrainian offlaner who has played for teams like Team Secret, & more

The BetBoom team has come forward and released a statement on VM about the incident that happened while the match was paused. The team has admitted that Pure has indeed violated the rules of the tournament. Although, it is firmed that there was nothing spiteful from Pure.


In addition to this, the team also said it does not agree with the gravity of the punishment and has submitted an official request to the developer of the game, which the team hopes will analyze the case with due regard and give an objective solution.

Anyway, this isn’t the first time that Pure has found himself in the spotlight as last year in April, he was caught drawing a pro-Russian war symbol ‘Z’ on the minimap of Beyond the Submit match against Mind Games and his team (Outsiders) were disqualified from the tournament and was then the firm dropped him.

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