Is Cult of the Lamb Multiplayer?


  • Cult of the Lamb is an exciting roguelike dungeon crawler game that has captivated fans with its immersive gameplay and mystical world.
  • While the game currently lacks multiplayer functionality, the developers have expressed interest in adding multiplayer features in the future, potentially including online co-op.
  • The recent update introduces four new buildings, including the Kitchen, Shared Shelter, Crypt, and Farm Plot Sign, enhancing gameplay and providing new tools and options for players to build a successful cult.


Cult of the Lamb
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Cult of the Lamb is an exciting roguelike dungeon crawler game that was developed by Massive Monster and released by Devolver Digital. On August 11, 2022, it will be made available for a variety of platforms, including PC, consoles, and Mac.


In this engaging journey, your goal is to assemble a devoted following in order to please your god and get access to its powerful abilities. Get ready to explore a dynamic cosmos created by random creation, run into enemies, complete quests, and gather useful materials.

Use your newly acquired abilities to perform rituals and cast spells to further your exploration of this eerie and magical world.

Is Cult of the Lamb Multiplayer?

In a nutshell, the game is solely intended for single-players, but its creators plan to add multiplayer functionality in the future.

James Pearmain, the game’s art director, said in an interview with GameRevolution that while they are interested in adding multiplayer capabilities, it won’t be included in the game’s original release.

The group is thinking of including an online co-op, where gamers may band together and play together.


Pearmain underlined that the development team will face a sizable and challenging task in putting multiplayer into practice.

Is Cult of the Lamb Multiplayer
Credits: GGRecon/Cult of the Lamb Multiplayer

There are no current plans to introduce competitive multiplayer modes like player-against-player (PvP). Pearmain did, however, imply that they would think about incorporating competitive modes in the future, depending on how well the game is received and how much demand there is from players.

To sum up, Cult of the Lamb mostly focuses on single-player gameplay at the moment, although the creators have indicated interest in adding multiplayer options later on.

Cult of the Lamb is a great option if you’re looking to play a gripping single-player roguelike dungeon crawler. Watch this space for further information about the addition of multiplayer capability.

Here are some more specifics regarding Cult of the Lamb’s multiplayer:

  • A precise release date for multiplayer has not yet been specified by the developers.
  • It’s unclear at this time if multiplayer will just be available online or will also support local split-screen.
  • The number of people who will be able to play simultaneously and the kind of activities they will be able to engage in have not yet been disclosed by the creators.

You might wish to play Cult of the Lamb multiplayer for the following reasons:

  • Play with family and friends.
  • Must work in concert with other players to fortify the cult.
  • Competing with other players to create the most potent cult.
  • You can engage in fresh difficulties and gameplay possibilities that single-player does not offer.

Cult of Lamb Recent Updates

Players have access to four amazing new structures in the recent Cult of the Lamb update, all of which will be extremely helpful to them in their mission. The Kitchen, Shared Shelter, Crypt, and Farm Plot Sign are among these structures.

The Kitchen is a crucial feature of any cult since it enables players to choose chefs who will feed their members. The cult leader no longer needs to prepare meals for everyone, saving him valuable time personally. Players may guarantee a consistent supply of food for their cult by queuing up to 30 meals at once.

A very useful building that can accommodate up to three followers is the Shared Shelter. It offers a specific room for members to sleep and rest, which is especially useful for larger cults. The Shared Shelter is a strong building that never crumbles, ensuring cult members a secure home.

The Crypt is an expandable structure created to store several deceased followers. As a result, there will be no need to build multiple graveyards for each person, saving the cult’s town considerable space. Additionally, there is a chance for players to enhance the Crypt so that it can hold more followers.

Is Cult of the Lamb Multiplayer
Credits: Twinfinite/Cult of the Lamb Updates

Players can identify particular plots of land for farming with the straightforward yet useful Farm Plot Sign. This group helps the cult’s agricultural projects use resources effectively and produce as much as possible. Additionally, players can update the Farm Plot Sign to increase agricultural production.

These four brand-new structures greatly improve gameplay and the overall player experience. They provide gamers with cutting-edge resources and options to build a flourishing and prosperous cult. These novel structures provide a variety of advantages, including time savings, space optimization, and increased farming productivity.

Wrapping It All

The next update for Cult of the Lamb will also offer a number of additional improvements in addition to the new structures. Along with necessary bug patches, these include the addition of new adversaries, items, and challenges. Early in 2023, an upgrade is planned for release, offering a more engaging and satisfying gameplay experience.

In conclusion, Undoubtedly captivating fans of roguelike dungeon crawlers, Cult of the Lamb is a superb game. Although it does not yet support multiplayer, the creators have expressed their eagerness to add this function in the future.

Cult of the Lamb is a great option if you’re currently looking for a fun single-player experience. Additionally, keep an eye out for upcoming updates regarding the game’s progress if you’re excitedly expecting the inclusion of multiplayer.


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