Final Fantasy 16 Players Experiencing Overheating Issues on PlayStation 5


  • Final Fantasy 16 is an action role-playing video game developed & published by Square Enix.
  • Although, it seems that the players are experiencing issues while playing the action role-playing game.
  • Players reported that they were experiencing console overheating & shutdown during a specific cutscene of Final Fantasy 16.
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As we know, Final Fantasy 16 is an action role-playing video game developed & published by Square Enix. The video game had its worldwide release last month, and the game has been received well overall by the community.


However, it seems like the players are experiencing issues while playing the game. According to several reports surfaced on Reddit and Twitter and the issue that has been troubling many players is the console overheating issue, as the action role-playing game is shutting down the Sony PlayStation 5 console during a specific cutscene.

The Reddit OP posted that he is well aware that the game is very demanding, and the gaming console is generally quiet as well. People have reported the overheating issue warning prompt when playing the game.

Although a low percentage of people have reported the issue, and it also depends upon how well people have maintained their consoles and his console is decently cleaned too, he is just reporting the odd behavior that he has never seen before.

One thing to note here is that final fantasy 16 isn’t crashing without a precursor setting in motion. As per the players who are playing the game, the players that are playing it in the Graphic mode that lets the fans play Final Fantasy 16 in the highest resolution are probably experiencing the overheating issue that leads to the sudden shutdown without any warnings.

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The Performance mode, as the name suggests, is a mode that prioritizes utter gameplay over any other aspect of the game.

Coming back to the Reddit post, as per the Original Poster (OP) who dug deep into the problem that caused the shutdowns said that he replayed this part of the game, only that specific cutscene (Knight of the Lasting Dark) is where the system fan goes overboard.

Although he did not get any shutdown or warning this time around, the PS5 would stress itself at this moment of the game for a couple of minutes.

If he had played long enough, he could repeat the crashing based on how loud the console fan was blowing, which confirms that whenever this cutscene is played, it can cause problems.

At this moment, likely, the players who have not experienced their console overheating & the sudden shutdown issues have had performance mode turned on. Thus, averting the PlayStation 5 from overheating and shutting down.


Although, the folks at GamesRadar have also faced this while playing the game in Performance Mode, so blaming the Graphic mode of the game for the overheating & shutdown isn’t right!

Furthermore, another likely reason for the sudden shutdown of the PS5 could be the normal scenarios rather than the game itself, as players with less dust or no internal dust are less likely to face this issue.

But again, this is not conclusive, and it differs from console to console, so players should always try to keep their consoles as dust free as they possibly can!

Nonetheless, Square Enix is yet to comment on the whole situation, but the studio is expected to release a statement acknowledging the issues that the players are facing while playing the latest title of the franchise.

Nonetheless, what are your thoughts on the PS5 overheating & sudden shutdown? let us know in the comment section below.


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