Censoring Content On Discord (Spoiler Tags)- A Guide To Help You Get Started

Discord is heaven for millions of people worldwide who want to express themselves freely on the internet. If you’re interested in something, there’s certainly a community on Discord talking about it, and that’s not just limited to gaming. 


The customization features have played an integral role in the overall success of this online voice and text chatting app. Everything can be personalized from head to toe with no caps, from the look of your server to the color of your username. 

You can also incorporate GIFs, emojis, images, and even markdown features to add more unique effects to your texts. All you need is some commands that you can use through your computer or mobile devices and you can entirely change the way people see your content. 

Censoring Content On Discord (Spoiler Tags)

Today, we’ll talk about one of the most important markdown features available on Discord – the spoiler tags. When you’re talking about something others might not be willing to see, these tags can alert other users by masking the content with a black box. 

So, read on to find out how to use spoiler tags to censor Discord through various devices. 

Using Spoiler Tags on Discord PC Version 

After a lot of anticipation, developers at Discord finally listened to the audience and added spoiler tags on the PC-based version of the application. You can add spoiler tags to your messages in a variety of ways on your PC, such as: 

Mark As Spoiler Button 

This is by far the easiest way to censor a message on Discord using the spoiler tag. Follow the steps given below to mark a message as a spoiler: 

  • Firstly, type the entire message in the chat box that you wish to send 
Censoring Content On Discord (Spoiler Tags)
  • Then, select and highlight the part that you wish to mask with the spoiler tag 
Censoring Content On Discord (Spoiler Tags)
  • On a small popup window that appears on your screen when you highlight your message, click on the “eye” icon to censor the message 
Censoring Content On Discord (Spoiler Tags)

Once done, you should see two vertical bars before and after the part of the message that you want to hide. Now, just hit the Enter key on your keyboard to send the message and the selected part should be marked as a spoiler for the audience. 

Using Markdown Tags 

If you’re a keyboard fanatic, this option to add spoiler tags to your Discord messages certainly fits the bill for you. This is especially useful if you’re looking to do this relatively quickly. Here’s how you can mark a message as a spoiler using markdown: 

  • Type the message as you intended and add two vertical bars by hitting on the Shift + Backslash key on your keyboard, right before the text that you want to mask 
Censoring Content On Discord (Spoiler Tags)
  • Once you’ve written the spoiler part, add two more vertical bars to complete the syntax 
  • Now, just hit the enter key on your keyboard and the highlighted part of your text will be marked as a spoiler 
Censoring Content On Discord (Spoiler Tags)

The messages of this type are only visible to Discord users when they click on them. Moreover, you can also mark attachments as spoilers by using the built-in “mark as spoiler” option while uploading the attachment, but that’s only limited to the desktop version of Discord. 

Using Spoiler Tags on Discord Mobile Version 

The best thing about Discord is that it retains the same functionality on the mobile version as that of the PC version. Although the process differs slightly for Android and iOS devices, we’ll be covering the steps for both in this article:

Discord Spoiler Tags on Android 

Whether you use a third-party keyboard like Gboard or the built-in one on your Android device, you may find the double bar symbol required to mark a message as a spoiler on the screen’s bottom-left corner or anywhere else. 

Follow the steps given below to censor a message on Discord by marking it as a spoiler: 

  • Launch the Discord app on your smartphone and type your desired message in the Chat Box 
  • After writing the message, add two vertical bars before and after the part of the message that you want to hide 
  • Now, just tap on the send button and your message should be successfully delivered with your desired part censored on it 

Anyone who wishes to see your message would need to tap on it and unveil the text or attachment. 


Discord Spoiler Tags on iOS 

For Apple iPhone users, Discord offers two different ways to add spoiler tags to your messages. You can either add the markdown tags automatically or use the interactive option in Discord’s in-chat menu. Let’s look at each of these methods one by one: 

  • First, open the chat box on Discord and tap on the “ABC” button on your keyboard, followed by tapping on the “#+-” button 
Censoring Content On Discord (Spoiler Tags)
  • Then, add the two vertical bars before and after the message that you want to hide 
Censoring Content On Discord (Spoiler Tags)

Now let’s take a look at the alternative method: 

  • Open Discord and type your desired message completely 
  • Then, double-tap on the message to highlight and select the desired part 
  • On the floating menu that appears above your highlighted message, tap on the “mark as spoiler” option 

Lastly, tap on the arrow button next to the chat box to send your message with the spoilers. 

Can You Disable Spoiler Tags on Discord? 

Discord provides various user-level settings that allow you to control how spoilers are displayed on the servers you own or joined. Keep in mind that the changes are only limited to user-level, which means the spoilers will be treated normally for other users except you. 

Here’s how you can disable the spoiler tags on your Discord desktop application: 

  • Launch the Discord application and click on the cog icon located in the lower-left corner, next to your username 
Censoring Content On Discord (Spoiler Tags)
  • Then, click on the “Text and Images” option on the menu on the left-hand side
Censoring Content On Discord (Spoiler Tags)
  • Scroll down to locate the “Show Spoiler Content” section and select a preferred option  
Censoring Content On Discord (Spoiler Tags)

Now, there are three major options available for this section. Let’s see what each of these options is for: 

  • On Click – This is the default option that masks all the spoilers and requires you to click on them to view it 
  • On Servers I Moderate – This option will allow you to turn off spoiler tags for the servers you own or moderate 
  • Always – By choosing this option, you will disable any spoiler tags for your account, which means you’ll never see a spoiler warning on any content. 

That being said, you may realize that using a spoiler tag on your iOS devices is quite simple. Now let’s talk about some really cool effects you can add up to your markdown spoilers.  

Adding Text Effects On Your Spoiler Tags 

Here’s a quick rundown of text effects that you can apply to your spoiler tags using markdown:

  • Italics:|| *phrase* or _phrase_||
  • Bold: ||**phrase**||
  • Bold Italics: ||***phrase***||
  • Underline: || _phrase_||
  • Underline Italics: ||_*phrase*_||
  • Underline Bold: _**phrase**_
  • Underline Bold Italics: _***phrase***_
  • Strikethrough: ||~~phrase~~||

Bottom Line 

All in all, spoiler tags are hands-down the best way to censor content on Discord. The platform requires you to moderate the content you share and make sure it doesn’t go to someone who might not be ready to see it yet.

So, the next time you share your overly spoiled movie review, make sure you use the knowledge you gained here to mask it first. 


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