How to Fix Discord Rate Limited Error?

How to Fix Discord Rate Limited Error
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Discord is easily one of the biggest social platforms, with active users crossing the 100 million mark per month.


Users can interact via voice, text, video calls & send or receive images & audio. There are thousands of servers on the application with channels used for various objectives. 

Lately, the community reported encountering the discord rate limited error. The error is concerned with repeated or spam actions on the application. If you’re trying to enter the verification code or any other action again & again, the discord rate limited error will pop up. 

Fix Discord Rate Limited Error

Discord tries to block spam activities done by users & auto-bots, and that’s why the discord rate limited error shows up.

The hackers use bots to crack the verification codes by trying multiple sequences. Thus this error is required to prevent such actions.

Avoid spam movement in discord to prevent encountering the discord rate limited error. But if you somehow got the error on your application, don’t worry, as it’s easily fixable by testing out a few steps.


Best ways to fix the discord rate limited error

Before jumping to any solution, try to wait for the error to get fixed on its own. Generally, there are cooldowns on an account after encountering such issues.

Wait around 30 minutes before re-launching the application. If the discord rate limited error persists, try the following methods:

Switching Network

There are chances that the network is blocked for some time to prevent spam activity on discord. In that case, you can switch your internet connection. If you don’t have multiple router connections, you can connect with your mobile data hotspot.

  1. Log out from the device facing the rate error.
  2. Switch on the hotspot on your mobile along with the data.
  3. Connect to the mobile network on your desktop.
  4. Enter your account details on discord on your desktop to log in.
How to Fix Discord Rate Limited Error

The switching network technique will work if the problem is related to an IP ban due to suspicious activity.

Using a VPN or Incognito Mode

Another alternative fix to the discord rate limited error is trying to use a VPN or surfing using an Incognito Mode. Starting with the more effortless step, shift to Incognito or Privacy mode on your browser.


Google Chrome: CTRL + Shift + N.
Firefox: CTRL + Shift + P.
Microsoft Edge: CTRL + Shift + N.

Using the privacy mode, the websites you visit won’t be able to see your browsing data, including history & cookies. If the Incognito mode didn’t work for you, your IP address is likely blocked & you’ll need to install a VPN on your system.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) will conceal your identity on the internet. So if discord has banned your IP, you’ll still be able to use it by using a cryptic identity.

VPN has proved to be the best solution for the discord rate limited error. The only drawback is that VPN services are usually available on a subscription basis.

Reboot your WiFi & system

The final solution on the list for fixing the discord rate limited error is restarting your router & device. 

  1. Begin with unplugging your WiFi.
  2. Behind the router, you’ll find a power switch. Long press the button for around 40 seconds.
  3. Replug the WiFi.

Now restart your device, connect to your internet network & proceed to check if the discord rate limited error persists. Hopefully, by now, you’ve fixed the issue. 

For users who still can’t fix the problem on their own, try contacting the official discord support team: Click on Submit a request on the top right of this page. 

How to Fix Discord Rate Limited Error

That sums up our list of fixes for the discord rate limited error. You can still try a few other general solutions, like using different web browsers to log into your discord account.

You might lose your discord account if none of the mentioned solutions works for you, so be cautious while using discord & refrain from spamming around on the servers. Also, avoid logging into your discord account on third-party websites, etc.

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