COD Mobile World Championship 2021: Registration and Participation

COD Mobile World Championship 2021
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We have already seen in these couple of years what mobile gaming can do and achieve. We have seen PC games like PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battle Grounds) and COD (Call of Duty) coming into the mobile environment and making a place in everyone’s smartphone.


Mobile gaming is becoming a new career option for all the upcoming youth. PC gaming has already become a full-time career option for a ton of players around the globe. There are many eSports Team building every month to give new and young players the opportunity to follow their passion for gaming into a successful full-time career.

COD Mobile or Call of Duty: Mobile

I guess you don’t need an introduction to Call of Duty but still, let me explain a little bit about it. COD or Call of Duty is a PC-based FPS (first-person shooter) game, where you can act like a player on the battlefield to compete against other real players in reel form or system-managed bots. It is one of the best PC games out there and there are more than 100M monthly active players. The game is developed and maintained by Activision Publishing, Inc.

Now, coming to COD Mobile, it is the mobile version of the same PC game. The game was pushed after a successful entry of PUBG into mobile gaming. The game got its success after the ban of PUBG Mobile in the Indian market due to India-China Conflict. By October 2020, the game has been downloaded more than 270M times and generated more than $480M in revenue.

COD Mobile World Championship 2021

COD Mobile World Championship 2021

After the boom in the mobile gaming industry via PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile and Free Fire, tournaments with large prize pools have become the new norm with gaming industry investing ton load of money.

Following the trend, Activision announced the COD Mobile World Championship 2021 with a massive prize pool of $2M. The cash price along with the other gaming equipment will be distributed to various winning teams/players in different playoffs, like regional champions and final championships.

COD Mobile World Championship 2021 Teaser
Basic Game Details
  • Title Name: COD Mobile World Championship 2021
  • Prize Pool: 2 Million US Dollars
  • Tournament Starting Date: 3 June 2021
  • Managed by: Activision
  • Presented by: Sony
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Final Round Device: Sony Xperia 1 III
  • Official Website: Call of Duty: Mobile | eSports
  • YouTube Channel: Call of Duty: Mobile Esports


  • The player must be at least 18 years old to attend the championship.
  • Players must have at least level 10 to take sign up in the ranked multiplayer matches.


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Various Stages/Levels of Game/Championship

COD Mobile World Championship 2021
COD Mobile World Championship 2020
Stage 1 - Solo Play

This is the first round of the championship and it is the preliminary level of the tournament. Each player will have to play 10 matches in the Ranked Mode.

The player will have to obtain/earn at least 60 points to qualify for round 2 of the game. The round can be completed in 4 weekends.

Stage 2 - Team Play

After completing the preliminary stage of the tournament, the players will have to show their team skills. Each team will have to play 30 Ranked Matches together and earn as many points possible, the more the merrier.

At the end of round 2, the top 256 teams will be selected to play the regional qualifiers. So, each team will have to give their best to earn the maximum points possible to secure a place in the qualifiers.

Stage 3 - Regional Qualifiers

This is one of the important rounds of the tournament. The qualified teams of that region will compete with each other on the gaming platform named GameBattles. The game will include a different formant with elimination-style format. The exact format will be announced later.

The top-performing teams will qualify for the regional playoffs. The exact elimination and performance criteria aren’t yet released/announced by the organizing authority.

Stage 4 - Regional Playoffs

The top teams from the third round will finally compete with each other and one team will qualify for the final World Championship finals.

Regional Playoffs will also be held in an elimination-style bracketed format. The winners of each of the Regional Play-Offs will qualify for the World Championship finals.

Stage 5 - World Championship Finals

Now, comes the finals of the COD Mobile World Championship 2021. All the teams from various regions will compete with each in a pre-decided way for the ultimate championship and prize pool.

Basic Rules of the Championship

  • In the first three rounds of the game, i.e., Solo Play, Team Play, and Regional Qualifiers, the players will be able to use any kind of device whether it is a smartphone or any tablet like an iPad.
  • In the fourth and final round of the game, the players will be provided with the new Sony Xperia 1 III to play with.
  • Players will not be able to use any kind of gaming controller or any other external equipment that directly or indirectly affects the performance of the player.
  • The format and prize distribution criteria will be announced later.

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