Guide To Complete Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online – Approaches, Point of Interest, and More

Guide To Complete Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online - Approaches, Point of Interest, and More
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You’re about to experience one of the most sophisticated and audacious robberies in Los Santos with the Diamond Casino Heist. Popularly known as the Diamond Casino and Resort, the place is suspected to be occupied by Duggans. 


They’re Texan-based petrochemical barons who took over the control from Tao Cheng and the Triads through stealth. In the aftermath, you receive a cryptic text from Cheng Family Holdings, and now is the right time to act upon it. 

Guide To Complete Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online - Approaches, Point of Interest, and More

Georgian, the VP of Cheng Holdings, calls the shots by planning a mission to take their revenge on the Duggans by breaking into the Diamond Casino’s highly secure vault and sucking all the money juice from in there, along with his sister Tao. 

With some intellectual help from the socially awkward criminal mastermind Lester Crest and his plethora of resources, you and your crew and taking on an ambitious job where the stakes are high. So, make sure you prepare yourself well through this guide. 

Diamond Casino Heist Setup 

Arcade Equipment 

In case you’re just starting out, the first thing that you need to do is visit Lester in Mirror Park and purchase an arcade property. Once done, you have to head over to your new digs to trigger a cutscene that will allow you to begin the first setup mission. 

By interacting with the laptop in the empty arcade basement, the first setup mission, “Arcade Equipment,” will be triggered, where you have to track down some gear for your hideout. You can do this by going to Post Op Depository and chasing down a jacked truck.


Then, you have to take control of the vehicle by taking out the driver and heading back to the arcade that you bought. Upon your return, a cutscene will trigger showcasing Lester explaining the heist plan broken down into three parts – scope, prepping, and score. 

He also states that there are three ways to conduct this heist – stealthy, aggressive, and the “Big Con.” Regardless of what approach you choose, the first thing on your list will be scoping out the casino to grab the opportunity for the heist. 

Guide To Complete Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online - Approaches, Point of Interest, and More

Scoping Out The Casino – Entrances and POI 

While these objectives are optional and based on your personal preference, doing so will only help you while infiltrating the premises. The scoping task is structured in two parts – scoping out the casino’s building and assessing the vault’s contents. 

Guide To Complete Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online - Approaches, Point of Interest, and More

Also, even though you can scope out all the access points of the casino, you’ll still only be able to unlock six points of interest. That’s because the rest of the points of interest are set to be unlocked in a separate scout mission named “Vault Content.” 

Here’s a list of all the six access points to the Diamond Casino and Resort: 

  • Sewer Tunnel – There’s a big storm drain across the street from the casino. You can go down the sewer and take a picture of its grate
  • Roof – There are two keypad doors on either side of the helipad on the roof. You need to click the individual pictures of both 
  • Security Tunnel – There’s a tunnel under the racetrack located at the backside of the casino. You have to click the picture of that garage door 
  • Side Doors – The side doors are great if you want to take pictures of the keypad door on both sides of the casino. There’s one on the back and left-hand side
  • Main Door – If you’re looking to get in, this is the only way
  • Roof Terrace – There are four keypad doors on the roof terrace, one next to the pool, one down the stairs behind the bar, and two around the back that can be accessed by jumping off a ledge on the left-hand side of the pool area
Guide To Complete Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online - Approaches, Point of Interest, and More

Let’s now take a look at the rest of the points of interest as well: 

  • Value Blueprints – These can be found on the desk located in the management office. However, to be able to access this location, VIP membership is required
  • Security Guard – He stands next to the elevator by the front desk 
  • Security Camera 1 – On the ceiling of the casino premises 
  • Security Camera 2 – On the roof and the entrance 
  • Keypad – Located on the restricted access doors on the casino floor 
  • Valet – Stands out of the front door of the casino 

Point of Interest for Value Contents

Upon finding value content points of interest, you’ll be allowed to buy extra from the setup board that’ll help you to find access points easier or help you with the skills you’ll require during the main heist. Here’s the list of points of interest to unlock value content: 

  • Carpeted Room – As soon as you enter this room, POI starts keeping an eye on you 
  • Security Office Door – Doors of the room that has a gray stripe in the middle of it 
  • Metal Detectors – they can be found in the grey room 
  • Blue Door – These doors can be found in the corridor next to the elevator 
  • Staff Elevator – The staff elevator is located in the purple diamond casino room next to the two elevators on the right 
Guide To Complete Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online - Approaches, Point of Interest, and More

Choosing Your Preferred Approach – Aggressive, Silent & Sneaky, or the Big Con  

Once you have successfully scoped out the entire casino and uncovered all the points of interest, this is where the action begins. It’s the time to choose your preferred approach for the heist that is pretty self-explanatory by their names. 

Keep in mind that either of these approaches requires the same amount of preparation and work, so regardless of whichever way you choose, you won’t gain any competitive advantage in a particular way. Here’s a detailed explanation of each of these approaches: 

Aggressive Approach 

If you’re looking for action-packed combat, then the aggressive approach certainly fits the bill for you. In this approach, you’re required to fight through the casino security to infiltrate the building and use thermal charges to blow out the vault and open the locks. 


To proceed with this approach, you have to complete six setup missions, and optionally, you can also complete seven missions that have certain further locked objectives as well. Here are the six mandatory setup missions that you need to complete: 

  • Getting unmarked weapons 
  • Finding getaway vehicles 
  • Acquiring the hacking device 
  • Acquiring the vault keycards 
  • Getting the thermal charges 
  • Getting the vault explosives 

Likewise, here’s a list of the optional missions that you can complete before the heist: 

  • Scout the patrol routes 
  • Disrupt the Duggan shipments 
  • Gather the security intel 
  • Gain power drills 
  • Find the security passes 
  • Get masks 
  • Locate a reinforced armor

Silent and Sneaky Approach 

Among the various heist approaches, the Silent and Sneaky way is the toughest to pull off. In this approach, you have to sneak into the building while equipping silent pistols and not getting caught. You’ll have to avoid security cameras and drill open the vault with a laser as well. 

As in the aggressive approach, the silent and sneaky approach also consists of six setup missions as well as eight optional missions. Here’s a list of the setup missions that you’re required to complete before beginning the heist: 

  • Gather the unmarked weapons 
  • Find the getaway vehicles 
  • Acquire the hacking device 
  • Locate the keycards 
  • Find a nano drone 
  • Find a vault laser 

When we discuss the Big Con approach, you’ll realize that the optional missions are all the same in both of these approaches. The only difference is that in the silent and sneaky approach, you’ll find an infiltration suit and steal an EMP rather than just exiting in disguise. 


The Big Con Approach 

The Big Con approach requires you to wear a disguise and get inside the casino premises. Once you’re in, you have to sneak your way to the vault, use a drill to open it, gather as much money as you can, and then fight your way out. 

Guide To Complete Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online - Approaches, Point of Interest, and More

If you’re looking for an approach that can be modified as per your preferences in various parts of the heist, the Big Con approach is the best option for you. With the help of the various optional setup missions, you can devise multiple disguises to make your way out.

The approach requires six mandatory setup missions as follows: 

  • Gathering unmarked weapons 
  • Finding the getaway vehicles 
  • Locating a hacking device 
  • FInding the vault keycards 
  • Gathering your disguise for entry 
  • Getting the vault drills 

Likewise, the seven optional missions are as follows: 

  • Scout patrol routes
  • Disrupt Duggan shipments
  • Acquire security intel
  • Get power drills
  • Get security passes
  • Acquire masks
  • Find an exit disguise

Now when you know about the various approaches that you have available at your disposal, it’s time to get into action. It’s worth noting that you can always skip certain missions by paying some money, but it’s not possible for all the missions. 


Choosing The Best Support Crew for The Diamond Casino Heist

The support crew for the Diamond Casino heist consists of a driver, hacked, and a gunman. Depending on how better your crew is, the difficulty of the heist is determined, for instance: 

  • Having a better driver will allow you to get better cars for a getaway
  • Choosing a better gunman for the crew will help you gain access to better weaponry 
  • A better hacker will provide you more time to access the vault contents without getting detected

While having a better crew will facilitate the entire heist process, they certainly come at a higher take. That being said, you should keep your approach and style into account and choose a crew that aligns with your plans. 

Diamond Casino Heist Payout Awards 

Upon successful completion of the Diamond Casino Heist, the crew members and the leaders are rewarded with $2,115,000, shared between the members as per the take determined prior to starting the heist. 

However, keep in mind that any damage you take while being inside the casino premises will reduce your take. There are four heist vault contents, namely cash, artwork, gold, and diamonds, and the one you get in your case is completely random. 

Final Words 

There are plenty of ways to approach the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online. The best part is that you will never know if your plan worked until you steal the Casino’s precious vault contents. In addition to highlighting several approaches, we have also pointed out certain missions and POIs.


Use them to your advantage as you conduct a robbery like no other. Remember, set up your plans first before actually carrying them out because you only get one chance at this level.

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