How to Drop Money in GTA 5 Online? (3 Ways)

GTA Online
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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is the most popular video game franchise. Grand Theft Auto’s new version GTA 5 has come out recently.


Grand Theft Auto is the second biggest selling game in the world with over 120 million copies sold, most GTA 5 gamers like to play with their friends. After all, that’s how you get to enjoy video games more. 

How to Drop Money in GTA 5 Online? (3 Ways)

The Rockstar company allowed multiple players to spend time at the same time by creating a special server that worked online.

It is very easy to fight with the police and disturb the peace with friends. However, not all beginners understand how to transfer money to a friend in GTA 5 Online.

How to transfer money directly in GTA 5 Online?

You can pay money directly to a friendly character on the online server through the interaction menu, provided that the gamer has the money transfer function enabled.

  1. First, the hero opens the interaction menu. 
  2. Then it goes to the “Items” tab, and then – “Money”.
  3. In the end, the character being played chooses the transfer amount. The amount size of the facility changes from time to time.

What are the other ways to transfer money? 

Other ways to transfer money to a friendly character are: setting a reward for the player, giving a car as a gift, completing missions together, and leaving money with weapons on the ground. Each gamer can choose the method they like. 


Rewarding a player 

Assigning rewards to a gamer is the most popular method most frequently used by users on servers.

Consider the method in stages:

  • To begin with, the protagonist must find someone new. It is desirable that the enemy could not resist and fight back. After this, a prize is given. 
  • In order to be 100% sure of the victory, it is recommended to analyze the gamer’s profile: level, skill. The lower the level in GTA 5 Online, the easier it is to complete the task.
  • A friend is nearby at the time of the award. This is for sure that he is the first to get down to business, and no one is ahead of him.
  • With this strategy, the maximum reward per person is $9,000. After the operation is completed, this money will be transferred to the friend’s account. This is how money is transferred.

This method is considered to be working and legal. But giving money in this way to a hero friend is more difficult than giving a gift in the form of a car. To complete the tasks, gamers summon three friends: one serves as the victim, the other as the attacker, and the first provides a reward.

For convenience, during operation, it is best for friends to communicate on Discord so that there are no contradictions. Thus, interference from outside gamers on the server is excluded.

Joint Route of Actions 

Another methodology is the combined route of missions. Friends are also involved in this matter. Initially, after the operation, a division of income is provided. If the user wishes to pass all winnings to a friend, then at the end of the transaction, the funds are distributed accordingly.


The complication of the transfer option is that in all missions the player cannot control the percentage of income for each person participating in the operation. Usually, this process is available when robbing banks, and citizens.

It is better to go through the quest with three people in order to successfully complete the task and get more income. If there are two players, it is better to use the task “assigning prizes to the player”.

Leaving money and weapons on the ground 

How to Drop Money in GTA 5 Online? (3 Ways)

Until now, the method of transferring money has remained relevant, with the character dropping money and weapons on the ground. This option is more suitable for professional players with full weapon load-outs. process: 

  • The player kills the opponents.
  • After killing on the ground, as in the stable version of GTA 5, money remains, and sometimes weapons. 
  • The character does not pick them up but leaves them to a friendly hero.

With this option, the user allows a friend to earn money without losing his money. This method is much more difficult than the first two. Basically, this is how they help beginners move forward.

Donate a Car: 

How to Drop Money in GTA 5 Online? (3 Ways)

The last option for giving money to a friend is to give a car as a gift. This process is much easier to do than transferring real money. Sequencing: 

  • The gamer gets out of his car. 
  • A friend gets behind the wheel of the car. This is where transmission ends. 
  • After that, the final character just needs to install the tracker and take insurance. The car is kept in the garage.

Later, the friend can sell the vehicle and get a portion of the cash for the sale. Half the money will be burnt. 

There are four ways to transfer money in the GTA 5 Online game. Beginners will not be able to give income directly to a friend: the function becomes available only after pumping skills and levels. In the early stages, it is better to use the method of rewarding the player so that the server is not banned.

Frequently Asked Questions about GTA 5 

How to get a bonus car?

To get an Annis Elegy RH8 sports car for each hero, including multiplayer, you need to register with RGSC. To get a Hotknife for each single-player hero and an Electric Car for multiplayer, you’ll need to redeem the codes included in the box with the Special and Collector’s Editions.

Which versions of Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 support GTA 5?

The game will run on any version of these consoles. The only mandatory requirement is 8 GB of free space on the console’s hard drive (in the case of Xbox 360, you can also use a 16 GB flash drive pre-formatted on the console).

Will GTA 5 come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

Rockstar Games has yet to announce the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 on the NexGen console.


How to boot from a GTA 5 save game on Xbox 360?

This can be done using the Horizon program by specifying your GTA 5 save settings in your profile and console (Console ID, Profile ID, Device ID)। 

How to pass GTA 5 100%?

To complete the game in 100%, you must complete 69 story missions, 20 tasks of freaks and strangers, and many more. 

Why did my progress stop at 99.5%? How to dial 100?

Some players have a problem where they reach 99.5%, but they can’t find a final quest even after all of their previous quests and skydiving have been completed.

“Recipes” for correcting errors often appear on the forum, but often they are not universal (not effective for everyone) if they work at all. The best advice is to start playing the game from scratch. This problem is most likely caused by a game update.

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