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Are you looking for a good DNS server to improve the loading time, security, and speed of your PS4? If so, you are at the right place.


Domain name system (DNS) is one of the best ways to improve your PS4 and PS5 gaming experience. It will convert your user-friendly text addresses into numerical IP addresses and vice versa. 

We have covered the best DNS servers for PS4, which will work as an intermediary to help you access other websites. So you won’t have to deal with any complex IP addresses. 

Best DNS Servers for PS4 and PS5

DNS Servers promote faster page loads, enhance security, procure optional parental control, and you get better internet connectivity. Considering these benefits, we have listed the eight best ones under the category! 

Let’s go.

1. OpenDNS 

Are you looking for a commonly used DNS Server for PS4?


Founded in 2005, OpenDNS is one of the most popular DNS Servers available for PS4, used by over 90 million users. It is an ideal choice to get better security and privacy for your game.

For instance, it provides you with an option for web filtering. It will automatically block any phishing sites that may threaten your system.

There are two kinds of DNS Servers for OpenDNS. The primary one is, and the secondary one is, respectively. Also, it has two service packages: OpenDNS Home and OpenDNS Home VIP.

OpenDNS - DNS Servers for PS4 and PS5

The free DNS Server has some exciting features, blocking phishing sites and operating faster. Plus, it gives 100% uptime for Smooth use.

Also, you can keep it away from your children by putting parental controls on it. Lastly, you get email technical support in the free option, which makes it an ideal package. 


On the other hand, VIP service is expensive at a yearly fee of US $ 19.95. You will get advanced features and the best IP address for your PS4.

Some of those features include the option to see internet history activity. Moreover, you can limit access to a few websites that will help you in multiple ways. 

Learn more about OpenDNS.

2. CloudFlare 

Are you looking for a DNS server that shall offer you a faster speed?

If so, CloudFlare is a good choice. A big team operates it with unmatched delivery network (CDN) services.


To ensure your privacy, it requires minimal logs. It does not share your demographic data or other details to target advertisements. So, getting a combination of high speed and better privacy is an excellent option.

Cloudflare DNS - DNS Servers for PS4 and PS5

Moreover, it does not let third-party access from accessing your search histories, making it safe to use. Cloudflare is free to use and gives you different options for Servers. Y

ou will be surprised to know that it played a crucial role in making HTTPS encryption more prominent. Its primary DNS Server is On the other hand, its Secondary DNS server is

Learn more about Cloudflare DNS.

3. Quad9 

How about a DNS server offering a better DNS server with better privacy and security?


Quad9 offers privacy as it encrypts your DNS and enforces other security features. It blocks malicious or threatening sites and domains that may hamper your gaming experience. 

For this, Quad9 uses a combination of more than 20 recognized partners. They include private and public players to gather data and block the wrong ones.

Quad9 DNS - DNS Servers for PS4 and PS5

You can check these blocked sites by making an account on the DNS server. It has a preferred DNS Server,, and an Alternate DNS Server,

It offers a faster loading speed that won’t make you wait for your game to load. Further, it provides a reliable service trusted by thousands of users.

It suits beginners because you can easily set it up without technical problems. Its primary DNS Server is, and its secondary DNS server is 


However, it is a comparatively new DNS server than others because it was launched in 2016. You may not get adequate information like a setup guide or other details on the internet. It has a good response speed and ranks 7th in the world for it.

Learn more about Quad9 DNS.

4. Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS is a simple and effective replacement for your own ISP’s dns servers because it focuses on speed, security, and validity of results.

It only provides DNS resolution and caching. Due to its privacy and transparency, Google Public DNS has become the best DNS for gaming.

Primary DNS: Secondary DNS:

Google Public DNS - DNS Servers for PS4 and PS5

Speed, privacy, and security lovers are big fans of Google Public DNS. It is speedy and reliable. Since it supports the latest IPv6, it is suitable for gaming and accessing all modern websites.

As you read in the IPv4 & IPv6 comparison article, new websites require IPv6 support since it is better and newer than IPv4. This accessible DNS server is a good one for game players and video streamers all over the world.

If you play online with someone else in another country, Google Public DNS is a good choice since it allows you to specify which country’s DNS server you wish to use and solves latency issues.

Other brilliant features of Google Public DNS are fast resolution time, excellent security against phishing attacks, quick page loading time, and free to use.

But if you are eager to know about its cons, limited customer support, a complex UI, and privacy concerns are the disadvantage of Google Public DNS.


Learn more about Google Public DNS.

5. Comodo Secure DNS

Are you looking for a DNS server that offers you better security protection?

If yes, then you can use Comodo Secure DNS. It is a free DNS that will help you improve your internet security.  Also, you get a more safe domain name resolution process. So, it directs your traffic to Comodo’s DNS server for PS5. 

You can configure your game to this DNS server. It ensures the complete security of your PS4 to improve its performance.  However, you may need help with its performance. Its primary DNS Server is, and its secondary DNS is

Comodo Secure DNS - DNS Servers for PS4 and PS5

It blocks all phishing sites and gets warning notifications to keep your game safe. It recognizes websites with malware, spyware, or parked domains. Moreover, it has an almost instant query time of 72ms using smart routing. Consequently, it gives you an additional layer of security.  


Since 2000, it has been a renowned DNS server used by 85 million devices and prevents external control. Apart from gaming consoles, it is used in the corporate sector well. 

UT will directly report its activities and blocked sites’ internet use on your email to keep you informed. Comodo is strict towards security and transparency with its users. 

Learn more about Comodo Secure DNS.

6. Oracle Dyn (Dynamic DNS) 

Dyn DNS is well-known for offering Managed DNS services for companies. It provides intelligent responses to DNS queries based on policies and geo-location.

Oracle Dyn (Dynamic DNS) - DNS Servers for PS4 and PS5

It was acquired by Oracle in 2022. Some of its previous services were stopped in May 2023. But it still works with the same efficiency and good speed.


On PS4, it offers a smooth gaming opportunity. Also, it will help you manage your DNS updates and domains easily. Since it’s a part of Oracle, you can migrate from Dyn DNS to OCI DNS.

Learn more about Oracle Dyn.

7. OpenNIC

Are you looking for a DNS that offers different Servers for varied locations?

If so, then you must try OpenNIC. It will offer four Servers close to your location to provide enhanced service and no censorship. Further, it takes away your traffic from the DNS servers.

An important quality distinguishing it from others is that it is not a public DNS server. Instead, it is run by a group of volunteers.

OpenNIC DNS - DNS Servers for PS4 and PS5

Moreover, it offers you DNS neutrality. However,  you can still control the amount of data it logs. Its primary DNS Server is While in Secondary DNS Server is

In addition, it’s one of the safest DNS servers. It will protect your laptop/pc from attackers and even the government. Consequently, you get a higher level of privacy. It has a 9.5/10-speed test rating for PS4.

Another good part is that OpenNIC is free to use because a Non-profit organization runs it. When your game gets disturbed by a slow internet connection, it is a big problem. But you don’t face this problem with OpenNic because it prevents connection interference from avoiding any lags in the game. 

Learn more about OpenNIC DNS.


Do you want to use a DNS server that won’t share data with a third-party advertiser? 


Verisign can be your ideal choice when you don’t want data breaches. It doesn’t share your data with any third-party website or advertiser. Additionally, it offers better security and reliable service.

VERISIGN - DNS Servers for PS4 and PS5

VERISIGN protects your game from threats, malware, Denial of Service (DoS), and phishing. Alongside this, it uses the IPv6 protocol to avoid any redirection. All these reasons make it a highly-ranked DNS server for privacy. 

It will also give you a stable network that won’t allow any lags or delays in loading your running games. It has a primary DNS server IP address of Also, it has a secondary DNS server IP address of Verisign server is highly ranked on privacy.

Learn more about VERISIGN.

Summing Up – DNS Servers for PS4 and PS5

You can improve your PS4 gaming experience with a good DNS server from the list above. They offer extensive features that will keep your PS4 game safe.


Also, you can prevent your kids from accessing any wrong websites using it by putting parental control in force. Moreover, most are free to use with reliable services that make it a must-have for your game.

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