Censorship and PS4 – How To Access Restricted Content Through VPNs

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If you want to buy games for cheap, access restricted content, and experience less lag on your PlayStation 4 Console, I have a solution for you – VPNs. I’ve been using VPNs since I started competitive play and they’ve always helped me perform better. 


Instead of relying on the throttled data connection of my ISP, I use a preferred VPN, relevant to my requirements, before settling down for a session.

It not only reduces latency and lag in my gameplays but also fends off adversaries trying to spam my connection. 

In this blog post, I’ll walk through step-by-step how I configure VPN on my PS4 console and use it to gain access to exclusive gaming content, and enhance my gameplay.

I’m also going to tell you how I keep my data safe through tunneled connections on my console. 

Why Do I Use A VPN With My PS4? 


As a gamer, I get defensive about research suggesting I’m somehow a threat to the world because of my hobbies.


I also cannot deny that there are many compelling shreds of evidence that show violent video games do increase aggressive thoughts and behavior. 

But attacking video games won’t help much at all. For all the impressive scientific research indicating the psychological effects of violent content, we forgot to apply the same intellectual abilities to public policy.

As it says, there’s an age restriction for everything, but it’s hard to perceive how it can be effective. 

Federal Trade Commission restricts game sales to minors, yet everyone knows their ways to get M-rated games out of Walmart.

The appropriate solution involves more connection and involvement when parents are overwhelmed and more mental-health resources for the ones affected. 


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That’s why I stand in opposition to media censorship over the internet and use a VPN to access the free internet.

However, some may not necessarily resonate with my purview and that’s all a personal preference. There are plenty of other reasons why using a VPN with PS4 makes sense, such as: 

  1. Accessing Cross-Region Content 

PlayStation 4’s online store sorts titles through different regions. That’s because various countries restrict certain content in their respective region.

Additionally, the prices also vary from region to region, which means it’s possible to get several games for cheap by accessing the PlayStation store from a particular region. 

  1. Enhancing Game Performance 

Using a VPN for PS4 also unlocks the potential to enjoy high-speed gaming. Many ISPs throttle their users’ connections causing high latency and lags in multiplayer games.


A good VPN connection helps you bypass such limits and enjoy smooth gameplay. 

  1. Securing Personal Data 

It’s not new seeing internet-connected devices getting compromised.

With the advent of multiplayer games, many consoles, including PS4, are exposed freely on the internet without any authentication mechanism.

Using a VPN may help mask the connection and propagate over an encrypted network. 

  1. Gaining Additional Features 

Many people, including me, use PS4 to watch movies and television series sometimes. A VPN allows me to access Netflix content across different regions.


I also use it to play the beta version of games that are not yet launched in my country. 

Ways I Use VPN with My PlayStation 4  

One thing I’ve learned about Sony’s gaming consoles is that they don’t make alterations easily.

There are multiple ways to configure a VPN network on PS4 and what’s more efficient depends on individual preferences.

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My suggested workarounds are as follows: 

Through A Router 

Bridging the incoming traffic on your router is by far the simplest way to use VPN with PS4. However, doing so will also encrypt other incoming traffic from the devices connected to the network.


The process eliminates the hassle of Ethernet cables, though. Here’s what I do: 

  • Access ‘Command Prompt’ as an administrator and run the ‘ipconfig’ command to locate the network adapter’s default gateway  
  • Launch a browser and type the IP address in the address bar field 
  • Login with the credentials to access the router setup page (can be found in the instruction manual) 
  • Import the VPN config on the setup page and enable the service 

Now all that is left to do is look up our IP address to verify whether the changes are applied or not. Once router configuration is finished, it’s time to make necessary changes in our consoles by following the steps below: 

  • On your PS4, navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu and access the ‘Network’ option 
  • Choose the ‘Set up a connection’ option and select the ‘Easy’ method 
  • Confirm the prompts and tick the ‘Do not use a proxy server’ box to proceed

Lastly, just verify the connection and enjoy content from the VPN network’s region. 

Using a Windows PC 

If masking your entire home network through a router doesn’t seem feasible, there’s also a way to reroute the connection through a Windows PC.

To do this, an Ethernet cable and internet connection is required. Here’s how I do it: 

  • Install a preferred VPN client on the Windows PC 
  • Connect the PS4 console and PC through an ethernet cable 
  • Access ‘Control Panel’ and navigate to the ‘Network and Internet‘ section 
  • Click on ‘Network and sharing Center’ and select the ‘Change Adapter Settings’ option 
  • Right-click on the preferred VPN connection and choose the ‘Properties’ option 
  • Navigate to the ‘Sharing’ tab and tick the ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection’ box 
  • Under the ‘Home Network Connection’ section, choose the preferred network connection from the dropdown 
  • Then, head over to the PS4 and access the ‘Internet Connection Setup’ interface under ‘Network Settings’ 
  • Choose the ‘Easy Connection’ method and tick the ‘Do not use a proxy server box‘ 

Now just test the network and verify if it’s working. The console should be connected to the internet with the VPN’s region. 

Final Words 

Having a VPN for PS4 that supports smart DNS is greatly useful because it allows unlocking several regional services and accessing extra content.

Moreover, it also encrypts the network connection to secure the gaming and browsing sessions and make games more satisfying to play.

Therefore, if you own a PS4, consider connecting it with a VPN and enjoy a whole new gaming experience. 

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