Do Villagers Despawn in Minecraft?


  • There are no safe places in Minecraft. You will encounter many mobs, zombies, enemies, and deadly monsters throughout the game. 
  • Because of the cramped conditions or the location where they are all together, villagers despawn in Minecraft again and again.
  • This isn’t despawning at all. Minecraft doesn’t despawn villagers; it’s a glitch. 
  • So, if you want to know more about whether or not Villagers despawn, read this guide until the end. 
Do Villagers Despawn in Minecraft?
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With Minecraft, you can create anything you want by mining the landscape to earn your own rewards. Although Minecraft has a lot of worlds to explore, they can be lonely and frightening.


Whenever sundown approaches, the unrelenting terrors of the night stalk your weirdly angular flesh. Yet, passive mobs like the ‘Villagers’ in Minecraft despawn quite unexpectedly, which is quite surprising.

You can follow this helpful guide if you’re also a victim to learn more about the situation. It is very important to have villagers help when you are trying to survive in Minecraft.

But do villagers really despawn? Let’s find out the answer to this question further in this article. 

Why are my villagers despawning?

Why are my villagers Despawning? - Do Villagers Despawn in Minecraft

Whenever you move your villager more than 128 blocks away from your house or world, your villager may despawn. In Minecraft world, your villager might despawn in another way. Villagers will despawn if they are not bred when in mating mode.

Do Villagers Despawn in Minecraft?

There are a lot of players of Minecraft who have experienced this. In some cases, the villagers may be experiencing severe problems or have escaped the problem. No players are present within 128 blocks of villages so that villagers may despawn.


There is a 2.5% chance that a mob will despawn every second if it is more than 32 blocks away from the player in Minecraft. There is no guarantee that all mobs will despawn. However, they can, with the exception of those whose despawn periods are highly specified.

It is correct that villagers should not automatically despawn on their own, and there should not be a set time for them to respawn. In-game glitches or other bugs can cause unforeseen problems. Currently, they are extremely prevalent.

You might not be able to keep villagers alive for a variety of reasons, but they can die for any number of reasons.

  1. When struck by lightning, Minecraft villagers can become witches. Afterward, they disappear.
  2. Also, intruders can kill them.
  3. Closed doors made breathing difficult.
  4. Due to their AI, they might even die from starvation. It would be impossible to maintain farms of iron golems.
  5. There are a lot of them.

Minecraft villagers remain immortal in old age except when killed by explosions, zombies, or other players. 

#1 Keep Villagers indoors

To keep Minecraft Villagers safe from outsiders, you should keep them inside as much as possible. The best way to keep them safe is to keep them inside your house without a door.


#2 Keep the Area Well-Lit

It is possible that you will spawn zombies easily if your area lighting level is under 7. Consequently, villagers will be exposed to greater risks. It is especially important to make sure that your villages are well-lit.

#3 Ensure the House Shelter

There will still be a roof covering the whole shelter or house when there is a shelter. You should always ensure that the shelter does not have any openings to the sky whenever you keep your villagers inside. As a result, the hostile mobs in that area may not be considered a house by the game system and may spawn there instead. It’s your fault.

#4 Keep Villagers within a Village

When playing Minecraft, keep in mind that you shouldn’t move villagers too far from their original villages. Otherwise, six seconds later, the game system won’t consider the villager(s) or won’t remember them.

Thus, they will be easily killed by other mobs if they are out of range. I find it quite sad, however, since you have only six seconds to get back to where the guard can reach you. In Minecraft, your villagers will despawn if you don’t do this.

Do Minecraft Villagers Respawn?

Do Minecraft Villagers Respawn?

Villagers who have died do not respawn. Their population does not appear out of thin air either, similar to the human population.


You don’t need to be concerned if you find your village empty, perhaps due to a zombie siege or a band of wayward villagers. Once you’ve processed your grief, you have a couple of options for rebuilding.

Breeding Villagers

In some cases, spreading the love involves kidnapping innocent villagers, enclosing them in a closed chamber, and denying them any liberties. 

In order for your villagers to breed, they must first be “willing.” You will need to provide your villagers with free beds and enough food in their inventory so their babies can jump without suffocation.

The reason is that no one makes baby villagers when they are hungry. It won’t take long for hard-edged, voxel-based love to bloom within the bounds of the village if the bed is reachable and both villagers are within the village.

Curing Zombie Villagers

When you do not have any willing humans around, you can cure zombie villagers of their vile affliction. The four kinds of weakness potions are Splash, Lingering, Arrow, and Arrow of Weakness.


Make sure your zombie villager is positioned in a safe area, away from daylight and hostile mobs, once they’ve been cured. After they’re weakened, feed them the golden apple after dousing them with a weak potion or shooting them with the arrow. They will be on the way to wellness as soon as they start shaking and emitting red swirls. 

Your inhumane breeding program will once again produce healthy human villagers within two to five minutes. Ensure that you prepare them for being returned to the village as well. You can kidnap a villager, lock him away, shoot him with poison-tipped arrows, and force him to copulate, but you cannot bind him.

Sum Up

So, that’s all we have for you about “do villagers despawn in Minecraft”? It’s our hope that this guide has helped you. Meanwhile, please comment below and let us know if you have any questions or queries regarding this topic. 

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