Top 10 Best Windows Games on Mac


  • Mac has several games, but the variety is less comprehensive than Windows.
  • Thus as an avid gamer, you would be bored of the monotonous games on it.
  • So, if you are looking for some good quality Windows games on Mac, then we have covered you all.
Gaming on Mac
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Are you a Mac user bored with playing regular Mac games? If so, we will tell you about the top 10 Windows games that can be played on Mac devices. From adventure and action to card games and city simulation, several PC games with unique gameplay won the hearts of players over the years. 


Earlier, people had to spend money buying additional consoles to play various games. But, these Windows games can be enjoyed on Mac, eliminating the need for further investment. This article will tell you about the Top 10 Windows Games on Mac to play in 2023 that will instantly expand your games collection. 

So, get ready, and let’s enjoy different genres of games on your Mac that won’t let you get enough of them. 

Best Windows Games on Mac to Play in 2023 

A large variety of Windows games can be played on Mac. But, we have selected the games with unique gameplay, exciting plot, visually pleasing graphics, and advanced features that are as follows:

1. Counter-Strike: Global offensive 

Are you looking for an action-packed game? 

If yes, then Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be an ideal choice. It is one of the most popular games from the 90s. You may think it is an old game, yet it has grown with time and remain relevant for gamers.


2012 this new version was released based on the decade-old gameplay that engages players. It has exciting features like new maps, characters, and weapons that help you complete challenging missions.

CS GO Featured - Best Windows Games on Mac

As the name goes, there are two parties, Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, that compete to win rounds. It has intense gameplay CS: GO which is commonly played by countless gamers.

It required a subscription to play until 2018. But, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive became a free-to-play game for Mac users after that.

If you love shooting games, don’t avoid playing them. There are bomb situations and hostage and rescue conflicts that make it one of the most thrilling games to play.

You can download it here


2. Minecraft

How about playing a classic on Mac? 

Minecraft needs no introduction to Windows gamers. But the good news is that you can also play your favorite Minecraft on Mac. The basic version of the game was released in 2009. Its unique block and Lego-like visuals helped it attract players and create a unique identity among other games. 

In the beginning, you get a pair of hands to start the game. Further, you can move over random places on a big map. You will get compelling graphics and advanced gameplay in other games on the list. But this game has a simple gameplay that is suitable for any beginner.

Minecraft - Best Windows Games on Mac

Although, it has somewhat pixelated and average-quality graphics that can shun away players obsessed with high-quality graphics. However,  its addictive gameplay can make you overlook that aspect.

Mojang Studios has developed the adventure genre game that went viral in the past. In the game, you get 3D Lego-like blocks for construction that need to be mined. You can combine anything and make new elements to build simple or complex structures like Skyscrapers. 


You can play this game alone or with friends through its multiplayer options. Ten players can play the game together with paid Minecraft Realms offered by the game developer. 

You can download it here

3. Portal 2

Do you like playing puzzles or mind games

If yes, then you must try Portal 2. It is a single-player puzzle and shooting game with simple gameplay. There is no violence or action like in other games. However,  it can have complex levels for puzzles that make it an exciting game.

Portal 2 is a multi-platform game on PC, PS3, Mac, and Xbox 360. Developed by Valve Corporation, it was released in 2011 that has simple and fun gameplay suitable for children.

Portal 2 - Best Windows Games on Mac

In the game, you become the lead Chell, who aims to get out of an extensive research facility. She seeks to gain freedom by going to different rooms with multiple puzzles. 

For traveling in different rooms of the research station, you can use different environments and props like time. It is an extension of Portal with an added storyline.

Although there is a difficult situation, the story is filled with humor at different levels, making it a one-of-a-kind game on the list.

You can download it here

4. League of Legends

Are you looking for a free and popular game to play on Mac?


League of Legends is one of the most played games on Mac. As the name suggests, more than 150 Legends have unique strengths in that game.

You can select one of them and start playing the game. It is a high-competitive and addictive game. However, you will need time to ace the game and learn every tactic of the game.

Fiora Champion - Best Windows Games on Mac
Fiora Champion (Credit: League of Legends)

You need to work with a map and go on missions to fight monsters and levels for clearing up levels. As the story progresses, the battles become quick, and you get more options to deal with opponents, which is more exciting. 

To add up the fun, you can play multiplayer games with your friends in teams and have fun competing with one another. The Legends are divided into five groups, each with a distinct role as the game progresses. 

Apart from the challenges, characters, gameplay, and battles, frequent updates are released for the game. Consequently, the game becomes relevant with the changing time attracting players. 


You can download it here

5. Cuphead 

Are you a fan of 1930s-style cartoons? 

If yes, then you must try playing Cuphead. The game has unique visuals that are based on 1930s-style cartoons. Along with the visuals and animations, the audio is similar to that era too. 

It is a run-and-shooter game with the central character Cuphead which is the inspiration behind the title of this game. He cracks an agreement with the devil.

Cuphead - Best Windows Games on Mac

However, he loses in it and now takes control over the souls of other debtors on the run to make up for it. This unique adventure and graphics make it a must-have on your Mac.


You can enjoy this game with your friend, who can play the role of Mugman with Cuphead on the split-screen mode.

There is no online multiplayer system, which is a drawback for the players. As cup head, you aim to chase others who have made losses in their deals and defeat them in battles. 

Another good aspect of the game is low system requirements; that can be downloaded on any MacBook version. 

You can download it here

6. Stardew Valley

Are you a fan of role-playing games? 


Role-playing games are always fun, where you explore the gaming landscape in the skin of different characters.

One such popular role-playing game for Mac users is Stardew Valley. Released back in 2016, the game was developed by Eric Barone. It has been receiving regular updates that make it relevant and modern.

This game is a farming simulation where you get to play different characters. As the game develops, you can change your profession based on your preferences and do anything. 

Stardew Valley - Best Windows Games on Mac

It includes making farms, groups of crops, setting up villages, etc. Plus, you get to create relationships with neighbors in a peaceful atmosphere. 

Alongside, you can restore the farms with partners, set up your home, do farming business or look after animals, etc. The flexible gameplay is supported by pixel art graphics for farms, animals, crops, etc., giving a retro feel. 


Stardew Valley can be played on the majority of the Mac versions. Additionally, you get multiplayer modes for playing the game with your friends. The new updates to the games have been making it more interesting to play, making it one of Mac’s highest-rated games.

You can download it here

7. Fortnite 

How about playing the most popular free-to-play shooter game? 

Like Minecraft, Fortnite is a familiar name among gamers with a loyal fan base. This free shooter game is filled with brutal shootouts requiring learning time. The pace of conflicts increases with increasing levels.

Fortnite can be played on PC, Mac, Android,  PS3, Xbox One, PS5, etc. Apart from shooting, the game has a role-playing strategy to win in conflicts.

Fortnite  - Best Windows Games on Mac

Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite was released in 2017 and has become one of the most successful games ever. It won’t be wrong to say that it has pioneered the craze for the battle genre in games. 

At first glance, it is a sweet and straightforward game where you must jump for an airship and fight with everyone. But, the game becomes complex with increasing difficulty that is exciting for the players.

There is no just fighting; you need to get raw materials, partner with others, and make structures to emerge as the winner. Furthermore, there are different props to collect during the game. 

You may know that the game’s popularity is at such a level that leading celebs appear at the yearly event of the game. This list includes top music artists like Marshmello and Travis Scott. They have held individual events and virtual concerts for the players. 

You can download it here


8. Hearthstone

Are you a card game lover? 

In that case, you must play Hearthstone, a favorite card game among Mac and PC users. The basic version of the game is free. But, you need to buy different card packs that require you to pay real money.

Heartstone - Best Windows Games on Mac

If you don’t want to spend money, playing the basic version is a good option. Mainly,  it’s suitable for beginners. You can play and win at the basic levels to unlock new cards for free. The most significant peculiarity of the game is cards based on characters from World of Warcraft. 

It is a multi-platform game that can be enjoyed using one account on PC, Mac, and iOS devices. It supports dual player format where you can compete with other players using a deck of 30 cards. 

You can download it here


9. Hades

Are you looking for the latest adventure game? 

If yes, Hades should be at the top of your options. This game launched in 2020, opened to impressive reviews, and won multiple awards, including the Game of the Year accolade.

The game takes you through an adventure in the underworld with beautiful yet threatening scenes. But the immersive gameplay never lets you feel enough of it. It can sometimes be harsh and punishing, but you won’t experience anything like this game soon.

Hades - Best Windows Games on Mac

Supergiant Games have developed this game. They are credited for making games like Bastion and Transistor with top-notch action. You get to play the role of Zagreus, the son of Hades. Hales is the god of the underworld. So, you must escape the underworld and go to Mt Olympus under a bright sky. 

However, it is more challenging than it seems to be. A lot of action and combat is involved in your journey, where you will run, fight and escape from the dark world of crime.


In the game, you can die multiple times. But that is not the end. You get new powers to help in your quest when you leave the criminal world. The game has a great storyline, voices, and graphics that make you feel a part of that world. 

You can download it here

10. Cities: Skylines 

How about building your city based on your preferences?

After the role-playing, adventure, and card game comes Cities: Skylines. Here you will get to make your city. It is one the best city-builder games at present for Mac users. 

To support your efforts, several other content packages help you expand the city. Plus, you get to develop and manage the infrastructure for the city’s citizens.

Cities: Skylines - Best Windows Games on Mac

You can build houses, Skyscrapers, and parks and look after the budget, housing, etc. Moreover, you get to manage the city’s electricity, plumbing, and transportation for the people. Although it is an old game, frequent updates make it fantastic. 

You can download it here

Wrapping Up – Best Windows Games on Mac

These were our top 10 picks of Windows Games for Mac that must find a place on your device. They support cross-platform play with fantastic concepts, impressive gameplay, and immense popularity to the limited set of Mac games. 

We have listed games from different genres and styles that have something to match other people’s choices. So, you can find the ideal one based on your interest and preferred difficulty level.

Although everyone says Mac is not good for gaming choices, this list will help you challenge the popular notion. Why wait? Download and play them now.

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