How to Fix Error Code CE-34335-8 in PS4?

How to Fix Error Code CE-34335-8 in PS4
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PlayStation users reported encountering the error code CE-34335-8 on their devices. The error displays the following statements:

  • “Cannot start PS4.”.
  • “Cannot access system storage.”.

The situation here surfaces due to the hard drive linked with your console. Either the console’s hard drive is not connected correctly or is damaged. If you’re struggling with the error code CE-34335-8 on your console, don’t stress, we’ve got you covered.

FIX: Error Code CE-34335-8:

How to Fix Error Code CE-34335-8 in PS4

Since the issue is emerging due to the console’s repository, that is, the hard drive, we’ll commence the list of solutions for error code CE-34335-8 with the same:

Re-plugging the disk:

The first thing you need to make sure of is that no disk wires are loosened or damaged. Damaged cables won’t let the disk operate appropriately. If the hardware part is alright, you can move ahead with removing the hard disk from the PlayStation. 

Switch off the console & remove the disk from the PlayStation. Put the drive back in there & boot up the console. If the issue remains, proceed to the subsequent fixes for the error code CE-34335-8.

Diagnose in Safe mode:

Let’s look at our following resolution for the error code CE-34335-8. You’ll need a USB cable for this.

  • Link the controller stick using the same wire.
  • Now transit into the “Safe Mode” using the boot switch (long press until you can hear a couple of ping sounds).
  • From the menu, navigate to the 7th setting. 
  • It will re-install your PlayStation’s software configuration.

There is a probability that you might not be able to attain even the above mode on your console. In that case, we’ll have to look for further options for the error code CE-34335-8.

Before moving forward, make sure you backup your data on the PlayStation. You’ll require a separate storage unit for the backup operation:

  • Attach the device to the system for backup.
  • Navigate to the setting menu on your console & select the backup & restore.
  • Click on the setting with the USB device option. 
  • Let it complete before pressing the X switch on the console.

That’s it. You’ve successfully backed up your data on the PlayStation. If you’re encountering the error code CE-34335-8 even after trying the various solutions, there’s a high possibility that the disk itself is damaged. 

If that’s the matter, you’ll have no option but to get it replaced. You can buy the PlayStation hard disk on your own & position it. But, if you’re not confident enough, reach out to a nearby hardware store since such items are fragile & incorrect handling might damage them. 

The data lost in the process might be recoverable using third-party software. Various such software is available on the internet that assists in data recovery in situations like corrupted or damaged disks.


CHKDSK command:

How to Fix Error Code CE-34335-8 in PS4?

Lastly, you can try the CHKDSK command using a windows device. The first step is to connect the disk from the console to the external windows operating system.

Just search for “CMD” & launch the program (as an administrator). Paste the following in the command prompt:

“CHKDSK (Insert your drive location): /r /f.”

Wait for the process to conclude & see if it fixes the error code CE-34335-8 on your PlayStation.

For further assistance, you can directly contact the official PlayStation support staff. Reach out at:

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