Fix: Elden Ring Inappropriate Activity Detected

Elden Ring
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No wonder Elden ring is an incredible game, yet things become pretty tricky if you cannot enjoy it online.


Many of you would enjoy the game offline, and when online, you would face the inappropriate activity detected issue of the Elden ring.

It can lead to an account ban. Therefore, troubleshooting is essential, and we have covered you all.

Elden Ring Inappropriate Activity Detected

How To Fix Elden Ring Inappropriate Activity Detected?

There are several methods to troubleshoot your Elden ring and prevent an account restriction. Let’s roll over to each of them in detail. 

Method 1: Stop Using Cheats and Mods in Elden Ring Online

The prime reason for the Elden Ring’s inappropriate activity detected is due to cheats and mods usage. Cheats or mods are not an issue when you play Elden Ring office. However, in the online mode, the game servers detect it is leading to the error.

Besides, it’s mandatory to uninstall this stuff; your game account may also be suspended. After stopping the usage of cheats/mods, you can seamlessly enjoy your game online. 


It might be that you do not use any cheats or mods, and you are pretty sure that you haven’t installed any. In such a scenario, you would be facing an error. The following methods will help you resolve it. 

Method 2: Check Elden Ring Server Status 

Without further ado, ensure that the issue is from your side and not the backend. The gaming server can be down at particular or many locations.

Additionally, even a gaming bug or similar issues could account for Elden ring’s inappropriate activity detected.

In such a scenario, you can check the server status. It is recommended to check the official Twitter page of Elden Ring to know the server status. If the evelopers are working on upgrading the servers or the game files, then wait till the servers are functioning properly and then relaunch the game.

Alternatively, you can also follow the Elden Ring community and the Reddit threads to know the status of the Elden Ring game servers.


Method 3: Restart your Device or Steam 

If there’s no backend issue and the game is working fine for everyone else, then a temporary bug can be the cause.

The quickest way to get rid of it is to restart your Steam client. If that does not work out, then reboot your gaming device.

If none helps, then the following method will guide you. 

Method 4: Disable VPN 

When you play Elden Ring through a VPN, the game servers detect that your ISP traffic is being rerouted.

Hence, you would also get the inappropriate activity seen as an error. So, to get rid of it, disable your VPN and then continue gaming. 


Furthermore, the reason is something else if you are not using a VPN. 

Method 5: Fix Broken Game Files

By default, there are plenty of game files in every game on Steam. The same applies to Elden’s ring.

Another prime cause of Elden Ring’s inappropriate activity detected is missing or broken game files. It happens when the game files detect such issues suspecting something illicit. 

Therefore, you get the error. Steam gives a method to resolve such issues by fixing these files. The feature automatically detects all the files, downloads the missing ones, and fixes the corrupt ones. You have to verify the integrity of game files.

Follow the steps given below to verify the integrity of game clients:

  • Head over to the Steam client and right-click on the game Elden Ring.
  • Choose Properties from the drop-down menu and navigate to Local Files. 
  • Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files.
Verify Game Integrity - Elden Ring Inappropriate Activity Detected

Now, wait until Steam completes the process. Next, reboot your gaming device, and the error will be resolved. 

Method 6: Repair Easy Anti-Cheat

Your game has easy anti-cheat installed by default. If that goes corrupt, you will encounter the inappropriate activity detected error. Hence, to solve it, you have to repair Easy Anti-Cheat  

Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Go to File Explorer, type C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\EasyAntiCheat\ in its search bar, and press the Search button.
Elden Ring EasyAntiCheat - Elden Ring Inappropriate Activity Detected
  • In it, navigate to EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe and right-click on the file.
  • Choose Run as Administrator from the drop-down menu. 

It may happen that due to XYZ reasons, it’s not installed on your device when it should have been. In this situation, your system will prompt you to install it. In the prompt Box, click on Install. Besides, if it is installed, then click the Repair option. Next, select Yes from the following pop-up. 

Method 7: Modify the Game Language Settings 

By modifying the game’s programming language settings, you can play the game the right way. Often due to your PC, your game’s language settings are not with standardization that causes the issue. Therefore, you are tweaking it works. 


Follow the steps given below to modify the game language settings:

  • Head over to Settings on your PC.
  • Go to Time and Language and select  Language. 
  • Navigate to Administrative Language Settings and click on Change System Locale. 
  • Click on the Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 checkbox to enable it and press the OK button to save changes.

Now, restart your PC and then move to Elden Ring on Steam for it to reflect changes. 

Method 8: Reinstall Elden Ring

In a rare case scenario, when nothing works out, then your Elden Ring has gone corrupt. Therefore, you have to reinstall the game for appropriate gaming.

Follow the steps below to reinstall Elden Ring:

  • Go to Steam Library and right-click on Elden Ring
  • Select Manage from the drop-down menu and click on Uninstall
Uninstall Elden Ring - Elden Ring Inappropriate Activity Detected

As the corrupt game installation is resolved, you will not face any inappropriate activity errors. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Elden Ring’s inappropriate activity detected?

Elden Ring inappropriate activity detected issue occurs when the game servers detect you using unethical practices. These include using cheats or mods, VPN, or corrupt gaming files. 

How to troubleshoot Elden Ring Inappropriate Activity Detected?

You can reboot your gaming device and stop using cheats, mods, and VPNs. Further, verify the integrity of game files to fix the issue.

The Wrap Up

You would think that Elden ring’s inappropriate activity is a minor issue that corrupts only in gaming. But it prevents you from gaming and can lead to an account restriction.

Therefore, you should resolve its root cause. To tackle the same, reboot your device, fix broken or missing game files, stop using cheats, repair anti-cheats, or reinstall the game. 

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