How to Fix Error CE-107857-8 on PS5/4?

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Something might stop you on a chilling day when you are all relaxed and excited to play your favorite game. It’s a message that says, “Application error. There was a problem loading the application”.


It leads to the CE-107857-8 on PlayStation 5 as well as PS4. It would annoy you, and you would be looking for how to solve it. Here’s when we have covered you all! 

How to Fix Error Code CE-107857-8 on PS5/4? 

There are several reasons for the CE error code. Depending upon the cause, you can read and try them sequentially. 

Here’s how you can tackle it! 

Method 1: Reconnect the Internet 

The most common reason for the error CE-107858-8 is a poor or no-network connection obstructing your gameplay. Therefore, the quickest way to fix it is to reconnect your internet with the console.

On the other hand, you can also restart your router and then try again. You will not encounter the error if the network connection is the cause. If you still do, then try the following method. 


Method 2: Restore Licenses on PlayStation 

Another intervening issue could be missing or corrupt licenses. In such a scenario, you have to delete the licenses and restore them. You would not lose any of your data with this method. 

Follow the steps given below to restore licenses on PlayStation:

  • Exit all the PlayStation apps.
  • Head over to PS Settings.
  • Go to Users and Accounts and navigate to Other.
  • Click on Restore License.
Error CE-107857-8 on PS5

Thus, when there was a problem with licenses leading to the issue, restoring them would fix your problem. But if not, then the device cache would be the issue. 

Method 3: Clear Your PS5/PS4 Cache

Your console also develops issues when your app or software has insufficient RAM due to cache memory. The apps or the console would encounter crashes, bugs, and errors like the error CE-107857-8. Thus, to resolve it, you must clear your PS5/PS4 cache. 

Here’s how you can clear your console cache:

  • Hold the PlayStation button from the controller till you see some options on your screen.
  • Choose Turn Off PS5 or Turn Off PS4, depending on your device.
Error CE-107857-8 on PS5
  • Your device will turn off and wait for 20 seconds.
  • Now, you can reboot your console.

Thus, your device, after the restart, would clear all its cache memory accumulated earlier. It differs from the normal restart as you have to wait seconds after shutting down your PlayStation.

Method 4: Reset Network Settings

If clearing your cache didn’t help, your network settings would have gone corrupt. Thus, your console would find it difficult to connect to the internet and the game servers. The methods vary slightly for PS5/4. We will help you in resetting both of them.

Here’s how you can reset network settings on PS5/4: 

Reset Network Settings on PS5

  • Head over to Settings and go to Devices.
  • Click on the Options button and select Settings from the right pane.
  • Navigate to Network and select Set Default Settings.
How to Fix Error CE-107857-8 on PS5/4? 1
  • Click on Restart PlayStation.

Thus after a restart, the network settings would be reset.

Reset Network Settings on PS4

  • Go to System and open Settings.
  • Choose Network and click Reset Network Settings.

You will get a confirmation box; click on Yes to confirm. Thus, afterward, your device will reboot to reset network settings.


Method 5: Re-enable Console Sharing and Online Play 

Often your console sharing and online play settings would have gone corrupt. Thus, you would not be able to have online gameplay. In such a scenario, you should re-enable the option to fix your CE-107857-8 error on PS5. 

Follow the steps given below to disable Console Sharing and Offline Play:

  • Head over to the System menu and go to Settings.
  • Click on Users and Accounts and select Other.
  • Navigate to Console Sharing and Online Play.
  • Press the Disable button to proceed.
  • Now, again click on the Don’t Disable button to re-enable it. 

Thus, you can access the digital game library. 

Method 6: Update System Software on PlayStation 

Often not updating the firmware or software of your PlayStation, you would encounter numerous errors.

This is because updates release bug patches and fixes; hence, not updating is problematic. The update methods differ on PlayStation 5 and PS4. 


Update System Software on PS5

  • Visit Settings and go to System 
  • Select System Software and click on System Software Update
  • Choose Update System Software
Error CE-107857-8 on PS5

PS5 will detect new updates. If available, it will prompt you to follow some on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Update System Software on PS4

  • Open Settings and click on System Software Update 

Your PS4 will now check for available updates. It would display, and then you can proceed to install one. 

Method 7: Rebuild PlayStation Database 

When nothing works out for you, and you are technically sound, then rebuilding the database often helps. It’s because when your circle finds trouble reading a game, then this method fixes it. But make sure to back up your data to stay safer. 

For that, you will need an extra controller and a USB cord. Turn off your console. Afterward, press the power button to restart it till you hear two beeps from it to boot it into Safe mode. Plug in the USB cord named OPT.

As you connect, you must navigate to menus from another controller and choose Rebuild Database. After the process, the reboot of your device will take a maximum of 5 minutes. The best part is that your issue will be resolved. 


Method 8: Reset PlayStation 

When none of the above methods help, there’s an ultimate solution to fix all of them. In such a scenario, you must reset the PlayStation console. You must note that it will clear all your data, and hence, you have to take a backup for it.

Follow the steps given below to reset your PlayStation:

  • Head over to Settings and go to System Software 
  • Scroll down to Reset Options and select Reset

You will get a confirmation box; confirm in it to proceed with the action. Performing a reset would wipe your data and thus tackle your issue. However, if you don’t want to proceed with this method, there’s only one solution. 

Method 9: Contact Sony for Help

Rare case scenarios are when none of the methods help you out. On the other hand, it may also happen that you cannot implement all of them. Therefore, you must connect with PlayStation Support team online or on call to seek technical assistance in such a case.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I fix the CE error on my PS4?

There might be numerous reasons for different CE errors on PS4. Yet many solutions are standard and quick to let you fix them. You can restart the game or your console to tackle it. If not, then your internet connection is not stable, do check it. If nothing helps, then update your game, PS4, or Initialize it to solve the problem.

How do I fix error code CE 107622 8?

You can fix error code CE 107622 8 on your PlayStation by restarting the game or your console. But if that doesn’t work, you should update the device’s firmware game. If nothing happens, clean the app data or Initialize your PS4.

The Wrap Up

You would find it troublesome to load an app on PlayStation due to CE-107857-8. Now,  our effective guide would be seemingly more superficial.


You can clear the cache, restore licenses, reset network settings, update System Software or Initialize the console to fix the problem. When you cannot correct it, then you can contact Sony for your help 

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