Fix: Steam Quit Unexpectedly or Not Opening in Mac

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Steam is one of the biggest game distributors worldwide, with around 100 million active users. It is a must-have app for users who enjoy gaming on their Mac OS or Windows operating system. 


Recently, many users have complained about the errors flashing in the launching of the application, and one of them says ‘Steam Quit Unexpectedly/ Steam not working. This article covers the measures to fix the problem.

Ways to fix Steam Quit Unexpectedly or Not Opening in Mac

Troubleshooting Steam App

Troubleshooting the Steam app is an excellent way of solving this problem. Go to the menu and select the options Account > Go Online > Connect to the internet > Restart Steam in offline mode. Also, look for the Steam updates.

Another way is exiting the Steam app along with the associated processes. To execute this, follow the below-mentioned procedure:

  • First, launch the activity monitor.
  • Locate the Steam app from the list present. The users can also type Steam in the search bar to locate it quickly.
  • Click on Steam and further select the Stop option located on the top left side of the screen.
  • Finally, restart the steam app. 
Steam Quit Unexpectedly

The problem may be associated with the system as well; therefore, it is suggested to restart the Mac device too. 

Clearing cache files in Steam

Cache files may hamper the functioning of the Steam app on Mac or any system operating on windows. These files persist after the app gets deleted as they are not stored in the library of the Mac.


Method to delete cache files:

  • Press Cmd + Shift + G to open the Go To Folder dialogue box.
Steam Quit Unexpectedly
  • Now, open the Application Support directory by using the following command and then search and delete the Steam directory.
~/Library/Application Support
Steam Quit Unexpectedly
  • Again, navigate to these directories and delete the PLIST (Property List) Steam files and logs.

After completing this procedure, uninstall the Steam app and install it again. Check whether the application is working correctly.

If the users do not want to delete all the old material by themselves, many applications are present that perform this work on behalf of users.

Network configuration

The problem often does not lie in the Steam functioning, but it occurs due to an unstable network or the type of network the user is utilizing. Networks can be further influenced by the date and time of the system.

An incorrect date and time can cause an impaired network connection or decrease efficiency.


To set the correct date and time so that it synchronizes with the steam app, follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  • From the Settings of Mac, visit System preferences.
  • Click on Date and time.
  • Finally, select the option Set date and time automatically. 
Steam Quit Unexpectedly

Improving network access

Sometimes the problem does not lie on the internet but with the service providers that have blocked the operation of Steam traffic for a particular time.

This is because the traffic generated by Stream is quite heavy and lowers the profit margin of the internet service providers. 

A common method to avoid this is using a VPN, as it encrypts the streaming traffic and lets the bin pass through a different route.

However, the VPN has to be selected wisely in the case of Mac, as many of them create a lag between the system and the server.


Also, Read: How to Manually Add VPN Profiles on Any Device

Checking Accessibility

Steam may require accessibility over the Mac system to function properly. Without giving accessibility, it may be difficult for the application to run efficiently in the system. 

Providing accessibility to Steam:

  • Visit System Preferences on the Mac and then Go to Security and Privacy.
  • Now, go to Privacy and then click on the Accessibility option.
  • A lock icon would be present there. Click on that to unlock the section through which the changes are made.
Steam Quit Unexpectedly
  • Enter the password associated with the lock.
  • Click on the checkbox associated with the Steam app. 
  • If the checkbox already shows a tick, click the checkbox again to deselect it, and again, after a few minutes, click on the checkbox to select it.

Disabling Antivirus Software

Third-party antivirus software can hinder Steam from running on Mac. Try uninstalling this software and then check whether Steam apo works or not. 

Reinstalling Steam

If none of the methods proves helpful, users can try removing the application and reinstalling it again. This method has helped many users get rid of the error ‘Steam Quit Unexpected or Not Opening’. 


Removal of Steam App:

  • Exit the Steam App.
  • Go to the Application folder in the Mac and after locating the Steam app there, put it in the trash by dragging it there. 
  • Visit the Finder and then click on the ‘Go’ option present in the menu on the top area. Click on ‘Go to the folder.’ Or just click Cmd + Shift + G simultaneously.
  • Enter the following pathname
~/Library/Application Support/Steam
  • Select ‘Go.’
  • Delete all the files present there.

After completing the above-mentioned procedure, reinstall the Steam app by visiting the site ‘’ 

Updating Mac

An outdated Mac OS may also cause an inefficient Steam operation or prevent the app from launching. You can solve the problem by updating the Mac if pending.

  • For that, visit the menu bar and go to ‘System Preferences’ > ‘Software Update.’
  • Click on the ‘Update Now’ option to complete any pending updates.
Steam Quit Unexpectedly

The Conclusion

All the fixes mentioned above help fix the errors occurring in Steam. Many applications are present on the internet through which the above process becomes easy and less time-consuming.

If the problem is still there after applying the fixes covered in the article, the users can contact Steam Support to get some additional help.


Doing That would unveil the root cause of the error, and the professionals would suggest the best solution according to that.

You can bookmark this page for further reference and updates. Also, if you have any queries or suggestions do let us know in the comment section.

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