How To Become The Richest Adventurer in Tevyat – Genshin Impact Mora Farming Guide

Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact is one of the most unique mobile games of its genre that’s unlike any other. It’s a community-driven experience that’s appealing to both casual and hardcore gamers alike.


The game offers a load of depth to its combats with tons of stuff going on right this second. 

You can explore the vast lands of Teyvat, hunt for hidden treasures, engage in PVP combats, slay monsters, or just complete certain engaging side quests.

The game introduces a plethora of different items and resources, out of which the most important is a virtual currency named Mora. 

Mora is a major resource in the game that can be used to purchase potions, weapons, and armor. You can also use it to upgrade your artifacts that drop during battles and gain special abilities.

It’s also required to increase your character’s level and yield more damage output in the game. 


Accumulating Mora’s wealth is a frequent topic of interest among Tevyat’s adventurers. We’ve done exhaustive research to find the fastest ways to gain Mora in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Mora Farming Guide

Here’s a detailed breakdown of each method with an explanation of how it works: 

1. Accomplish Spiral Abyss Challenges 

Before using this method of gaining Mora, you must reach Adventure Rank 20 in the game. Those who do will find it to be one of the most engaging ways to earn the currency while enjoying the true essence of the game in real-time. 

You’ll also need to beat three levels per floor to get through the Spiral Abyss. There are a total of eight floors, each with a specified Mora bounty reward. Beating the third level of each floor will grant you a total of 25,000 Mora. 

2. Farm With Expeditions 

Genshin Impact Mora Farming

Collecting Mora can be quite a complex process in general. If you’re looking for a rather simple way to gather this currency, we advise you to navigate to Tevyat and take on Expeditions with your characters. This way, you can have them harvest resources from across the region. 


To begin the quest, pick any character you own but don’t currently want to use, and choose the 20-hour time slot.

While there are many other time slots to compete in, we recommend this option so that your characters get a hefty sum of Mora to start off with. 

However, this method does require a lot of patience. The trade-off is, you can earn Mora even while you’re sleeping, which makes this method very lucrative.

You aren’t doing any work, so why not earn some Mora in your spare time? 

3. Hunt for Treasure Chests 

Genshin Impact Mora Farming

You can quickly acquire Mora in Genshin Impact by opening chests.


Presently, the game features four different types of chests – Common, Luxurious, Precious, and Exquisite – and each one has a chance of containing something valuable. 

As you keep exploring, you can come across many treasure chests all over the map, so be sure to explore every nook and cranny.

The internet is filled with references related to precious treasure chest locations throughout the map, so check them out as well. 

4. Forget About Resin 

When you have some spare time, you may consider hunting various enemies in Tevyat for Mora.

Although it may not be the most lucrative way to earn this currency, you can combine this with Farming and other methods to gain a nice sizable sum without spending much time. 


In addition, if your party is made up of some of Genshin Impact’s strongest characters, you should have no problem wiping out Hilichurlu Hordes.

Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to try out different team combinations while you’re at it. 

If you want to earn Mora quickly, you can farm in several areas such as Mt. Aozang, South of Tianqui Valley’s River, On the islands in the middle of Sal Terrae, Just North of Qingyun Peak, Entombed City Outskirts, and many more places. 

5. Trade Anemo Sigils 

Genshin Impact Mora Farming

When you’re in Mondstadt, be sure to stop into the Souvenir Shop and spend your Anemo Sigils.

This is an excellent opportunity to stock up and bargain-hunters will surely find the prices irresistible for the offered value to fill up your pockets with Mora. 


By upgrading the Statue of the Seven and opening chests in Mondstadt, you will be able to naturally gain a lot of these Anemo Sigils.

Therefore, you can make yourself incredibly wealthy in the game if you make sure to keep at it. 

6. Claim Your Rewards 

Using Adventure Book at different stages of the game is not only a great way to keep track of all your progress but also a great way to claim chapter rewards as you go.

Access the Adventure Book, simply click on the book icon on the Start menu. 

The Takeaway – Genshin Impact Mora Farming

In the game, Mora is essential to upgrade your weapons and armor, so you’ll want to build up a stockpile and save it for when you really need it.


The following tips will help you find more Mora in Genshin Impact while solving the mystery of Tevyat and its many secrets.

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