The Last Guide You’ll Ever Need To Get The Princess Box In Genshin Impact

The Last Guide You’ll Ever Need To Get The Princess’ Box In Genshin Impact
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The most recent version 1.2 update of Genshin Impact introduced a plethora of new features to the realm.


There’s a new region added to the game known as Dragonspinethat’s an icy tundra. Most of the updated gameplay elements are geared toward cold weather. 

One such unique feature is the Sheer Cold stat that deals damage to the player if they cannot manage to find some warmth quickly enough. There’s also a new feature known as the Frostbearing tree that works similar to the Statues of the Seven. 

Princess Box In Genshin Impact

The Frostbearing tree also offers Crimson Agate and other rewards to the travelers, one of which will be used to counter the Sheer Cold effect. Version 1.2 update also introduced a secret door in this new region.   

Behind the doors of this secret room, there are some chests with highly valuable items in them, but you have to unlock the door first to access the hidden treasure. The rewards in these luxurious chests include artifacts, leveling materials, Mora, Primogems, and a lot more. 

To unlock this secret door, you must find three items: the Princess, Priest, and Scribe boxes. Once you successfully unlock the door, you will also receive the Priest, Princess, and Scribe achievement. 


This is the last guide you’ll ever need to get the princess box in Genshin impact and other treasures.

Additionally, this room has one more chest and a stone with etchings. What’s fascinating is that these carvings directly correlate with a different Genshin Impact quest, which means the premises continue after you obtain the required boxes. 

Here’s how you can get these boxes in the game and continue with your adventure: 

What’s The Princess Box In Genshin Impact? 

The Princess’ Box is a treasure box in Genshin Impact that consists of a decorative pattern at the bottom. It has ornamentation that appears to be a part of a three-piece motif. When you complete the pattern, a door will open. 

It’s used along with the Priest’s Box and the Scribe’s Box to unlock the secret room’s gate. Once you have opened the gate, all of these boxes will disappear from your inventory as they would be utilized. 

Princess Box In Genshin Impact

You can find the Princess’ Box in a luxurious chest that’s obtained by accomplishing a challenge activated by a sword on the ground on a small island’s tree in the east of the Frostbearing tree. The challenge requires you to beat two Cryo Abyss Mages and one Hyrdo Abyss Mage. 

To date, the quest to find these boxes remain one of the hardest challenges in all of Geshin Impact. This is due to the fact that most of the information is obscure, the distance between the objectives is vast, and the overall difficulty is quite hard. 

Where To Find Princess Box in Genshin Impact?

The Princess’ Box can be found on the top of the Dragonspine region in Genshin Impact. There is a small island in the middle of the lake where it can be found laying inside a treasure chest. To begin your hunt for this box, you first have to interact with the glowing blue tree on the island. 

Princess Box In Genshin Impact

Once done, three Cryo Mages will spawn near you, and you must take out all of them. After you have killed the Mages, you will be rewarded with the Princess Box. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you find the Princess Box in Genshin Impact with ease:

  • Firstly, you have to navigate your way to the teleport point, which is located near a snow-covered path 
  • Once you are at the teleport point, you have to head towards a small island located on the east side of the teleport point. To be able to view the Princess Box, you need to have the glide ability equipped on you 
  • After you reach this small isolated island, you have to look out for a spot from where a sword is emerging out of the snow 
  • When you interact with the sword, a challenge will begin in which you will have to defeat a total of three mage opponents within a timeframe of 60 seconds 
  • Once you have defeated all the enemies, you will instantly receive a chest that contains the Princess Box 

After successfully gaining the box, you can use it to unlock the gate of the secret room located above the Nail in Skyfrost Nail. 


Princess Box Challenge – How To Beat Abyss Mages?

To complete the quest and gain the Princess Box. you have to beat three Abyss mages in under 60 seconds. Consider focusing on taking down one mage at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed by their attacks. 

You should start by taking down the Cryo Mage with the help of a Pyro like Xiangling. If you don’t manage to take down at least one Mage in under 30 seconds, then the other two will not take much time to bombard you. 

In case that happens, consider leveling up first and then try again. The most problematic phase of this fight is when you get frozen, so make sure you dodge everything the Cryo Mage sends your way to make the process a little easier. 

You also have to be extra cautious with being bubbled, and although it is not much you can do about it, make sure you do not try to pop the bubble before it hits you as it will be entirely worthless because the Hyrdo Mage that sends them your way is quite tanky. 

After successfully executing the Cryo Mage, make sure you do not get freeze locked and start focusing on Hyrdo immediately afterward. You can still consider using your Pyro for this, as the shield will not drop quickly and resist some damage you receive. 


Hydro is a big bugger, so you have to kill him before he generates another shield, or even worse, throws a bubble at you. In the last 30 seconds of the combat, focus entirely on the Pyro Mage and once you are done, use Hyrdo on his fire shield. 

Also, make sure that it does not rain when you are fighting the Abyss Mages. Although the rain might be helpful in breaking the Pyro Shield passively, it also extinguishes the bush fire that reduces your chances to break other shields passively. 

If you are using Amber, then use her ultimate skill on both Hyrdo and Cryo Abyss mages. The Cryo shield will not be able to withstand the skill and cause some decent damage to the Hyrdo Mage. You can also use Lisa’s ultimate to take out Pyro and Hydro shields. 

Other Boxes To Find To Unlock the Starglow Cavern’s Secret Room 

In addition to the Princess’ Box, you also have to find two other boxes known as the Priest’s Box and the Scribe’s Box to access the Starglow Cavern’s secret room and claim the associated rewards with it. Here are the other two boxes align with the details about how and where to find them: 

The Priest’s Box 

The Priest’s Box is located near the northwest side of the Dragonspine. You have to follow the path off to the place next to some small ruins where you will find Anemo fairies. Use these Anemo fairies to produce a wind current and ride it to the top of the ruined tower. 

Princess Box In Genshin Impact

Make sure you are around 10 feet away at the top of the tower, where you will find a chest containing the Priest’s Box. Among all the three boxes, this one is the easiest to collect as you don’t need to fight any opponent or have a specific item to be able to get it. 

However, you still have to walk a long route to reach the location where the box is located, so you have to keep your character safe from Sheer Cold. 

The Scribe’s Box 

Being the last box of the quest, you will be able to unlock the hidden door after finding the Scribe’s Box. To find this box, you have to travel to the south of the Teleport waypoint located outside of the Starglow Cavern, and you’ll also find a stone monument near the northwest. 

You have to place fresh flowers in front of the monument to unlock the chest that contains the Scribe’s box. To be precise, you have to place Cecilia Flowers, which should not be hard to find as once you enter Dragonspine, you’ll be able to find ample of these. 

If you are not able to find these flowers yet, you can navigate to Starsnatch Cliff to find them or simply purchase them from Flora in Mondstadt City. 


Location To The Secret Door 

To locate the secret door after finding all three boxes, you must navigate to the waypoint right above the Nail in Skyfrost Nail. Once you reach there, you have to head to the west up the ramp and enter the cavern. 

As you reach the top of the mouth of the cave, you have to fly back to the east side where you will find another ramp going in the upward direction. There, the secret room is located directly above the teleport waypoint. 

The door is located next to the Fire Seelie Torch in another cavern mouth located in the same area. Along with the two standard cheers inside the room, you will also be able to find a stone tablet in the secret room. 

Few Words About The Dragonspine Region in Genshin Impact 

For the aforementioned challenge, the location is set to Dragonspine, which is a region added recently in the game with the launch of version 1.2 of the game. The region is located in the south of Mondstadt. 

This region also has certain peculiarities, such as the snow that gathers but never melts on the mountains. The mountain is huge and holds the remains of a venomous dragon known as Durin. It fell here after losing a battle with Dvalin. 

Princess Box In Genshin Impact

Many heroes have been able to bravely conquer this region despite its sheer cold weather, dee snow, monsters, and more. If you are also looking to travel to this region, make sure you keep certain things in mind like: 

  • The Sheer Colds status tends to accumulate fast in a subzero climate 
  • If the Sheer Cold meter has reached its limit, you will lose HP 
  • Some gadgets might be unusable in this environment 
  • Conditions like snowstorms and actions like swimming increase the chances of Sheer Cold accumulation 

If you want to reduce the Sheer Cold effect’s impact, you must accumulate sources like Status of The Seven, Bonfires, Teleport Waypoints, Ruin Blazers, and Warming Seelie to preserve the warmth of your character. 

There are also various points of interest in this region such as the Adventure Camp, Snow-Covered path, Skyfrost Nail, Starglow Cavern, Wyrmrest Valley, Ancient Palace, Entombed City, and outskirts. 

Bottom Line 

With the version 1.2 update of Genshin Impact, players witnessed a slew of changes in the gameplay as well as the addition of new locations, challenges, and more. Earlier, the quest to find the boxes was so hard that only a handful of players could complete it.

However, now it’s again gaining good traction among players. Use the knowledge you gained here to complete the quest by yourself and claim some exciting rewards. We hope you found the information shared here helpful. 

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