How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft?

How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft?
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Minecraft is an open-world game and the best in the business. The number of things you can craft with your creativity is a mesmerizing experience.


One such element of the game is creating dyes. You can use them to change the colors of in-game components like beds, leather tunics, etc. 

There are different ways you can craft them. While there are many different colors, we will specifically look for how to get green dye in Minecraft. Unlike other colors in Minecraft, you can create a green one without a crafting table.

How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft

Let’s look at the process for obtaining green dye in Minecraft:

  • You will foremost need a furnace for making a green dye.
  • Other than the furnace, you will require furnace fuel & cactus. So how do you get these items?
  • How to get furnace, fuel & cactus

Starting with the cactus, you can find these plants in desert biomes in Minecraft. Fortunately, you can farm numerous cacti out of one.

How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft?

For crafting a furnace from scratch, you’ll require eight cobblestones. Place them into the crafting table blocks such that only the middle one is left vacant. You’ll get a furnace as the output & you can move it to the inventory.

How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft?

As for fuel, you’ll need raw materials like charcoal, wood & coal. You will need to get any one of these items for the process of smelting in the furnace.

  • Place the furnace on the ground & click on it.
  • In the bottom compartment of the furnace, place the fuel. 
  • In the upper compartment, add the cactus.
How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft?
  • After some time, you will get a green dye as a result.
  • Move the dye from the furnace to your inventory.
How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft?

That’s it. You’ve successfully crafted a green dye in Minecraft. Repeat the same process for obtaining the required number. 

There are numerous things that you can do with the obtained green dye. You can create a green concrete powder and change the color of your bed, sheep, & pets accessories like the collar. 

That concludes our guide on how to get green dye in Minecraft. It’s one of the most differently crafted & popular among all other available shades.

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