Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Leaked: A Major Spoiler Alert Ahead

Hogwarts Legacy
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Hogwarts Legacy, a role-playing game that is slated to release next week (February 10th), joins the ever-growing list of games getting leaked before their official launch. As we know, games getting leaked is not a new thing in this day and age; still, this is a major Hogwarts leak.


This major leak comes from a Reddit user u/fainas, which shows nearly an hour of the Hogwarts legacy gameplay and its other various game features. Well, before we begin, this leak contains many spoilers, so view it at your discretion.

Anyway, let’s begin; the leaked footage is 57 minutes long and showcases the beginning of the game’s characters. The leaked footage is full of cutscenes and the interactions between characters.

Furthermore, in the first hour, the game features a tutorial, takes the players around the Wizard world, and teaches players about the game controls. Lastly, the game seems to be recorded on PlayStation 5.

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Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Leaked: A Major Spoiler Alert Ahead 1
Hogwarts first-hour gameplay footage.

That’s not all; there’s also a quidditch mini-game in a 2 minutes video though there’s no Golden Snitch to be seen, and in the mini, a character can be seen flying on a broom in the sky through the rings in the shortest time, and the character passes a town while going through those rings.

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Leaked: A Major Spoiler Alert Ahead 2
Hogwarts legacy character flying on a broom.

An 8-minute video showcases spells that are available in the inventory, the map of the world, and the sites that can be traveled through. It seemingly provides a detailed look at the sections where skills can be used to grow in Dark Arts.

The footage also shows a dungeon, and the boss fight wherein the character fights the boss, giving an idea about the game’s combat. Also, there’s a sign which says, “Your Journey has ended” after the player dies.

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Leaked: A Major Spoiler Alert Ahead 3
Hogwarts legacy boss fight.

Moreover, a mission prompts the player to complete it without using the Wiggenweld potion. The Reddit users shared a different which had the full footage(taken down) without the breakups in case the other footage is taken down.

Over the past few days, there have been multiple leaks of Hogwalt’s legacy which have revealed details of the RPG game, although the source of which is still unknown.

One possibility of these leaks could have been through the streamers who had got early access, which ultimately resulted in hours of footage, or the other streamers who managed to play the game for two hours before it was taken down.


The game is just a week away, and fans are all hyped for the AAA title. As we know, the players with the Deluxe Edition and Collectors get the game early access before its official launch.

What do you think about the AAA game? Let us know in the leaked comment section below.

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