How to Get Acid Lab in GTA Online?


  • Players need to complete the First Dose missions to get Acid Lab.
  • It costs nearly $750,000 to get the setup done for the Acid Lab in GTA.
  • Follow the guide to get Acid Lab in GTA Online.
GTA Online
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GTA V has been a top favorite game for many players around the world. Especially, Los Santos Drug Wars DLC has a special place for players.


GTA has introduced this criminal business which allows the players to be a part of the activities and also earn a lot of passive money through it.

For players who want to earn more passive income while progressing through the game, having Acid Lab gives an added advantage.

However, to get Acid Lab in GTA Online, you need to complete the First Dose Missions.  Let’s dive in to learn more about these missions and how to get Acid Lab in GTA online.

What are First Dose Missions in GTA?

First Dose missions are a series of contact missions in GTA online. This was released as a part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update.

Here are the 6 First Dose missions that a player needs to complete to get the Acid Lab:


First Dose 1: Welcome to the Troupe

First Dose 1 - Get Acid Lab in GTA Online

In this mission, the players walk to the upper level of Ace Liquor. Here, they see some Fooliganz members harassing Ron.

After that incident, Ron introduces the GTA character to Dax, and Dax walks Ron through his plans to take over the drug trade of the city.

First Dose 2: Designated Driver

First Dose 1 - Get Acid Lab in GTA Online

After the first mission, Dax takes the players to an abandoned warehouse called the Freakshop. This place was earlier planned to be used as a storage space for entering into the drug trade by Fooliganz’s leader.

This mission starts off when Dax asks the players to pick up the party supplies from the trailer at the terminal. These supplies are owned by the Lost MC players and are much needed for starting production at the Freakshop.

A truck cab has to be stolen from the docks and connected to the trailer. Once done with this, the players have to go to the lost MC clubhouse to steal the plans.


First Dose 3: Fatal Incursion

First Dose 3 - Get Acid Lab in GTA Online

After players deliver the supplies and plans to the Freakshop, Dax will analyze these plans and call the players for the next mission. Now, the players have to move to Stab City, present on the outskirts of the Grand Senora Desert, in the GTA game.

The plan shows a large shipment being delivered to the location where Dax plans for the players to steal.

Now, the players have to visit Lost’s trailer park and damage as much as they can so that they do not process the shipment. Players will then head to Miller’s fishery to steal the shipment stored in the lab.

First Dose 4: Uncontrolled Substance

First Dose 4 - Get Acid Lab in GTA Online

This mission does not revolve around the Acid Lab. Whatever supplies have been procured through the previous missions are gathered at the Freakshop and are dedicated to the player’s characters.

First Dose 5: Make War Not Love

First Dose 5 - Get Acid Lab in GTA Online

After the acid experience ends, Dax makes calls to the players and informs them about attacking the competitor camps. The players will then join the camp in the desert, along with Dax and other Fooliganz members.


The players then have to destroy the competitor’s equipment and also track the delivery vehicles.

First Dose 6: Off the Rails

First Dose 6 - Get Acid Lab in GTA Online

This is the last mission where the players have to steal chemicals as requested by Labrats. Once they steal it, they need to head over to the station and divert the train to the wrong track and create a collision.

From here, the player has to steal Brickade 6×6 from the Humane Labs and escape in it.

How to Get the Acid Lab in GTA Online?

Once the players get the Brickade 6×6, it acts as a base for setting up operations for Acid Lab. After completing the first dose missions as mentioned above, Dax will contact the players and inform them to go to any of three locations to find the Acid Lab equipment and attach it to the Brickade 6×6.

Acid Lab in GTA Online

Once you visit the location, you will go to the Freakshop and talk to Mutt, who is responsible for attaching the equipment to the truck. The entire cost for the setup will be around $750,000.


If you are a beginner player, you can earn this money by completing the story missions in GTA.

This is how you get the Acid Lab in GTA online.

Conclusion – Get Acid Lab in GTA Online

To get the Acid Lab in GTA online, you first need to complete the first dose missions and gain access to the Brickade 6×6. Complete the missions as outlined above and follow the Dax instructions to get Acid Lab in the game.

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