How To Make A Painting in Minecraft – A Step By Step Guide

Painting in Minecraft
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No Minecraft adventure can be ever completed without having your own personalized base in your generated world – be it a comfy little safe house or a full-fledged medicinal kingdom.


Regardless of what you choose to build, it must reflect your personality and have a unique identity. 

That being said, one of the most prominent ways to personalize your builds is by using various art pieces available in the game.

Minecraft features a plethora of alluring artworks that you can harness on your bases to give them a distinctive look. 

This guide will help you know how to craft a painting in Minecraft easily, so make sure you read on!

Gathering The Required Materials 

Making a painting in Minecraft requires you to acquire only two materials as follows: 

  • Wool – You’ll need just a single piece of wool to craft a painting in Minecraft. It can be acquired by locating a sheep and using a shear on it. Keep in mind that any color of wool will work just about the same as the color of the wool has no influence over the painting as of now. 
  • Wooden Sticks – The second and last item required to make a Minecraft painting is eight pieces of sticks that can be easily made from wooden planks. To do so, you simply have to stack the wooden planks vertically on the crafting table. 

Once you’ve gathered the required materials, you can start with the crafting recipe. 

Crafting The Painting 

Follow the steps given below to craft a painting using the items you collected above: 

  • Firstly, place the wool and the stick in the crafting grid of the crafting table in such a way that the wool is located in the center slot, and the remaining slots are filled with sticks all around. 
Painting in Minecraft
Painting in Minecraft
  • If done correctly, you should immediately see the painting appear in the output box of the crafting table. Simply drag it to your inventory and close the crafting table interface. 
Painting in Minecraft

As soon as you get the painting in your inventory, you can then proceed to decorate your base with it. 

Hanging the Painting 

Now that you have the painting in your inventory, follow the steps given below to hang it in your base: 

  • Foremost of all, right-click on any flat, vertical surface or wall while having the painting equipped in your hot bar. The painting will hang immediately as you click on the surface. Keep in mind that the artwork will be completely random, and you’ll get a different picture every time you hang the picture. 
  • To fill up an entire area with the painting, simply mark the bounds with a solid block and place the painting in the lower left corner. 
  • Also, the direction of your painting also affects the brightness, such that the paintings face north/south and are brighter and vice versa. 
Painting in Minecraft

Final Words 

So, that was all about making a painting and decorating your base with it. We hope the instructions are clear and you’ve been able to follow along. That’s it for today! 

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