18 Aesthetically-Pleasing Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

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When you spawn in a freshly-generated Minecraft world, the first thing you’ll likely do is grab some wood and find a shelter before dawn.


In the meantime, you may also consider crafting some essentials like a crafting table, tools (pickaxe, sword, shovel), and some wool. 

If you’re like most of the players, you’d also look for a steep terrain to dig a hole into – and call it your survival bunker for the time being.

As you progress through the trek, it’s a no-brainer that your requirements will grow farther than just a bed and a couple of torches. 

Moreover, you surely don’t want to settle for some pieces of dirt when you can create almost anything in this ridiculously large sandboxed world.

How about building a treehouse that you can flex among your pals and resort to when the mobs start invading? 


With that said, let’s take a look at some really creative treehouse building ideas, to get inspiration from, for your next Minecraft survival adventure: 

Pleasing Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

Elven Treehouse 

If you want to create a whimsical fantasy world, consider an Elven treehouse. A design that is Elven-inspired can capture your imagination and inspire your creativity.

You can step into the magical realm of your creation with this build. 

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

For the best results, we recommend building on an island so that your treehouse can truly embody the magic and wonder of a world far away.

If you love this style as much as we do, it’s time to get building it right away in your Minecraft world. 


Dark Oak Treehouse 

If you’re looking to build an incredible treehouse in Minecraft that showcases the natural beauty of Dark Oak trees, this build is perfect for you.

With just a few basic materials in your inventory (i.e., logs and planks), you can create a stunning treehouse base. 

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

There’s also a classic entrance in the middle, leading to both the interior and the top area.

The top area is surrounded by Fences, showing off the branches of your treehouse and making it the perfect survival place to keep your loot safe from hostile mobs during the night.

Cottage Core Treehouse 

If you’re a Minecraft player, and you’re looking for an epic build to take on, you’ve got to try this one. The first time we saw this treehouse, it was love at first sight.


It’s perfect fairy fantasy, and it’s located in a great spot—next to an ocean shore filled with Vines, Leaves, and Lanterns.

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

The project is massive, but with some patience, you can make your own massive treehouse like this one.

It uses Jungle trees as the focal point, so make sure you have enough space to construct them the right way.

Modern Treehouse 

If you appreciate the finer things in life, this modern Minecraft treehouse will be right up your alley. This treehouse was built using White Concrete and traditional wood, a minimalistic approach that creates a contemporary feel. 

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

The glass panes create a wide-open feel, opening up the space to the outdoors. But what makes this treehouse truly remarkable is the functional elevator that transports you to the lowest level of the home from the highest point with just one push of a button.


Natural Jungle Treehouse 

When you want to live close to nature, it doesn’t get much better than the Jungle biome.

The lush greenery and bright colors of this area are a perfect backdrop for your treehouse, especially since most of the trees here are tall enough to accommodate anything you can imagine.

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

If you want to expand your base with other trees nearby, this is definitely the perfect place.

You can have more than enough space to store your goods and potentially expand your base vertically or horizontally. Besides, the view from above is priceless

Dual Treehouse 

This lovely Minecraft treehouse features a unique design, with the main structure being built with a combination of Spruce, Dark Wood, and Oak blocks.


The leaves that decorate this treehouse are an excellent choice to enhance the overall look of your building.

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

The trick is to use slabs, trap doors, and stairs to make your house look more dynamic and natural as you place the leaves and other minor details.

Once you’re done with that, just fill in the rest of the construction with leaves and add whatever final touches you want. 

Spruce Treehouse 

If you want to feel like a tree-dwelling elf, then this Spruce Treehouse is the build for you.

This incredible house design by Spudetti takes advantage of the 2×2 square growth pattern of Spruce saplings. You can grow one naturally in your Minecraft world or find it in a village.

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

Either way, you’ll need to grow two trees on top of each other to get the height required for this design.

A good tip is to use scaffolding when building in Survival mode so that you can feel safe and secure while you work. 

Minimal Survival Treehouse 

Sometimes, you don’t need a massive treehouse with a dizzying array of features to feel like your Minecraft home is complete.

In some cases, all you need is a small and cozy place to relax after a day of mining, farming, or building. That’s exactly what you’ll find in this blueprint. 

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

Things get even better when you realize that the interior is just as luxurious as the exterior.


It features a small farm, a bedroom, and enough space to fit a workspace and some storage. It’s a far cry from the traditional treehouse ideas that rely on one big tree. 

Nether Treehouse 

The Nether update has been a massive success, and it’s all thanks to the designers who have found new ways to use the resources available.

We’re not just talking about building a Nether portal in your home base, but also using the new materials to transform your house into something unique.

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

That’s why we love this Nether Treehouse by TheMythicalSausage so much—it combines the best of both worlds, and it gives you a great place to hide out while you’re exploring all the things that Minecraft has to offer. 

Basic Wooden Treehouse 

Based on Nuec’s video on YouTube, this treehouse is a beautiful, simple structure that gives players a comfortable place to sleep for the night.


It includes a bed, crafting table, furnace, and chests inside it so that you can craft tools and equipment as well as store your valuables.

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

You can enjoy a relaxing night under the stars in this wooden Minecraft treehouse.

A great place to get started in your Survival world, this treehouse is designed to help you build the essential crafting stations and facilities you need to survive.

Easy Jungle Treehouse 

If you’re looking for a quick, simple Minecraft treehouse idea, we’ve got the perfect one for you. The first step is finding a big enough jungle tree—the bigger, the better. Next, gather as much jungle wood as you can. 

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

You can use both stripped and un-stripped jungle wood for this build, as long as it’s a good amount.


Once that’s done, you’ll want to start crafting your planks and stairs. After you’ve crafted all of the planks and stairs/slabs that you need, start building your platform on top of the tree.

Secret Underground Treehouse 

When it comes to cool Minecraft treehouse ideas, this one has to be one of the best. It’s a real treat for fans of the game who want to live in the trees, but don’t want other players to find them too easily in multiplayer avenues.

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

The secret treehouse in this video is hidden underground and disguised by a giant tree stump on top.

It’s not only clever, but it also looks pretty awesome. A major plus is that it’s fairly easy to build, so there’s no reason not to give it a try.

Hybrid Treehouse Base 

For a truly unique Minecraft experience, consider building a treehouse that is the base of an actual tree.


The build doesn’t have to be a house or a tree; with enough of the right resources and by modifying the tree’s trunk, it can genuinely become a treehouse. 

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

This design offers gamers the ability to decorate their house with vines as well as add foliage in areas they normally wouldn’t be able to reach.

This technique also allows players to create caves within trees so they can hide their treasures and make access points through tunnels.

Castle Treehouse 

If you love castles but want to experience them in a whole new way, try building your own treehouse castle.

Use stone slabs to create a castle-like look for your treehouse bases. You can connect a series of treehouses with hanging bridges– even rope bridges will do.

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

Experience a world as you have never before by correcting a series of connected treehouses.

For this project, we recommend sticking to Creative Mode, because the time commitment, difficulty, and wealth of resources are going to be even that much more challenging for Survival Mode. 

Fallen Treehouse 

If you’re looking for a Minecraft treehouse build that’s a little different, try a fallen treehouse.

This structure gives the illusion of a traditional treehouse in ruins. Whether you prefer the Survival Mode or the Creative Mode, it’s a win-win shelter for both. 

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

The idea of a fallen treehouse is innovative and yet it’s actually an easy-to-build design.


The only tricky areas are where the structure has been cut away for the main entrance and where angled ladders connect the lower and upper levels.

Floating Treehouse 

A floating treehouse is one of the most exciting builds in Minecraft. It allows you to enjoy all of the adventures of a treehouse without being limited to trees.

You can build your floating treehouse right on the water and have access to all of your favorite aquatic activities.

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

By using oak wood, you can ensure that your floating treehouse stands out from the rest of your surroundings.

With this build, you can also add chests or barrels for storage as well as vines to blend seamlessly with the biome. This is an easy build that will leave you feeling accomplished.


Treehouse With Water Slide 

If you’re looking to up the ante on your Minecraft treehouse, consider adding a water slide.

This style of the treehouse is perfect for those who want to recreate some of their favorite summer moments in Minecraft.

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

Although the project is a little more challenging than some of the others, it’s also one of our favorites.

The trickiest part in the whole process is to direct the flow of water after you’ve designed the slide using your preferred blocks, so make sure you pay attention there.

Hobbit Hole 

If you’re looking for a whimsy-infused home base, this hobbit hole has everything you need to make your Minecraft experience one to remember. The exterior construction is simple, but the interior can be as elaborate as you like.

Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

Your hobbit hole will be located under a hillside, ideally surrounded by natural elements like grass and flowers.

The roof of your hobbit hole will be made of tiered wood planks, with simple cutouts serving as windows that ensure your base not only looks good but also provides adequate lighting. 

Bottom Line 

If you’re looking to build your very own Minecraft treehouse, there are lots of different options out there to make sure that it’s just right for your needs.

Choose from the simplest one in which the shelves and walls are wooden posts, for a better look, or a more complex one with curved walls and stairs.

And, of course, choose whatever style suits your own personal tastes best. 

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