How to Ride a Horse in Minecraft?

Horse in Minecraft
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Want to ride a horse in Minecraft? For this, you will need a saddle and a horse. In this article, we will walk you through the process of taming a horse and riding in Minecraft.


How to Ride a Horse in Minecraft?

Step 1: Find a Saddle

You need first to find a saddle or horse armor. Unlike other items, you cannot make a saddle. Instead, you must find the saddle in chests across the Minecraft world.

Ride a Horse in Minecraft

Usually, these chests are found around Nether Fortresses or in dungeons. Alternatively, you can find these chests also while fishing.

Step 2: Tame a Horse

Ride a Horse in Minecraft

Before you ride a horse, you need to tame it. You can find horses usually near the savanna biomes or in the plains. If you cannot find a horse, try using the command: /summon EntityHorse.

It is not recommended to tame zombie or skeleton horses as you will not be able to ride them.

To tame a horse, you need to click on it and use the item. Initially, the horse will buck you off, but you need to keep feeding it apples, Golden carrots, Hay Bale, etc., till you find the hearts.


Now, your horse is tamed.

Step 3: Ride the Horse

Ride a Horse in Minecraft

Once the horse is tamed, you will not be bucked off. However, you must put a saddle on the horse before you can control it.

You need to open the inventory and place the saddle in the appropriate box beside the horse. You can see the outline of the saddle while dropping it.

Alternatively, you can also place armor on the horse. This will get placed under the saddle.

If you plan to ride a horse in the water, you cannot do it deeper than one block. If the water is deeper than one block, the horse throws you off, and it gets drowned. You need to use a lead to ride on the horse again.


Step 4: Mount the Horse

Now that you have tamed the horse and put a saddle on it, you can start controlling its movements. To mount the horse, you can use the following controls based on the platform:

PlatformGame Control to Mount the Horse
Java Edition (PC/Mac)Right-click on horse
Pocket Edition (PE)Move the pointer over the horse and press the mount button
Xbox 360 and Xbox OnePress LT button
PS3 and PS4Press L2 button
Wii UPress ZL button
Nintendo SwitchPress ZL button
Windows 10 EditionRight Click on Horse
Education EditionRight-Click on Horse

Step 5: Dismount the Horse

You can dismount the horse by following the different controls given below, based on your platform:

PlatformGame Control to Mount the Horse
Java Edition (PC/Mac)Press the left ‘Shift’ key
Pocket Edition (PE)Press the sneak button twice
Xbox 360 and Xbox OnePress the RS button
PS3 and PS4Press the RS button
Wii UPress the RS button
Nintendo SwitchPress the RS button
Windows 10 EditionPress the left ‘Shift’ key
Education EditionPress the left ‘Shift’ key


By following the above steps, you can ride a horse easily on Minecraft. However, don’t forget to breed the horses till you see the hearts appear above them.

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