Never Roam For Lava Again – How To Make An Infinite Source of Lava in Minecraft?

Never Roam For Lava Again - How To Make An Infinite Source of Lava in Minecraft
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Among all the various elements and materials in Minecraft. Lava in Minecraft is one of the oldest to be added in the game – way before even pigs, chickens, and even zombies. This volcanic fluid mostly appears underground and offers more than what meets the eye. 


It’s also one of the most feared elements in the game that can kill you in an instant while exploring caves or nether, and is also a key element to accessing the different worlds in the game. The lava is also ideal for forging and conducting several other things in Minecraft. 

As it is also a fluid block like water, the lava tends to flow and spread out until it is thin enough not to flow anymore. However, it doesn’t disappear when blocking the source block where it starts to flow from, unlike water in Minecraft. 

If you have been playing Minecraft for a while, you may already know that it is possible to create an infinite water source in Minecraft, but does it stands true for Lava too? Well, let’s find out through the medium of this blog post. 

Infinite Source of Lava in Minecraft – Is It Even Possible? 

Fortunately, just like water, it is possible to create an infinite source of lava in Minecraft. Although the process is relatively simple to do so, the output is minimal, and you have to set up a complete farm to be able to do it on a scale. 

Never Roam For Lava Again - How To Make An Infinite Source of Lava in Minecraft

It’s as easy as collecting the required items and crafting the necessary resources. Additionally, you can also use commands and cheats to gain an infinite source of lava almost immediately in the game, but it won’t be applicable if you are playing the game in survival mode with no cheats. 


Regardless, we’ll be exploring all the different ways to gain a limitless supply of lava in the game for both survival and creative modes. 

Items Required To Create Infinite Lava Source In Minecraft 

To begin with the process, you will have to gather certain items in the game, such as: 

Iron Ingots 

Iron Ingots can be gathered by smelting iron in a furnace. To find the required iron, you have to dig down on the land until you make it past the dirt and find cobblestone. Don’t stop digging and make your way down past the cobblestone. 

Once you have reached deep enough, you have to start digging horizontally instead of vertically. Also, make sure you have ample ladders and torches to make your way out of the mine with ease. Eventually, you will strike a point where you will find the iron ores. 

Never Roam For Lava Again - How To Make An Infinite Source of Lava in Minecraft

After finding the iron ore, you have to break it with the help of a stone pickaxe. Make sure that you do not use wooden tools, as they will not yield anything, and all your efforts will go in vain. You can also save yourself from hours of digging by locating a naturally-occurring cave instead.


However, while exploring such caves, you have to be careful about where you step as there might be various hostile mobs and lava pools underneath. Once you have mined enough iron, you have to put them into a furnace and turn them into Iron Ingots.  

Alternatively, you can also find ready-made iron ingots in dungeons, temples, and stronghold chests. Sometimes, even zombies and husks drop iron ingots or items made with iron. You can even kill an iron golem to receive 3-5 iron ingots when they die. 


Cobblestone is one such item in Minecraft that cannot be crafted with a crafting table or a furnace. Instead, you will have to roam around the world and gather this item in the game. This can be done by finding a block of stone to dig up in the generated world. 

Never Roam For Lava Again - How To Make An Infinite Source of Lava in Minecraft

Once you find a block of stone, use a pickaxe to dig it up. Make sure you do not use your bare hands to dig up the stone as it is not only time-consuming, but also the cobblestone will not appear that way, and you won’t be able to add it to your inventory. 

After breaking the stone block completely, the cobblestone block will appear floating on the ground, so make sure you pick it up before it despawns from the world. After picking it up, the item will be available in your inventory to use. 



In the Caves and Cliffs update of Minecraft, Pointed Dripstones are the blocks that produce the stalagmites and stalactites in the caves. In addition to making the undergrounds more visually appealing, they also have plenty of practical uses in the game. 

Never Roam For Lava Again - How To Make An Infinite Source of Lava in Minecraft

To find the pointed dripstone naturally occurring in the game, all you have to do is navigate to the locations where it grows and mines it using a pickaxe. Dripstones can be normally found in Dripstone Cave biomes, which were added to the game as a part of the second Caves and Cliffs update. 

Sometimes, they can also be found in regular caves, but the chances of their occurrence are less there. Moreover, you can also trade for dripstones from a villager if you have a sufficient amount of emeralds available at your disposal.

Luckily, if you manage to get a few of these dripstones, you can grow more of them on your own by pointing them upside down on another dripstone block. The dripstone block itself is a naturally occurring substance that can also be crafted using four pointed dripstones. 

When a water source is added on top of the dripstone block, the pointed dripstone will convert into a stalactite. However, keep in mind that there must be a block at least 11 levels below the growing pointed dripstone. 


As time goes by in-game, the pointed dripstone will grow longer in the game and can be harvested as well. It’s recommended to farm them at your base to stay safe from the creatures lurking in the dark caves. 

Lava Bucket 

To gain a lava bucket in the game, you first have to make an empty bucket using the iron ingots you collected earlier. Once you have an empty bucket, you have to find a source of lava in your generated world in the game. 

Never Roam For Lava Again - How To Make An Infinite Source of Lava in Minecraft

After finding a steady source of lava, all you have to do is select the bucket in your Hotbar so your player can hold it in your hands. Then, stand in front of the lava and click on it to collect it in the bucket that you are holding. 

Step By Step Method To Build An Infinite Source of Lava in Minecraft 

Once you have acquired all the necessary materials, as stated above, you can proceed with building the farm to gain an infinite supply of lava in the game. Follow the steps given below to make the farm: 

  • Firstly, start by making a cauldron out of the iron ingots that you gathered by placing seven iron ingots in the crafting grid of the crafting table. After making the cauldron, place it on a flat surface at your desired location 
  • Then, you need a non-flammable block, such as cobblestone, at least three blocks above the cauldron. You will also have to cover the non-flammable block to make a container out of it that will hold the lava 
  • Once done, you have to place a pointed dripstone at the bottom of the block, such that the pointy edge of the dripstone faces downwards 
  • Repeat the entire setup as many times as you want, depending on the supply of lava you want to gain

With time, the cauldron you placed below the dripstone will fill with lava through the drops it receives from the dripstone, which means now you no longer have to roam here and there, exploring lava pools to gather it. 


Using Nether Portal To Get Unrestricted Supply of Lava in Minecraft 

If you have been playing Minecraft for a while and have accessed nether at least once, you may already know that it’s almost covered entirely with lava, just as the overworld is covered with water. This means that if you access the Nether, you instantly gain access to infinite lava. 

However, you have to be careful as the Nether is a very dangerous place that consists of a lot of hellish creatures that can kill you in a snap. If you’re someone who loves to take on adventures, this method certainly fits the bill for you. 

  • Start off by gathering some necessary items, such as 14 blocks of obsidian and one flint and steel. Once you have gathered the required materials, follow the steps given below to make a nether portal out of it
  • Using the 14 blocks of obsidian, you have to build the frame for your Nether portal. Make sure you keep the base of the portal at least four blocks wide and keep the sides at least five blocks high. Likewise, form a rectangle with it by placing four blocks at the top as well 
  • Once you have made the required structure, all you have to do now is activate the portal by either using flint & steel or a fire charge 
  • To do this, position the pointer at the bottom of the structure while holding  the flint and steel, and then click to activate the portal
  • When done the right way, the portal will glow and turn purple, which indicates that the portal is activated and you can use it to travel to the Nether

Now, all you have to do is walk or jump through the purple area to transport to the nether. You can use the same portal in the nether to travel your way back to the overworld. However, ensure you do not destroy it, as making another portal will spawn you elsewhere. 

Never Roam For Lava Again - How To Make An Infinite Source of Lava in Minecraft

It is also recommended to build the Nether portal somewhere underground in the overworld, as it will allow you to access the lava pool area in the Nether right away. You can mine until you reach the deep slate area in the overworld and build the portal there. 

Cheats and Commands To Get Infinite Lava in Minecraft

So far, we’ve looked at certain ways to gain an infinite supply of lava in the survival mode without using any cheats or commands. However, if all you’re looking for is loads of lava without worrying about cheating, then you can consider using commands for the same.


To do this, load your world and wait until you spawn, then hit the “T” key on your keyboard to access the chat area at the bottom end of the screen. On the chat box, write the following command to get a lava bucket: 

/give @a minecraft:lava_bucket 64 

Using this command will provide you with 64 lava buckets. However, as this item is not stackable, your entire inventory will be filled with these lava buckets placed individually; you can store them in a chest for later use.  

Frequently Asked Questions :

How is Lava Useful in Minecraft? 

Lava acts as a very efficient source of fuel in Minecraft. As compared to a coal block, lava has a burning value of 1000, which is by far the longest in the game. You can also use lava during combats by storing it in a bucket and throwing it when necessary. 

How Do You Use Lava As A Fuel in Minecraft? 

You can use the lava to power your furnace and smelt your desired items with it. To do this, you just have to put a bucket of lava in the power slot of your furnace along with the material that you want to smelt in the other slot. 

What Can I Do With A Lava Bucket? 

There are various things that you can do with a lava bucket. You can place the lava inside the bucket on a water source to turn it into obsidian. Additionally, you can also use it to spread lava sources to your enemy. 


Final Words 

Building an infinite lava source is a fun and simple activity. The supplies needed are easy to find, and minimal tools are required. With the infinite source of lava you gained through this tutorial, you can do many things you couldn’t imagine before.

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