How to Join Grizzly World RP?

How to Join Grizzly World RP?
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GTA RP server will enhance the conventional GTA gaming experience into something incredible. By installing a mod, you can travel to a map consisting of several other players.


Here, after traveling, you can play a mighty cop, an evil criminal, or even a shop clerk. The majority of the servers have a comprehensive range of options for gameplay; however, they are not confined to any particular theme.

These websites have several mods that you can download for RP gaming. Besides, you will also find many forums available on the websites to chat with other gamers.

Amongst so many servers, some expect you to remain too bold and active towards action games.

At the same time, many of them want you to enjoy the game and not indulge in extremely violent actions.

Moreover, it’s a good strategy to stay in the good vision of RP cops.


How to Download GTA Server Mods?

How to Join Grizzly World RP?

The primary step that you need to follow before joining the Grizzly World Roleplaying game is to download a mod. You can download any GTA Server mods that you wish to. But the most popular mod, as per our extensive research, is “FiveM.” 

If you want to download this mod, visit their official website and follow the guide given below to download GTA Server Mods.

  • If you are using any Antivirus, disable it before proceeding with the FiveM mod download.
  • Some antivirus like Avast, Quickheal, Kaspersky, AVG, and similar block FiveM or other mod activities.
  • Therefore, turn off your antivirus.
  • Add FiveM to the whitelist of your Antivirus.
  • You must have GTA downloaded on your website.
  • Download FiveM from their website and run it as an executable file with the extension FiveM.exe.
  • If you try to run yeh executable file in any of the empty folders of your device, then it will be installed at the location. 
  • It will be installed somewhere else. To locate it, press the Windows button and input FiveM in the search bar.
  • The first option will be displayed, and press the Enter key.

Moreover, the server mods want you to switch off your Antivirus, but you need not worry you follow their instruction.

But if you still do not want to proceed with the download by turning off the Antivirus, you can go with downloading the RageMP client. Eclipse Roleplay server uses the RageMP client.

How to Join a Grizzly World RP Server?

For joining and setting up the player status on any GTA RP server, you need to make some efforts. A majority of the servers will prompt you to fill out an application form accepting their rules, terms, and conditions.


After you accept their application, you will be added to a queue depending upon the priority order you have followed the rules. But make sure to jump through some of the given loopholes essential to avoid your server crash.

Joining a server and playing Grizzly is one of the toughest parts of GTA roleplaying games. Therefore, the servers have set up their mods to check who breaks out from their character and disturbs another player’s role.

Getting on any Grizzly World RP Server is not a difficult task. You have to register on the server’s website and join the Discord servers. You will be added to a queue and assessed by the moderator to ensure that you are not a spoilsport.

The following are some of the best GTA RP Servers you can begin with:

Top 3 Best Grizzly World RP Servers

All the servers are efficient in their performance and tend to offer the perfect gaming experience by giving them unique features. Therefore, you may feel that they are similar, but each is unique in its features. 



Best GTA RP Servers

The unique feature of the GTA World is that it is completely text-based. Like if you are not open to chatting with any strangers, then you can choose the server undoubtedly.

Like any tiger server, it has a sign-up process that you will be prompted to follow. Then in GTA World, you can interact with a community of 500 members. If you are not accepted as a community member, you can still wander around forums to check the ongoing gaming trends.


Best GTA RP Servers

The legendary GTA RP server is Eclipse RP. At any given instant, you will find a minimum of 200 players playing the game. One of the perks of this server is its comprehensive forum section.

It hosts several interesting criminal game activities for you to join. You will have several jobs like Los Santos Medical Services and Los Santos Customs. As it stands as one of the leading GTA RP servers, therefore, the waiting list on the server will be lengthy.


Best GTA RP Servers

NoPixel is another leading server that you can join, but also it is the toughest to play. Moreover, the server supports 32 players simultaneously. But the applicants are so many that they had to suspend them all as over 4k people had applied. 


The Final Word

Grizzly World RP is one of the best roleplaying games, where you can go anywhere and do anything. They are among my favorite games.

The ability to explore a huge environment and complete missions in any order is a lot of fun, and the games’ silky-smooth framerate and attention to detail make them a treat to look at. But what I love most about Grizzly’s games is their unique sense of humor.

I can’t remember the last game where the main character was a bear, but I can’t wait to play the next one. Though you cannot play Tee Grizzly World RP on an Xbox gaming console, you can do so 

on a PlayStation 4 gaming console. So, you can go for a PlayStation 5 gaming console also, but you need to use different servers for them and also learn to set them up. Like the NoPixel gaming server is compatible with PC only. 

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