Grim Dawn Best Builds of 2023


  • Grim Dawn has established a powerful fandom despite the already existing multitude of popular RPG games. 
  • Grim Dawn players will also be able to enhance their power to match stronger opponents, particularly through custom potion creations and new items. 
  • Players need help picking the right build out of the zillions of builds available. 
  • There are a lot of builds to choose from, but we’ve selected a few of the best builds for Grim Dawn in 2023. 
Grim Dawn
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In Grim Dawn, players fight fast-paced real-time battles and collect loot, such as armor, potions, weapons, and money.


You became a new class in Grim Dawn’s engaging dual mystery. Once you have both masteries, you can easily combine them. It’s done! It’s time to build your unique build. But which Grim Dawn build is best?

Well, this guide is all about that. Here, you will get some of the Grim Dawn’s best builds of 2023. So, let’s get started with the guide. 

Grim Dawn Best Builds of 2023

#1. Warder

Warder - Grim Dawn Best Builds

To use it as a weapon, you must combine lightning, cunning, and spirit. As a result, you will be able to carry out AoE attacks. In this build, weapons are placed in both hands. Also, Menhir’s Will can be bought with extra goodies you have in your hand.

You will be able to boost your defense with the resistance boosters offered by this build. While playing, it’s important to check your health whenever you need to.

To meet that specific need, it includes Mogdrogen’s Pact and Heart of the Wild. This is a handy build that will help you progress in the game.


#2. Bloody Pox Build

Bloody Pox Build - Grim Dawn Best Builds

It is a fast devourer and can debuff swarms quickly. You can increase your overall strength with this build, which makes it one of the best Grim Dawn builds.

Your character can be given more strength to fight and take damage as a result, thereby lessening the impact of damage on him.

However, if this build needs to be upgraded at any point in the game, use the Heart of Oak totem or the Wendigo totem.

This build also has the benefit of doubling its effect seamlessly without any hazards. For this purpose, you will only need the Soldier’s retaliation effect. To increase the strength of the build, you can use Empty Throne devotions or ride on the Chariot of the Dead.

#3. Spellbreaker

Spellbreaker - Grim Dawn Best Builds

You will be able to use Flash Freeze, Blade Spirit, and Trozan’s Sky Shard if you use the spellbreaker build. There are no hidden secrets in this build, so it’s perfect for cold damage.


It is also worth mentioning how the TSS was rolled on the build. Whenever your character gets stuck among enemies, it is very important to try the TSS rolling as soon as possible.

In addition to the Sphere of protective spell, Pneumatic Burst provides an efficient cover for the caster. Besides Tsunami, there is also Amatok to look forward to. You might find them useful later in the game when you encounter the Spirit of Winter.

#4. Death Knight

Death Knight - Grim Dawn Best Builds

If you prefer, you can pair this class with the other new classes. There is a lot of gear to choose from, and this is one of the solid Grim Dawn builds.

In Death Knight, there is no standard leveling guide, which is its only drawback. Nevertheless, you can pair it with builds from other classes to get that. With a good, cunning intellect, he can endure pain more easily.

Furthermore, he must critically strike his enemies so as to inflict high internal trauma damage on them. If a heavy attack is landed on him, the Death Knight will have good energy stats and will be able to draw an adequate amount of energy when waiting for regeneration.


#5. Inquisitor

Inquisitor - Grim Dawn Best Builds

This build has been hailed as one of the best for beginners. It would be a good build to recommend to people who aren’t yet on Grim Dawn’s expert level.

In combat, it is easy and efficient to use. In elemental damage, you only need to practice setting relic traps, handling dual pistols, and supporting buffs.

It is not recommended to choose any devotions when building your Inquisitor character, but you need to focus on the one that works best for you. To achieve the given standards, you can assign your devotions.

In the future, you will have to decide which constellation you want to learn first. Although you may have difficulty progressing with this build to higher levels, damage resistance is an important factor. You will enjoy smooth gameplay in Grim Dawn if you choose the best gear components.

#6. Lightning Build

Lightning Build - Grim Dawn Best Builds

Lightning Builds are for beginners. It is highly recommended that you use the Lightning build if you aren’t able to acquire any useful gears in the early phases of the game.


As a matter of fact, it would be better to choose the warder over the Elementalist in the first place. There are likely to be quite a few users who will appreciate this.

In addition to this, there are other benefits as well. For newcomers, this build is ideal since it has advantages at war, blitz, strong resistance, and can reduce the overall damage.

#7. Dervish

Dervish - Grim Dawn Best Builds

All the builds on this list have good offensive abilities, but the Dervish is perhaps the best Grim Dawn build.

No doubt, the attack power of this monster is impressive, but that’s just the beginning of its abilities. If you want to maximize this item’s potential, make sure the skill and gear you end up using are correct.

Furthermore, its ability to dodge attacks makes it a solid candidate for this list of best Grim Dawn builds. Not only that, but there’s more. Due to his strong armor, he is much more capable of sustaining deadly attacks due to his greater overall health.


#8. Pyromancer

With the help of Solael’s Witchfire, Occultist/Demolitionists can inflict chaos and vitality damage. It might have come as no surprise that you have the option of using Stun Jacks or Flashbangs. You should, however, make sure that your arms are both equipped with weapons before proceeding.

Moreover, if they are capable of long-range operations, that would be an added bonus. Additionally, if you enjoy multiplayer games, you won’t want to miss out on Summon Familiar and Mend Flesh. You would definitely gain an edge over your opponents using this, along with either the Hellhound or Doom Bolt.

#9. Vindicator Build

There is a mixed feeling about this build. Despite its numerous disadvantages, Vindicator Build has many advantages. This build is also among the best Grim Dawn builds of 2023 because of its ability to switch to a toad easily, as well as its ease of increasing its maximum charge.

You should remember to change its devotions before you add even more to the charge. Nevertheless, some users consider this build to be among the most challenging, and they remain away from it. Ultimately, it depends on what each individual sees from their perspective, and we value each individual’s perspective.

#10. Soldier

Because of its flexibility, it has been one of the most popular builds for a lot of users. As a result, users usually give it a try since it can easily be used in subclasses.


However, that is only one benefit. Most of the prerequisites can be met with a powerful attack supported by Cadencea and the capability to deal Damage from Vitality Decay and Pump Vitality.

Furthermore, when it comes to the constellation, it is worth considering the Bat, the Wendigo, and the Veilwarden. Hence, all this proves its high stature, as a result of which it’s made the list of best Grim Dawn builds.

#11. Druid

In essence, the Druid is a fusion between the Arcanist and Shaman masteries. I hope I didn’t misunderstand you. To level up, I believe Druid is an acceptable choice.

Nonetheless, the Shaman and Arcanist skill trees can support elemental damage as well. In addition, you will be able to deal relatively greater damage than other classes.

If you choose the Druid, you have access to a wide array of support for elemental damage. You can do this by using skills such as Wind Devil, Ishkandra’s Elemental Exchange, and Stormcaller’s Pact.


#12. Ritualist (Shaman + Necromancer)

Currently, this is my favorite build, but it may not be for you if you aren’t into melee combat or using many pet summons.

It focuses both on summoning creatures and on two-handed weapon attacks, dealing internal trauma damage to keep the enemy busy. Even though it may seem odd to have two caster classes that focus on physical attacks, I can assure you that it works wonderfully.

In addition, internal trauma damage continues to deal damage over time, so it is very useful against bosses who have a lot of armor. Hammers give you bonus devotion points for internal trauma, while Shepherd’s Crooks are the most effective for pets.

When using a 2 handed weapon type like a mace, make sure to choose a devotion constellation that gives you a significant amount of internal trauma damage (Rhowan’s Scepter). With this build, it is always recommended to have 8 skeletons, a briarthorn, a blight fiend, and a primal spirit ready to wreak havoc on your enemies.

#13. Conjurer

In its purest form, the Conjurer is a narrowed-down Ritualist, focusing on summoning creatures that deal damage and tank.


Shamans and Occultists are mixed in this Grim Dawn builds, which enables the player to remain mobile as they drown their enemies in spells and waves of creatures. Apart from that, the pets can also pick up loot, which is an additional benefit.

#14. Bleeding Build

One of the most important Grim Dawn builds you will need when you reach warder level hundred is this. This build has the special advantage of getting constant trash speeds.

Furthermore, it will provide you with large bleeding sticks. While it’s a nice build that you’ll find useful, it has very little resistance to fighting and attacks. Therefore, you should choose this build carefully.

So, that’s all we have for you about Grim Dawn’s Best Builds of 2023. It’s our hope that you find the builds list helpful. For more info, comment below and let us know. 

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