Mobile Legends Melissa Guide – Skills, Emblem, and More

Mobile Legends Melissa Guide - Skills, Emblem, and More
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Melissa, the cursed needle, is the second hero to be featured in the mobile legends forsaken light series.


She is a rebellious girl who works at a tailor shop and helps people fix their broken dolls. This character appears to have certain interesting abilities in the land of dawn.

The marksman can summon three cursed dolls, which adds a new and interesting way to combat players in the game. While the character is extremely easy to control, the way, you position your models certainly affects the damage output you deal with an enemy. 

Mobile Legends Melissa Guide - Skills, Emblem, and More

Positioning it accurately also helps the character improve her skill gap, and that is what distinguishes the good Melissa players from the great ones. Her ultimate is also quite versatile and handy for her role in the game. When triggered, it creates a force field around her.

Although it looks somewhat like jujitsu Kaisen’s innate domain, which is an incomplete domain that is made of pure cursed energy, this shield is something different that uses not only a significant amount of cursed energy but also needs a cursed technique.

In this brief mobile legends melissa guide, we will have a look at everything you need to know about this marked main character in mobile legends, so make sure you read on.


Melissa Skills Analysis – What Skills Does Melissa Possess? 

Like most of the mobile legends heroes, Melissa also possesses three active skills and a passive skill. Let us take a look at each of these skills in detail and talk about the situations in which they can yield the best results:

Passive – Doll Buster (Buff) 

Mobile Legends Melissa Guide - Skills, Emblem, and More

When the passive is activated, Melissa deals extra damage of up to 150% to minions as well as the summoned units, which also includes muddles and units summoned by any enemy. 

Skill 1 – Falling (Blink, Buff) 

Mobile Legends Melissa Guide - Skills, Emblem, and More

Using the first skill, Melissa – is in the direction of the target while also gaining an additional attack speed for a small time. While dashing, she will also be pulling units and muddles towards her when they are on the field.

It is more of a mobility tool for Melissa, allowing her to rotate around the map and position her dolls effectively. Additionally, with the help of the extra attack speed that Melissa gains through the skill, her burst potential also increases.

Skill 2 – Go Muddles (Debuff, AoE) 

Mobile Legends Melissa Guide - Skills, Emblem, and More

When using the second skill, Melissa throws her muddles in a preferred targeted direction that either stops when it gets hit by an enemy hero or reaches the maximum allowed distance.


Upon stopping, it deals a damage of 250 or +80% of the total physical attack physical damage upon the first hit. The Muddle also binds itself to any nearby heroes and keeps them stagnant for up to 6 seconds.

During this time, Melissa also summons another doll named giggles that shoots a cursed needle in the direction of the muddles with each basic attack.

There is also a button named attack minions that allows her to attack her muddles directly. Any damage absorbed by the models for the six-second duration will be automatically transferred to the enemies bound to it.

Every needle thrown by giggles also reduces the first skill’s cooldown, making it the primary source of damage for Melissa. 

Ultimate – Cuddles, Protect Me (Summon, Buff) 

Mobile Legends Melissa Guide - Skills, Emblem, and More

With her ultimate, Melissa orders cuddles to summon a field of protection near her that not only knocks back enemies and prevents them from entering a particular field area for a while but also deals damage to them. If Melissa herself moves out of the range of the force field, it will disappear early.


Her ultimate is her Mane defense against Melee-type heroes Who depend on their basic attack more. Once the skill is ready to use, cuddles will be available near Melissa and also provide her extra physical and magical defense as a part of the passive effect of this skill.

How to Skill-Up Melissa? 

It is suggested for Melisa players to unlock the second skill first, followed by the first skill, and unlock the ultimate get lost on level four.

Also, make sure you prioritize upgrading your first skill as it is the only movement ability carried by Melissa and also increases the damage buff for the second skill. Then, you should consider upgrading the second skill and once it is done, a great her ultimate whenever available.

Best Emblem and Spells Available for Melissa in Mobile Legends 

Marksman Emblem

If you want to play Melissa as an off-laner in the gold lane, then a custom marksman emblem certainly fits the bill for you. Using your talent points for bravery in tier 1 will allow you to increase your physical attack.

Also, use a talent point for agility in tier 2 that will help you increase the character’s movement speed. In tier three, take a weakness finder to slow down your target by 90% with a basic attack and lower their attack speed by 50%. Keep in mind that the latter has a cooldown of two seconds. 

Mobile Legends Melissa Guide - Skills, Emblem, and More

Assassin Emblem 

To play Melissa as a jungler, The custom assassin emblem can do wonders for you. In this emblem, you have to use the talent points for agility in tier 1 which will allow you to increase your movement speed of Melissa.

In the second tier, take on invasion, providing physical penetration to the character. Likewise, in the 3rd tier, choose the killing spree that will allow you to restore 12% of your maximum HP of Melissa and also increase her movement speed by 15% for up to 5 seconds upon killing an enemy hero.

Battle Spells 

Here are two recommended battle spells for Melissa in mobile legends:


This battle spell immediately removes any negative effect on the character for the next 1.2 seconds, grants control immunity, and provides 15% additional movement speed. If the enemy team has a heavy cc lineup, this battle spell can come in really handy to counter them.

However, make sure that you watch out for enemies with high movement speeds as they will be able to catch you, and make sure you have certain CC and displacement skills to resort to the safe side.


Moreover, while Melissa‘s ultimate Is a great way to keep the enemies away, using purify as a battle spell will definitely come in handy.

Mobile Legends Melissa Guide - Skills, Emblem, and More


As the past couple of updates added more buffs to the inspired battle spell, it has become a great tool for heroes that mostly rely on their basic attack to deal damage. With this spell, the hero can increase their attack speed by 55%, which is capped at 400% and can be stacked up to 8 times.

The spell also ignores 8 (+ enemy hero’s level) of physical defense. With each basic attack, the player also restores an HP of 70 (+15% of total physical attack) (+15% total magic power). The inspired emblem synergizes this really well with the attack speed that Melissa gains from her first skill. 

Mobile Legends Melissa Guide - Skills, Emblem, and More

Best Builds for Melissa in MLBB 

Melissa is a very versatile character; you can try numerous builds on her. All you have to do is analyze the enemy’s picks and determine the role that you want to play on the battlefield. To help you get started, we have formulated a build that will allow you to get a balanced experience out of this character:

  • When you begin the match, start by prioritizing building Swift boots first which will help you increase the attack speed of Melissa by +15%. Alternatively, you can also consider building tough boots or warrior boots in the early game in place of Swift boots for more of a defensive approach.
  • Next, players must focus on building the core items, Berserker’s fury and scarlet phantom. With the former, Melissa can gain a +65 physical attack as well as a +25% critical chance, which also adds up to her critical damage by 40%.
  • This item also has a unique passive known as Doom that increases malicious physical attacks by 5% on critical Hits for two seconds. 
  • Conversely, the latter grants +30 physical attacks, +25% critical chance, and +20% a tax paid to the character.
  • It also triggers a unique passive known as frenzy that increases malicious attack speed by 30% and the critical chance is also increased by 5% on every critical hit. This effect also lasts for two seconds. 
  • Once you are done with critical damaged items, you should consider building the blade of despair that provides a +160 physical attack along with +5% movement speed to the character.
  • This item’s passive skill also increases the player’s physical attack by 25% upon attacking any enemy unit that has its HP below 50%.
  • If you are fighting against enemies like Sabre or Hayabusa, you may consider building wind of nature to counter their unavoidable damage.
  • The unique passage of this item known as wind chant makes the hero immune to any physical damage for up to 2 seconds and gives +30 physical attacks, +10 physical lifestyle, and +20% attack speed to the character. The effect has a cooldown of 70 seconds. 
  • When you are in the mid-end game, you should start building the malefic roar in case the enemy team has some sort of physical defense available in their build. With malefic crore, you gain +60 physical attacks and it’s passive known as armor buster increases physical penetration by 0.05%.
  • You may also consider selling your boots in the late game and purchasing immortality or winter truncheon instead. 

Gameplay Tips for Melissa in Mobile Legends 

While Melissa is a marksman, her protective abilities make her different from other heroes in this category. However, if you want to make the most out of this hero, you need to understand the map well.


Here are some tips that will help you perform better in the game with Melissa, divided into three different phases: 

Early Game 

When you are at level one, it is recommended to unlock the second skill first, followed by the first skill. In the laning phase, cast the first skill to get near the enemy and immediately use the second skill to bind them and then deal damage to them with a basic attack.

However, make sure that you do not engage in any aggressive fight until you have raised at least level four. At level four, you will unlock Melissa’s ultimate. The ultimate will allow Melissa to keep any enemy away who is hiding to gank. 


During the mid-game, you have to be extra cautious while also being willing to play aggressively. Make sure you always keep an eye on the map and rotate throughout to help your teammates secure objectives such as clearing lanes, killing the turtle, taking down the Lord, and more.

Moreover, while engaging in team fights, make sure the ultimate is available to block enemies approaching you and use the first skill to reposition yourself.


With great mobility and diversified attacks, Melissa can play a significant role in team fights during the mid-game. You should also try to take down as many traits as you can to gain a gold advantage over your enemies in the game.

Late Game 

In the lead game, you have to be highly aware of your position and timing. Once you have a few of the core equipment for Melissa, you can deal a significant amount of damage to the enemies using her skill 2. She can easily kill enemies from the back line and avoid any possible gank with the help of her ultimate. 

You can also steal the lord by timing her ultimate correctly And prevent the enemy team from slaying the Lord using retribution. After taking down the Lord, try split pushing for the maximum benefit. 

Melissa Pros and Cons 

  • High wave clear potential

  • decent mobility and damage

  • ultimate provides protection

  • weak early game

  • passive is not that useful

Final Words 

So there you have it, everything you possibly need to know about Melissa. Although this marksman is quite weak in the early game, her true potential starts to shine from the mid-game.

Her ultimate is what sets her apart from other marksmen, allowing her to protect herself and her teammates against gank enemies. Therefore, make sure you consider picking her up for your next match. 

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