Retribution Spell in Mobile Legends – Everything You Need To Know

Mobile Legends has come a long way to become one of the most successful MOBA games for mobile devices. If you’re among the people who have walked the trek from the beginning, you may have an idea about the heroes, their abilities, and the items available in this meta. 


However, as a novice, it can be pretty intimidating to understand such an overwhelming amount of things, especially when you’re just starting out. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you sort some things out, whether you’re a beginner or someone who has played a few games. 

Today, we’re going to talk about battle spells and, to be precise, the Retribution spell. You can equip this before starting a match; if you master it, your character could perform much better than it currently does. 

It’s more like an additional ability for your hero that can be used creatively to yield beneficial outputs. When you start a game, you can choose your preferred battle spell, including the retribution spell, but it cannot be changed once the match has begun.

Retribution Spell in Mobile Legends - Everything You Need To Know

So, let’s explore certain things about this battle spell that you wish you knew earlier. 

What is The Retribution Spell in Mobile Legends 

The Retribution Spell, when activated, deals 520 (+80 x Hero Level) True Damage to minions or creeps. It can help you greatly with the farming process in the game. The spell also has a mass that increases the creep rewards by 60%. 

Retribution Spell in Mobile Legends - Everything You Need To Know

It even reduces the damage taken from creeps by 50%, but the minion rewards are reduced by 70% for the first five minutes. There’s also a blessing on the Retribution Spell that can be leveled up by killing 5 creeps, a hero, or gaining a kill assist. 

Reaching level 15 of this skill, determined by the Blessing of the Jungling footwear you purchased, increases your Magic Power and Physical Attack by 15. The spell has a cooldown of 55.0 and is available to use from the first hero level itself. 

Different Types of Retribution Spells 

There are certain different types of retribution spells that provide varying benefits to your character. Here is a quick rundown of all the different types of retribution spell variants that you can use in the game: 


Ice Retribution

This advanced retribution can be used against heroes, inflicts True Damage to a small extent, and reduces the movement speed of your enemy for over three seconds. This spell is best suited for Assassin and Junglers who need a high movement speed to catch up with their targets or need a slow CC to help with team fights. 

Flame Retribution 

This retribution variant can also be used against heroes and inflict a small amount of True Damage on the enemy. The spell also absorbs physical and magical damage for over three seconds. It fits the bill for Duelist-Junglers who want to inflict high damage on the enemy, such as Marksman or Fighter who can also benefit from the damage absorption capability of the spell. 

Bloody Retribution 

Even the Bloody Retribution can be used against enemy heroes that inflict true damage and absorbs the enemy’s HP for over three seconds. This is one of the most popular advanced retribution spells that’s bringing some change to the current Meta. 

Maybe if someday Moonton decides to buff the ability, we’ll be able to see a Tank who can also serve as a Jungler and help the team complete the objectives. However, presently, we’ll recommend the skill for only Fighter Junglers. 

Retribution Spell in Mobile Legends - Everything You Need To Know

Tips To Use Retribution Effectively in Mobile Legends 

With the help of the Retribution spell, you can gradually speed up your farming process in the game. Moreover, it can also be used against the opponent heroes with the help of slow effects and a higher damage buff.


Using it correctly can help you gain a great advantage over the opponent. Read on for certain tips and tricks to use the Retribution spell in MLBB: 

Make Use of Jungle Items 

The current patch of Mobile Legends consists of several adjustments related to Jungle items. You can use the retribution battle spell along with the Jungle items to increase the damage output from the spell. 

Consider Upgrading Your Jungle Items 

To inflict more damage with the Jungle items and the retribution spell, you have to upgrade them to the maximum possible level. If your preferred item is stackable, then make sure you stack it to full before using the retribution battle spell to make its damage even more effective. 

Retribution Spell in Mobile Legends - Everything You Need To Know

Slow Down Enemies with Retribution 

The Retribution spell can do wonders for your gameplay when you have upgraded Jungle items. While being involved in a team fight, you can use the retribution spell to slow down enemies and give your team enough time to attack them. 

Steal The Jungle With Retribution 

Stealing the opponent’s Jungle is a sure-shot way to gain tactical advantage and domination over your opponents. Using the retribution spell to speed up this task, you can level up faster than your opponents and push against them. 


Speed Up Farming with Retribution 

If you use a hero who performs its best in the mid-and late-game, then the retribution spell is perfect. It helps you speed up your farming process, so you can reach a higher level faster and unlock your skills sooner than the opponent. 

8 Heroes in MLBB Who Can Effectively Use The Retribution Spell 

As you might have understood by now, the Retribution spell is more advantageous for heroes who require farming. In fact, many Assassin-type heroes rely entirely on this battle spell to perform better against their opponents. Here’s a list of the heroes who can effectively use this spell in the game: 


Kagura is one of the toughest mage heroes to master in Mobile Legends. In addition to spells like Flameshot and Execute, she can also work well with the Retribution battle spell, mostly when she is used as a midlaner. 

As Kagura already has her own mobility skill in addition to debuff neutralizer and a personal flicker with her second skill, she can inflict more damage and farm faster with the help of the Retribution battle spell. 

Retribution Spell in Mobile Legends - Everything You Need To Know


Harley’s abilities make him a great hero to surprise your opponent with instant attacks. And as this hero also has great mobility, he can make the most out of the retribution spell by being able to inflict more damage to the enemy. 

Retribution Spell in Mobile Legends - Everything You Need To Know


Roger is used by many professional eSport players along with the retribution spell that allows them to speed up the farming process. In the current meta, Roger is widely used in MPL and MDL tournaments and is indeed a fan favorite. 

Retribution Spell in Mobile Legends - Everything You Need To Know


If you are also a fan of the Hyper Carry strategy, then using Lancelot certainly makes sense because the retribution spell makes him faster in terms of farming.

Lancelot is a very agile hero who can attack opponents in a jiffy. That’s why this hero needs to have a subtle immunity to neutralize attacks and survive more. 

Retribution Spell in Mobile Legends - Everything You Need To Know


Being an Assassin, Hayabusa has a very agile set of skills and along with his offensive abilities, he can interfere well with the opponent with the help of the Retribution spell. 

Retribution Spell in Mobile Legends - Everything You Need To Know


Gusion is also a famous meta hero widely used in the game. The retribution battle spell is beneficial for such heroes as they can speed up their farming process with its help. While Gusion had a nerf in the recent update, he can still be deadly if correctly positioned with retribution. 

Retribution Spell in Mobile Legends - Everything You Need To Know


When you play as Ling, it is highly recommended to use the retribution battle spell with him. Ling can use it to get the last hit while getting a buff and also to steal the opponent’s jungle and buffs faster. 

Retribution Spell in Mobile Legends - Everything You Need To Know


As Fanny requires the blue buff often in the game, she is one of the perfect choices of heroes for the Retribution battle spell. Without the blue buff, she will be nothing but a feeder for the enemy team. Also, make sure you hone her cable skills to use this player at its best. 

Retribution Spell in Mobile Legends - Everything You Need To Know

Final Words 

So there you have it! Now you know everything you should about the Retribution battle spell in Mobile Legends. If you use a hero who requires a lot of farming and Jungling, then we hope that the guide has been proven helpful.  


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