Mobile Legends Gusion Guide – Builds, Spells, and Much More

Mobile Legends Gusion Guide - Builds, Spells, and Much More
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If you’re into competitive gaming, you may already know how popular MOBA is in video gaming niches. The hype began with games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends, and now mobile gamers are also able to be a part of this popular gaming genre. 


Popularly known as MLBB, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the closest thing you can get to League of Legends on a mobile device. Over five years, the game has evolved so much that it has become more subtle than ever. 

Currently, the intriguing meta of this game features over 116 heroes to choose from, each with their own set of skills and play styles. Whether you want to march right into the battle as a warrior or work behind the shadows like an assassin, there’s a hero in MLBB for it. 

Mobile Legends Gusion Guide - Builds, Spells, and Much More

Today, we’re going to discuss one such hero named Gusion who’s known for his ability to chase enemies and deal immense damage in no time. This article “Mobile Legends Gusion Guide – Builds, Spells, and Much More” should help you learn and master this player, so you can dominate the arena with him. 

Skills Possessed By Gusion 

Like every other character in Mobile Legends, Gusion also has a set of three active skills along with a passive skill. Let’s take a look at each of these skills in detail and understand how can you make the most out of them:

Sword Spike (Damage Blink) 

By using this skill, Gusioin throws a dagger in your preferred direction and deals magic damage of 200-300 points (+50% of the total magic power) to the first target it hits. 

Mobile Legends Gusion Guide - Builds, Spells, and Much More

Second Phase 

Using the first skill again allows Gusion to hash towards the target’s back and deal magic damage between 200-350 points, which is +100% of the total magic power. If you manage to hit the target with both phases of the skill, you can deal magic damage between 400-650 points. 

Mobile Legends Gusion Guide - Builds, Spells, and Much More

Shadowblade Slaughter (AoE, Slowdown) 

In this skill, Gusion throws five daggers in a particular direction, each dealing magic damage between 110-210 points (+50% of the total magic power) and slows down the target by 6%. 

The maximum damage dealt and the slowdown effect can be between 550-950 and 30%, respectively, if all the daggers hit a single enemy. 

Mobile Legends Gusion Guide - Builds, Spells, and Much More

Second Phase 

In the second phase of the skill, Gusion recalls the daggers thrown while dealing damage as they return. Each recalled dagger can deal magic damage between 65-115 (+40% of the total magic power), which can go as high as 325-575 points (+200% of the total magic power). 

Hitting all the five daggers to the same target in both phases of the ability will allow you to deal maximum damage of 875-1625 points or +450% of the total magic power. 

Mobile Legends Gusion Guide - Builds, Spells, and Much More

Ultimate – Incandescence (Blink, Buff) 

Upon using the ULT, Gusion blinks to the desired location and refreshes the cooldown of the Shadowblade Slaughter and Sword Spike skill. 

Mobile Legends Gusion Guide - Builds, Spells, and Much More

Second Phase 

In the second phase of his ULT, Gusion dashes to a short distance in the player’s preferred direction and resets the Shadowblade Slaughter skill to immediately throw five daggers at the enemy and recall ten daggers. 

Mobile Legends Gusion Guide - Builds, Spells, and Much More

Passive – Dagger Specialist (Buff, Heal) 

With every skill that Gusion casts, a Rune is added to his daggers. Once he has stacked three Runes, the next basic attack deals physical damage equal to +15% of the target’s total lost HP. He also heals 80% of the damage dealt with the enemy with this passive. 

Mobile Legends Gusion Guide - Builds, Spells, and Much More

Emblems Sets and Spells Recommended for Gusion 

For Gusion, the best-suited emblem is a custom Mage emblem that can maximize his movement speed and offer magical penetration, along with Mystery Shop that allows him to buy items at lower prices and build damaged items earlier in the game. 

Talking about the battle spells, if you choose to play Gusion as a Jungler or Core, then you should consider using the retribution spell. However, a lot of players also prefer using the Execute spell to play Gusion as an Exp laner, but it’s all a matter of personal preference. 


Best Builds for Gusion 

Gusion is a very adaptive hero Who can be played with a myriad of builds. You just need to make sure that you closely monitor your enemy’s build and prioritize your items accordingly. Here are some of the best items available for Gusion in mobile legends: 

  • Magic Shoes / Arcane Boots – if you want to deal more damage in the early game, arcane boots are a good option as they provide extra magic penetration. Moreover, magic shoes are also a great item in the early game because it has a passive with a low cooldown.
  • Genius Wand – With this item’s help, you can reduce your enemy‘s magic defense. When the genius want is combined with arcane boots, Gusion will be able to deal a great amount of damage in the early game.
  • Calamity Reaper – The calamity reaper is one of the core items available for Gusion as the passive of this item works perfectly with the skills and combos owned by Gusion. The item allows Gusion to deal true damage to its enemies, which is why it is a must-buy for him.
  • Divine Glaive – If the enemy team consists of high HP or Tanky heroes with a lot of magic defense items, then you should consider building Divine Glaive. It is another core item for Gusion that should be built in the mid-game.
  • Holy Crystal – to gain a temporary boost in the damage output of Gusion, you can consider building the holy crystal. With this item, Gusion can easily clear down any enemy unit in the blink of an eye. 
  • Concentrated Energy – This item is helpful for team fights as it provides additional HP every time you kill an enemy and also provides a lot of life steal during the combat.
  • Shadow Twinblades – If you or a player likes to ambush enemies, then shadow twin blades are one of the best items for you. Using this item and your burst combo, you can sleep squishy heroes in no time.
  • Athena’s Shield / Radiant Armor / Immortality – The last item you need to build depends entirely on your enemy lineup. For instance, if the enemy team has more magic heroes, buy Athena’s shield or radiant armor.

Pro Tips To Slay Your Opponents With Gusion 

Use Mage Emblem and Choose The Right Battle Spell 

The mage emblem perfectly fits the bill for Gusion. You should consider taking agility for movement speed in the first row, observation for magic penetration in the second row, and mystery shop in the third row to get items at a cheaper rate.

This arrangement is ideal for all situations, so you can use it as it is without making any changes.

Talking about the battle spell, you can choose the one depending on what type of role you want to play in the arena. For junglers and mid-laners, retribution as a battle spell can do wonders. You can also use the execute battle spell while being offlane to burst your opponents down. 

Mobile Legends Gusion Guide - Builds, Spells, and Much More

Purchase Magic Boots and Calamity Reaper First 

As stated above, there are six total items that are worth buying for Gusion. While the magic shoes provide cool-down reduction, the calamity reaper allows Gusion to deal true damage and also boost his movement speed.


Talking about holy crystal, it improves the magic power of the hero and the Demon Hunter sword provides you sustainability against burst-type heroes. 

The concentrated energy provides you magical life steel and building a winter truncheon Will grant you freeze with immunity for nearly 2 seconds, which allows you to improve your defense against marksman-type heroes.

The build that we have shared above fits the bill for most of the situations. You can also sell the holy crystal in the late game and purchase blood wings instead.

And there is also a neat trick That allows you to survive longer. After you have used the freeze from the winter truncheon, Head to the shop and sell it to purchase immortality instead.

Max Your Second Skill, Shadowblade Slaughter, and Learn Combos 

Place maxing out your second skill, shadow blade slaughter, at the top of your priority list, as it will allow you to deliver more damage output and enjoy lesser cooldowns. You can use any of the combos mentioned above and slay your opponents. 


Roam, Gank, and Focus on Prime Targets 

During the early game, you should focus more on roaming in different planes and seek kills anywhere possible. This should also be done in the mid-game, but just make sure you get a red buff before engaging in fights. Once you have successfully ganked your enemies, Take down the turtle.

Make sure you also look for Jungle invaders as Gusion’s second skill and ultimate allows him to steal kills quickly. Talking about the late game, at this point you should focus only on the mage heroes and the core carries. You can either start the team fight yourself or wait for the time to begin.

Join Forces With Heroes with Stun 

Kushan is also a freestyler who can work well with any type of hero lineup. However, if you are looking for the best pair for him, then consider pairing him with heroes using stun such as Tigreal or Atlas. These heroes can catch enemies while Gusion can follow up and use his best combo to kill.

However, make sure you keep an eye on heroes like Ling as they can escape easily. 

Bottom Line 

In a nutshell, Gusion is a powerhouse in himself who can play any role in a team fight. Many players love to play Gusion as a hyper-carry Jungler, and he is really played in Lane nowadays.


If you like aggressive gameplay and want to gank your enemies, make sure you consider playing your next match using Gusion. 

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