How to Set Gank in Mobile Legends?

How to Set Gank in Mobile Legends?
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Mobile Legends is a multiplayer game made by Moonton. It was released in 2016  & saw huge popularity among the masses, especially In the south Asian regions. In this article, we will majorly talk about how to set gank in mobile legends.

How to Set Gank in Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends are mostly called ML or MLBB.

Mobile legends are commonly called by its name Mobile Legends Bang Bang. In the year 2021, the app gained over 1 billion dollars. Surprisingly 44% of revenue came from non-Asiatic countries.

How to Set Gank in Mobile Legends?

It’s a multiplayer game that is free to use but users have to pay for the characters & different skins also called different avatars.

The main character constituent in this game is

  • Tank
  • Mage
  • Support
  • Assassin
  • Fighter
  • Marksman

The game is played between two teams. Each team consists of 5 players.

There are several ranks in the game

Mythic > Legend> Epic > Grandmaster > Master > Elite > Warrior


Both teams have to try to destroy the other opponent’s base.

There are 3 lanes in the game

  • Gold (Top)
  • Exp (Bottom)
  • Mid (Mid)

There is a jungle in the battleground of this game. That is divided into 4 categories, the enemy lane has 2 jungles & the player’s team also has 2 lanes.

There are different kinds of creatures in the jungle that offer buffs, experience & gold.

Every lane has a creature called turrets. A turret is designed for shooting turrets.


Every team’s prime objective is to destroy the turrets. So after that, they can attack the opponent’s bases.

Then there is another form of a game called classic mode. In the classic mode, the winning or losing of a match doesn’t increase or decrease the player’s ranking.


Another type of game mode is Arcade. In the Arcade mode, there are special events or special campaigns or occasions.

Other game modes are to battle with all players & custom battles.

Brawl Mode

There is an option of brawl mode in the mobile legends. In which both teams will get 2 heroes randomly, In this mode 2 turrets will be given with only one lane.


Another mode in this is called Shadow Brawl. The only difference between Brawl mode & Shadow Brawl mode is that there is a voting system of heroes, whoever gets the highest no. of votes the whole team gets that hero.

Game objective

The objective of the game is to defeat the Opponent’s army which is at the opponent’s base.

To successfully defeat the enemy you have to kill all the turrets coming on you.

Every team gets a role in which they have an option for every lane like a jingle, and roaming. You have the option to follow it or manually play through your strategy.


The heroes are the heart and soul of this game. But first, you should not focus on heroes instead you should scale up by learning the skills as a newcomer. 


After you have gained experience you can save some currency to get some meta-one hero. Whichever you like.

Now coming to the main topic – Gank

Ganking is considered in gaming as killing a character or outnumbering a character.

  • Now the question arises where you should gank.

You have two options

  • Sideline to midline
  • Midline to sideline

If you go sideline to sideline, it is not a recommended move; this will waste time, XP, and gold.

Where you will gank

  • If you destroy the opponent’s turrets, then you have enough time to gank.
  • If you in your lane pushed the lane’s opponent, then you have ample time to gank.
  • If your opponent has been pushed by you to another lane and he is not in a situation to gank, then you can gank.
  • If your skills like such important burst skills are in cool down mode then you can gank & surprise the enemy. 

Ganking-not recommend

  • When an opponent tries to push you down, then ganking is not recommended.
  •  If you lag in XP, Gold, or any skill, then you shouldn’t gank, otherwise, the opponent has a better situation for you.
  • If you do use ganking many times, then you can lose.
  • If you want to travel far then you should avoid ganking on the opponent.

Ganking Tips

Doing a good gank is difficult & Batten, consider the fact that you have a good rank. The ganking technique is very famous for winning the game & it’s important to upskill yourself.


Let’s talk about tips for ethical ganking.

Ganking from a good position

  • Ganking is more lethal when you gank from a strategic good position. You have to very carefully monitor the position of heroes. 

A good place is like when the opponent has no idea where you gonna gank. Great places to gank are – fog, bush, or any other place where you can hide easily.

  • Gank is not equal to killing.

Some people understand that in order to gank, you have to also kill the opponent. That’s not true. Yes, the kill is very important for the game, but you don’t have to force kill every time you gank.

Lanes for ganking

 The lanes are very important for ganking. You have to strategize the lanes in which you have to gank. Safeline & midline while ganking as filled with heroes so they are very strategic positions.

Opponent’s position

The opponent’s position reading is essential while ganking. It would help if you did not gank unless the enemies are far from their towers. Farther from their tower, a more great position to gank up. 



In order to gank, the use of heroes is very important. In simple words, in all the heroes, you have to choose carefully while ganking them.

You should use a hero that has high damage so that you can take advantage of it.

Ganking favorite heroes are- mage heroes, fighters, and assassins. They have all the qualities for ganking.


You should know the skill of prediction when ganking.

This skill will be learned from experience


when the opponent is missing-

  1. You should search for a mini-map for predicting the opponent’s change of lanes.
  2. They should be jungling.
  3. They are in the bush.

Know your enemy

You should be your enemy while ganking. You should not gank on a strong enemy who has more XP than you.

 Using of map

It is very important to use the map to locate the enemies. Minimap has the advantage that if you need any backup, you can take help from the minimap.

These are tips for ethical ganking in mobile legends. It is very important to learn the skill of ganking. If you want to have an edge over your opponents.

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