Modern Warfare 2 Getting Rocket League-Inspired Game Mode and Map

Modern Warfare 2 CODball
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is about to bring a gameplay mode similar to that of Rocket League’s gameplay in the event of the upcoming Fifa World Cup celebrations.


The popular franchise keeps on expanding its intriguing meta, encouraging new players to experience interactive gameplay.

The new mode is said to intrigue COD fans worldwide who also have a streak for Football. As a way to celebrate the upcoming world cup, Call of Duty has already brought celebrity icons in the world of Football, such as Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr, and Paul Pogba disguised as operators.

Modern Warfare 2 CODball Football

This not only serves gamers’ interest and grabs their attention, but the new mode also assures to bring changes in terms of variety to the game.

Moreover, it’s no surprise that data miners have already revealed some interesting gameplay images of this new game mode.

A Twitter user named CODSploitzImgz(@cod_sploitzimgz) has leaked some images that reveal how the new mode is intended to work in COD Modern Warfare 2.


Additionally, the popular leaker Tom Henderson also reported through Insider Gaming that the new mode would be known as CODball.

Modern Warfare 2 CODball
Modern Warfare 2 CODball

The same is also mentioned on the official Call of Duty blog; however, the developers never updated the audience on how the new game mode is supposed to work.

As per the leaked images, though, the new mode is quite similar to the traditional gameplay mechanics of Rocket League.

It requires the operator to take control of an ATV in a stadium with the objective of scoring points and beat your opponents.

Tom’s report also suggests that the developers are working on a completely new stadium-based map just for this new game mode.


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Modern Warfare 2 CODball

However, keep in mind that this game mode is speculated to be available only for a limited time. The images portrayed a large football stadium with a giant ball being controlled by the players. Unfortunately, there’s no update related to the release date of CODball.

As football star operators are about to be dropped in the game by November 21, it is expected that the new game mode will be available to play right after all the operators have been released for the event.

Keeping that in mind, this new gameplay mode is certainly a huge leap from the traditional gameplay of Call of Duty, making it much more diverse.

Since the world cup is getting closer daily, CODball may be just an attractive element to engage a diverse audience to the game.


Moreover, as most of these things are subject to change, the speculations may differ as per the situation. The only thing that’s certain is the fact that this new mode will undoubtedly be very fun and interesting for COD admirers.  

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