[Fix]COD Modern Warfare & Warzone Dev Errors 6042, 6036, 6071, 6324

Call of Duty Warzone
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We all know the pain of facing errors while trying to play our favorite games.


With the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare in 2019 & Warzone in 2020, players encountered the Dev errors 6042, 6036, 6071, 6324, and a few more.

Well, it’s not the first when a game faced these many errors with its release.

Even though the official team has released update patches, many users have reported facing these errors even after the updates.

If you’re still facing these issues, don’t worry. We will discuss all the possible solutions you can try to fix the COD Modern Warfare & Warzone Dev errors 6042, 6036, 6071, and 6324.

Dev errors 6042

COD Modern Warfare & Warzone Dev Errors 6042, 6036, 6071, 6324

Adjusting the graphic quality

Start with lowering your game’s graphic quality from the settings. Many players reported fixing the error by dropping the graphics.


Turn off Ray Tracing from the settings. Choose a resolution from there that best suits your specifications.

Running COD as an administrator

Another possible fix for the COD Modern Warfare & Warzone Dev errors 6042, 6036, 6071, and 6324 is running the game as an administrator. Right-click on the game’s icon and select run as an administrator.

Overclocked CPU

Overclocked CPUs can cause these errors to pop up in the game. For resetting your overclocked CPU, search according to your device model. Be careful while changing any settings and avoid making any unnecessary adjustments.

Switching Crossplay off

Crossplay is a feature that allows players with different consoles to play together. Many users suggested turning off Crossplay to avoid getting dev errors. To turn off Crossplay:

  1. Open COD
  2. Go to Account > Turn the Crossplay option off.
  3. Restart, and you’re good to go.

Disabling Firewall for COD

Sometimes Firewall may block the game files while protecting the system from harmful programs. You have to disable the Firewall for Call of Duty from settings.


Driver update

Another generic fix for such errors is updating the system’s graphic drivers. Look for the device manager on your system.

Select your graphics card > right-click > update. You can even use third-party software for downloading new updates.

Disabling Overlay software

Many players, especially streamers & content creators, use third-party applications like OBS to record or stream their gameplay. These applications can cause errors & reduces the system’s gaming performance.

Scanning game files

You can scan your game files, locating corrupted or damaged files if any.

  1. First, you have to open the game launcher, battle.net. Click on the game’s icon (do not click on play) > Options. 
  2. You can see the option of Scan & Repair.
  3. Click on it & confirm the Begin Scan.

Adjusting the game’s priority

Another setting that causes an issue in the game is the priority levels. If your game is at high priority in your system, you will encounter regular crashes.


Open task manager, and click on details on the top. Search for Modern warfare & change the priority level to normal.

Reinstalling the game & Battle.net

The last resort is uninstalling the game from your system & freshly installing it all over again. Reinstalling the game brings in new fresh game files, removing the ones that may have got corrupted.

You can delete Call of Duty from the game’s launcher, battle.net. Click on the arrow next to the play button in front of the game & select uninstall.

For battle.net, in the control panel, click on uninstall programs. Search for battle.net > right-click > uninstall. 

Closing Phrase

These were all the available fixes for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone Dev errors 6042, 6036, 6071, and 6324.


Reinstalling the game certainly takes some time & internet, but it has the highest odds of fixing any errors in the game.

If none of the solutions, including the reinstallation one, works for you, contact Activision support for resolutions. You can raise your issue or look for FAQs: Activision.

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