The Dilemma of Getting The Brutal Medal in COD Mobile – Why It Has To Be Such a Pain

COD Mobile
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I have had the fortune of witnessing many great moments in my time. A vast majority of those have taken place on a screen, with some form of a controller in hand, as I sat hunched over it long into the night like every other night.


This is how it was for thousands of hours and hundreds of games into my gaming career when I came across a game that would change things completely.

It wasn’t the most fun game nor did it hold my attention for long, but this game gave me the opportunity to learn a new skill set.

As a result, I made the most out of every second spent playing it. Playing call of duty mobile is a great experience and I enjoy playing co-op with friends.

The only issue I have encountered is that the rare medals are far and few between.

Everyone wants to get their hands on the coveted “brutal medal”. These are multiplayer medals that either requires you to finish the level in a certain time frame or complete an aim without getting hit.


Well, if you are one of my friends, a Call of Duty Mobile player, this article is surely going to interest you.

The Brutal Medal Grind is BRUTAL 

Brutal Medal in COD Mobile
Brutal Medal in COD Mobile

I have been playing this game since it first came out and I have never seen such a challenging medal to get.

It requires you to be not only an incredible shot but also a master strategist. You have to know when to use your nukes and UAVs and ensure using the right weapon in the right situation.

It’s a difficult medal, but I think it’s worth it because it makes you into a better player once you get it down.

I’ve gotten my brutal medals in domination games so far, but I started with team deathmatch and had more success there.


And it’s got a decent grind for those of you who really want to feel like you’ve played your heart out and earned those rewards.

I know that some of you have been trying to farm those medals even before the event was announced.

So, I’m sure that some of you are ready to drop everything to get your hands on this new loot. I’m here to help!

A Sneaky Way to Get Brutal and Relentless Medals Easily 

If you’re like me and you can’t be bothered to play the game like a normal person, you can use this method to get the Relentless and Brutal medals in Call of Duty Mobile.

First, intentionally lose two multiplayer matches in a row. You want your kill/death ratio to be really low—try to get less than one kill per match if possible.


Then, after losing twice in a row, you’ll get put into a bot lobby where all the other players are bots. Now all you have to do is drop as many streaks as possible and keep racking up kills without dying!

Every 20-25 kills, you’ll get a Relentless or Brutal medal.

Go The Reliable Way 

If you want brutal medals in COD Mobile, then you need to know how to handle yourself. What we’ve found is that the best way to get these high-ranking medals is to play a map you’re used to, such as Standoff.

In this map, there are three points to capture (A, B, and C), and your goal should be to defend these points.

This can be done by cleaning off the points before your team takes them over—that way you have fewer people to deal with when taking out the enemy players.


You can also use this time between captures to use your killstreak reward. It resets after every round, so it’s best to use it as soon as possible. The more kills you get, the closer you’ll be to getting those brutal medals.

I play Hardpoint Raid whenever I want to rack up some brutal medals. It’s not as crowded as other modes, and the map size is pretty large, so you’ll get plenty of kills, but won’t be stuck in a sweaty arena of death.

The more kills you get, the higher your score multiplier will be—and that means your streak kills will count for even more.

The key is to find a bot match. If you’re not finding them, try to lose one or two in a row (they might be harder to find if you’re on a winning streak).

If that doesn’t work, lose one of them badly (like 150 to under-30). You should get a bot match after that.


Once you’re in the bot match, you have to choose the Hardpoint mode and the Shipment map. The reason for this is that there’s only one Hardpoint in the center of the map.

It’s pretty easy to stick close to it and keep control of it even if there are players trying to take it from you.

On top of that, equip the Persistence Perk. This will help you get your Score Streaks back much faster if they’re destroyed by other players or artillery fire.

And speaking of Score Streaks, make sure you use Sentry Gun—that’s your bread and butter for this strategy—as well as Cluster Strike.

Final Words 

Getting brutal in Call of Duty mobile is not a difficult task. The game is easy to pick up for new players.


On the other hand, there are some people who are unable to get to higher levels because they have no strategy on how it can be done.

Using the tips discussed above, you will be able to get brutal in the game and enjoy playing it better than ever before.

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