What is SIE PlayStation Network Charge?

PlayStation 5
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Are you worried about the additional price that the PlayStation charges you? A specific SIE PlayStation Network Charge is automatically deducted from your chosen payment mode. It happens even if you have not subscribed to any supplementary services.


If you try to reach out to your credit card company regarding this issue, you might get your PlayStation account banned. Many PlayStation users have been reporting this issue.

You should be aware of the various PlayStation charges to resolve this issue. SIE PlayStation Network Charges might be a new term for several PlayStation users. So, if you are also one of them, this article will help you. 

What is SIE PlayStation Network Charge?

Sony itself charges the SIE PlayStation Network Charge from its users. The full form of SIE is  Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is a compulsory user charge which gets reflected in your transaction history. 

How To Stop SIE PlayStation Network Charge?

SIE PlayStation Network Charge is a compulsory charge. Luckily, you can prevent these Charges with the following steps. 

  • Launch Settings on your PlayStation.
PS Settings - SIE PlayStation Network Charge
  • Navigate to Account Management.
  • Select Account information and go to PlayStation Subscriptions
  • Locate the service you want to cancel.
  • Select Turn Off Auto Renew and click on confirm.
PS Settings - SIE PlayStation Network Charge

By doing so, the selected service will be canceled and won’t charge you the service charges or additional charges. However, you can turn on auto renewal again as per your need. 


How to Change the Payment Mode on PlayStation?

Another way to avoid SIE PlayStation Network Charge on your selected Payment mode is to change the payment mode. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Open the PlayStation Store.
  • Log in with your Playstation. 
  • In Settings, select Payment Management.
PS Settings - SIE PlayStation Network Charge
  • Select Add Payment Method.
  • Enter the Payment Info and save changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have a PlayStation Network Account?

Yes, To access all PlayStation services, you must have a PlayStation Network Account (PSN). You can create a PSN account for free. However, You will have to pay for the monthly SIE PlayStation Network Charge. 

Can I enjoy PlayStation for free?

Yes, you play several PlayStation games for free on PS4 or PS5, like Rocket League, Call Of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, and many more. These games don’t require any PSN fee. You can enjoy these games in both offline mode and online multiplayer mode.


We hope you have found your answer if you were wondering what SIE PlayStation Network Charges are. SIE PlayStation Network Charge is a compulsory fee for every Playstation user.

You can remove or change payment modes to avoid these charges. Additionally, you can also unsubscribe from desired services.

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