Rust, an Open-world Survival Game, Working on a Few New Features


  • Rust is an open-world survival multiplayer video game developed by Facepunch studious.
  • Rust is one game with a good replay value, making it difficult for first-time players.
  • It seems like the game is working on some new features for future updates.
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Rust, an open-world survival multiplayer video game, developed by Facepunch studious and is one of the games that have a good replay value so it makes it difficult for the players who are playing the game for the first time and it may take a while for them to get through it!


Moving on, it seems that there are a few new features coming to the game in the future update and the features include a mannequin, backpack and maybe ray tracing.

Recently, the developers released a significant patch to keep the game alive and running and Rush calls it an Industrial update!

Of course, the fundamental is to keep the game alive via new updates but then also how they are implementing counts the most! After all, it would make players keep coming back to the game. 

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As per the Youtuber named Shadowfrax, in a Rush video, he reveals that the Facepunch studios is currently present in another hacker’s week.


Well, for those who do not know, this is the time when the studio gets the chance to work on ideas for future implementation. An example could be the dummy in which the players can keep their cloth and carry it. 

Rust GamePlay
Rust GamePlay

Another example could be the usage of backpacks for inventory purposes. Still, it would make the player slower, and the studio is looking to ray tracing. However, as per the YouTuber, it is just an idea the developers are trying at the moment which may or may not be implemented in future updates.

Recently, Facepunch studio released a number of patches for the game, i.e. industrial patch 

  • Added Storage Adaptor 
  • Added Industrial Conveyor 
  • Added Pipe Tool
  • Added Industrial Combiner
  • Added Industrial Splitter
  • AddedIndustrial Crafter
  • Added Electric Furnace
  • Added Multithreaded Network Support (Disabled by default)
  • These are the improvement in these patches.
  • Improved server performance for chains of water containers.
  • Can now increase the blur quality of depth of field via graphics
  • Sever names no longer appear in the Rust+ menu if the streamer mode is active.

As of now hopefully, one of these features will make it to the final round and be implemented. Anyways, these are other features that have been recently added to the game like the hardcore mode, railroads, zip lines & more.

One thing to note here is that the studio has come up with new features time and time again which keeps the fans coming up to play the game.


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