Steam: Claim 6 Free Games for March


  • March brings new gaming delights: Dragon’s Dogma 2 and six free Steam games await eager players.
  • From high-speed races to educational adventures, gamers face tough choices in March’s gaming lineup.
  • Balancing backlog and new releases, gamers navigate March’s gaming frenzy with strategic prioritization.
In March, Steam introduces 6 new complimentary games available for download and permanent ownership
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Gamers are caught in a whirlwind of tension and anticipation as March progresses. As they become lost in the vast vistas of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, a new wave of alluring games draws near, causing both excitement and decision fatigue. Check out the details.

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Steam Launches 6 New Games for Download and Keep It

If you’re lucky enough to have a PlayStation 5 controller, you have to finish Final Fantasy VII Rebirth quickly to avoid getting drawn in by Dragon’s Dogma 2.

But gamers who don’t have access to Sony’s newest system need not worry, because Free Steam Games has generously provided six new games that can be downloaded and permanently owned via Steam.

A dedicated Twitter account called Free Steam Games has been curating free-to-play games, and it has put together an interesting list that appeals to a wide range of gaming preferences.

These offerings promise interesting experiences on their own, even though they might not match the grandeur of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Night Runners transports players to the colorful streets of Japan, bringing to mind the fast-paced racing games found in the Need for Speed franchise.


World War Next, on the other hand, offers a jovial, pixelated interpretation of the first-person shooter genre with its hectic gameplay and low-poly graphics.

Operation Space Force is a free-to-play space shooter that allows players to take their battles outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

On the other hand, World of Shooting deviates from the standard run-and-gun formula by focusing on target practice in a realistic first-person shooting simulator and responsible gun ownership.

Moon Rider is a visually stunning adventure game with a self-discovery theme that is ideal for those looking for a more contemplative experience.

Last but not least, The Tipping Point delves into the field of education by addressing the urgent problem of climate science through captivating gaming, rendering it an invaluable resource for teachers and an immersive educational experience for kids.


Gamers are faced with the age-old challenge of balancing their ever-growing backlog while enjoying the games they are currently playing with a plethora of new offerings competing for their attention.

It appears that the answer lies in personal prioritization and a healthy acceptance that not every title can be conquered.

Overall, gamers are encouraged to make thoughtful decisions and embrace the craziness of gaming as March progresses, understanding that every journey—whether in the fanciful worlds of Final Fantasy or the educational settings of The Tipping Point—offers a distinct experience to relish and enjoy.

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