Top 5 Best VPN for Gaming

VPN for Gaming
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Gamers these days need VPN for gaming. The two main reasons for that are: some gamers want to go to a different server or they want to play a game that is banned in their country.


Sometimes ISPs also use Bandwidth throttling which makes the internet speed slow. By using a VPN, you can avoid that too. So how do select the best VPN for gaming?

Don’t Worry! In this article, we are going to list down the top 5 best VPN for gaming.

Why Use VPN for Gaming?

With a VPN you can hide your IP address and encrypt your internet connection. This helps in many ways.

First of all, you can access a number of different servers. Second, you can play games that are banned in your country. Third, a good VPN can help you in improving ping which is really crucial for a lag-free gaming experience.

Overall, it is just good to use a VPN while gaming. 


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What Should You Look For?

Best VPN for Gaming
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If you decide to buy a VPN connection on your own, here are a few things that you should look for in a VPN before buying it.

Servers in Many Places

If your VPN has servers all over the world, it means that you can have IP addresses in different countries. Having that allows you to play games from many countries.

Also, make sure that the VPN has fast servers in your area as well as the area for which you are looking to set as the location with the VPN.

Offers Stable Connection

Having a good stable connection is a must if you are gaming. No one likes to lose a game just because of some faulty connection. So ensure that your VPN provides a stable connection.


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Has a Good Image in the Industry

Look for something reputable. VPN is not something you should experiment with as it handles your internet connection. There are a lot of trusted VPN service providers who have a good image so just try to go with them.


Security is another main concern in the 21st century. The rule of thumb is that anything under AES-256 bit encryption is not recommended. It is the best encryption and is used in banks and other places for cybersecurity. So look for a VPN providing AES-256 bit encryption.


Yes! A VPN should provide you fast internet speeds. You see speed drop is quite normal when you talk about VPNs. But some are better than others. For gaming, you need fast internet speed and low ping. So look for VPNs that offer these qualities.

Just so you know, most VPN service providers actually provide free trials for a month or a week. So if you are not sure about a single one, just opt for the trial and check. After thorough testing, just select the one you like.


We also have a dedicated VPN Buying Guide that can help you in selecting the right VPN.

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Top 5 Best VPN for Gaming


Best VPN for Gaming

When it comes to data privacy and security, no one really even stands close to NordVPN. It has over 5,400+ servers across the world in 59 different locations. It is easily the best VPN for gaming.

The speed loss with this one is around 15-20% which is quite remarkable if you consider a VPN.

It works with pretty much every device that has an internet connection including Android smartphones, iOS devices, macOS, Windows, Xbox, PS, etc.


With NordVPN, you can get 6 simultaneous connections which are quite sufficient. So definitely worth checking out.


  • Great Upload and Download Speeds
  • Ping Performance is Decent
  • Unblocks Major Streaming Services


  • Lots of Updates
  • Not the Best Pricing

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Best VPN for Gaming

ExpressVPN has over 3,000 serves across 94 countries. It is considered one of the fastest VPN services out there. Although on my usage, I did find the upload speeds to be a bit slow.

The ping performance on this one is quite good but still, you will get a high ping compared to a connection without a VPN. ExpressVPN is one of the most compatible VPN services out there.

You can have it for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Routers. It also has extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.



  • Great Extensions for Browsers
  • Servers in Many Countries


  • Bad Pricing
  • Only 5 Simultaneous Connections

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Best VPN for Gaming

IPVanish has over 1,600 servers in 52 countries. It is very secure and good in terms of privacy.

It is not as great and featureful as NordVPN or ExpressVPN. But if you compare the pricing, the VPN is quite good and its performance that matters at the end and in that area, IPVanish is quite decent.

It offers 9 simultaneous connections which are more than enough. So do give it a try.


  • Affordable
  • Good Performance


  • Customer Support isn’t that Great

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Best VPN for Gaming

SurfSharkVPN is reliable and affordable. It has over 3,200 servers all over the world. Now the speed drop is a bit high compared to the other VPNs on the list but it is still one of the best VPN for gaming.

The gaming performance on this one might actually surprise you. The VPN is quite stable and very easy to use. The great thing about it is that it offers unlimited simultaneous connections.


  • Great Pricing
  • Awesome Gaming Performance
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections


  • Not a Great Customer Support
  • UI is Not Good

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Best VPN for Gaming

CyberGhost is also one of the best VPN for gaming. It has over 7,400 servers in over 91 countries.

So yeah that is great coverage. With this VPN, you can have 7 simultaneous connections. If you select a good location, you can actually get great ping performance.


It is not as fast as other VPNs like NordVPN on the list but definitely as stable as they are. Also, it is quite affordable. 


  • Very Affordable
  • Good Ping Performance


  • Data Anonymity is Questionable

Conclusion – Best VPN for Gaming

So that was all about the top 5 best VPN for gaming. I hope this article helps you select the best VPN for gaming.

Just remember to keep the few things mentioned in mind and you will find a good VPN.

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