Top FNAF Security Breach Characters

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There are both familiar and new characters in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. Security Breach does not feature all of the characters from the previous game, but they leave an indelible impression.


FNAF Security Breach characters are listed alphabetically below. Following the brief description, we will discuss how to defeat each character. In addition, certain characters will have Freddy Fazbear upgrades.

FNAF Security Breach Characters

DJ Music Man

Top FNAF Security Breach Characters

He’s the DJ at Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizza Plex, as his name suggests. Even though he’s only there for a short while, he leaves a lasting impression. The biggest animatronic in the game is DJ Music Man. Like a spider, he also has multiple legs.

Upon entering the Fazcade, you will find the DJ asleep. Roxy Raceway requires you to head here. You will be greeted by Music Man after being assigned the task of hitting switches to restart the power.

The first switch is located in the bathroom, where he will try to trap you. After scaling the walls with his arachnoid body, he will enter the massive tunnels. He has a humanoid face that raises the creepiness level.


Top FNAF Security Breach Characters

Due to their unique nature, animatronics and endoskeletons can ruin your day.


Your flashlight is pointed at the bodies when you’re not facing them. A horde of them will eventually surround you in tight spaces, which is made more challenging by the number of turns and doors that need to be opened.

Usually, after completing a portion of a mission, they will appear again, usually rather suddenly. You will, for instance, encounter endoskeletons after you obtain a key item to defeat a boss in Bonnie Bowl, who will chase you until you exit.

Freddy Fazbear

In Security Breach, Freddy Fazbear, the title character of the series and setting, actually helps you survive instead of trying to harm you. Even though he admits he cannot explain why he is helping you, his assistance is crucial and valuable.

In Fazbear, Gregory can be hidden within him (press Square in front of him). Fazbear can be called to your location by pressing L1.

He is not a foe of the bots and animatronics, so he can freely move about. The battery of Fazbear lasts for a short period of time, so if it runs out, Fazbear will kill you. To avoid this scenario, find recharge stations throughout the Pizza Plex and exit Fazbear earlier.


Glamrock Chica

Top FNAF Security Breach Characters

Fazbear’s animatronic bandmate Glamrock Chica is as hungry for pizza as she is for finding you in the Pizza Plex. Of the three animatronic baddies, she appears more frequently and in cramped spaces.

At Parts and Services, you can upgrade Fazbear so that she can stun bots. This can be very useful when you need to release Gregory in tight spaces.


Top FNAF Security Breach Characters

You will only see Gregory in the ending scenes or on your Faz-Watch camera as a young child trapped in the Pizza Plex. Gregory is likely to have escaped the outdoor conditions by slipping into the Pizza Plex, but this is where he discovers the mall’s dark secret – the disappearance of children.

Gregory is revealed to have snuck into the Pizza Plex without any history, leading to the belief that he snuck in. You do not know anything else about Gregory except that he has to make it until the morning opening.

Map Bot

Top FNAF Security Breach Characters

In a nutshell, the Map Bot provides you with a map. The guards give you a jump scare and make you think security is going to sound the alarm, but instead, they just hold out the map and ask you to take it.


Several times during the game, you’ll be able to collect maps. They show where charge stations and stairs are, but they’re not very detailed.

Montgomery Gator

Top FNAF Security Breach Characters

Among the three antagonistic animatronics, Montgomery Gator is the most aggressive. He speaks with the passion of a rock star.

Unlike the other two enemies, Gator requires you to avoid him while also completing another task in order for him to be scrapped. Furthermore, Gator is the only enemy that you have to “defeat” in an engaging way.

Also, he can leap from one area of the field to another, and sometimes he can jump right in front of you.


Top FNAF Security Breach Characters

There is a Hyde to Sunnydrop’s Jekyll in Moonydrop. He appears when the lights go out, chasing you outside the children’s area.


As Moonydrop approaches you, the lights go out, and a blue haze with stars surrounds your screen at certain points in the game, including the end.

Moonydrop can also be escaped by entering the nearby charge station. If you do this for the first time, Moonydrop will actually drag you away and kidnap Fazbear. It has a lot of strength.

Roxanne Wolf

Top FNAF Security Breach Characters

Roxanne Wolf, the last of Fazbear’s bandmates, is hard to avoid. She has a keen sense of smell and can smell out of your hiding spot, resulting in a game over. From your spot, you can hear her sniffing around, as well as see her on the cameras sniffing around.

It is a long, backtracking route through Roxy Raceway and the Fazcade that leads up to Wolf’s “battle”. As soon as you engage the cut scene, you can get Roxy’s Eyes, an upgrade for Fazbear that allows him to see collectibles through walls and generally in fuchsia.

Security Bots

Top FNAF Security Breach Characters

Despite not causing game-overs, these bots will sound an alarm if they’re near, which will draw one or more of Gregory’s main animatronic enemies.


There is a tendency for paths to overlap in larger areas, so finding good timing or finding another route is essential. Their routes are fairly defined, but if they find you, timing may be disrupted.

You’ll get a jump scare even if they just glance at you with their flashlight. In the sewers, there are variations that look like demented drivers assisting bots from Roxy Raceway.


Top FNAF Security Breach Characters

In the children’s play area, you first encounter Sunnydrop. You can watch Sunnydrop dive off of an elevated spire and into the ball pit after you go down the slide and into the ball pit. In his cheerful way, he tells you that turning off the lights is the only thing not to do.


Top FNAF Security Breach Characters

Vanessa is the other fully-modeled character in the game whom you must evade at first. Although she eventually catches up with you, she rarely appears in the rest of the game after refusing to repair Fazbear.

Fazbear mentions to Vanessa that he does not have any records for Gregory, yet the Faz-Watch continues to mention his name through Fazbear’s voice. When Vanessa leaves, you can fix Fazbear.



Top FNAF Security Breach Characters 1

You’ll know Vanny is near when your screen starts going hazy and glitchy, meaning you need to sprint away from her!

You may have initially thought that Vanny revealed her identity, but that same ending may also debunk your initial assumptions.

The endings of Security Breach, as well as the events of the game, may leave some questions that need to be answered in a sequel. Anyhow, Vanny wants you dead, so she turns all the bots on you.


We hope this article has helped you know in detail about the FNAF security breach characters. Now, you shouldn’t be surprised anymore when these characters suddenly jump scared in the game.

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