Valorant Anime Skins You Can Try Right Now

Valorant, a free-to-play first-person shooter game developed by Riot, the famous studio behind the League of Legends game, became a big sensation in the gaming industry just after its launch in June 2020.


Riot started the development work back in 2014, and it was first revealed under the name Project A in October 2019. The 5 vs. 5 game has various agents from different countries, and these agents have distinct abilities.

The agents are categorized into four parts – Duelists, Initiators, Sentinels, and Controllers. There are various in-game modes such as:

  • Spike rush: These are short-duration matches where random guns are given to teams.
  • Replication: In replication, all the team members play the same agent.
  • Escalation: This is the arms race mode.
  • Deathmatch: The first player to get 40 kills wins; it is used for practice before competitive games.
  • Unranked: It is a full-length match mode, but the result does not affect the ranks of the players.
  • Competitive: This is the ranked full-length match mode.

Valorant is often talked about how the game resembles anime because of the animated graphics and through the agents and their abilities such as Jett’s ultimate, blade-storm, and yoru’s teleport, etc.

The developers have been active in rolling out new updates, from new agents and maps to new skins bundles. These skins can be purchased from the game store using Valorant Points (VP), the in-game currency, or real money.

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VALORANT Anime Skins

Valorant GO! Vol. 1

In February 2021, Riot released a new bundle, namely “Valorant GO! Vol. 1”, priced at 8855VP, which included anime-inspired skins of the agents in the game. The bundle included skins for ghosts, spectre, guardian, phantom, and a knife. The agents inspired all these:

  • Reyna inspired the phantom.
  • Killjoy inspired the spectre.
  • Cypher’s theme inspired the guardian.
  • Sage inspired the ghost.
  • Jett’s Ultimate ability inspired the knife.
VALORANT Anime Skins
Valorant GO! Vol. 1

All the agents featured on skins are always visible to the player from all angles. Other than gun skins, there were gun buddies, player cards, and sprays of agents like Cypher, Jett, Killjoy, Reyna, and Sage.

Individual prices of these skins are:

  • Phantom – 1775vp
  • Spectre – 1775vp
  • Guardian – 1775vp
  • Ghost – 1775vp
  • Knife – 3550vp

Valorant GO! Vol. 2

Seven months later, in continuation to Vol. 1 bundle, Riot announced another anime-inspired “Valorant GO! Vol. 2” bundle, priced the same at 8855VP.

This stunning valorant anime skins bundle included skins for classic, vandal, ares, operator, and yoru’s stylish butterfly comb knife.


Just like Vol. 1 bundle, this included gun buddies, player cards, sprays for agents like Phoenix, Raze, Sova, Viper, and Yoru.

VALORANT Anime Skins
Valorant GO! Vol. 2

Individual prices of these skins are:

  • Classic – 1775vp
  • Vandal – 1775vp
  • Ares – 1775vp
  • Operator – 1775vp
  • Knife – 3550vp

These two bundles, released in 2021, featured the agents in anime-style skins. With the massive surge in the anime industry over the past few years, these skins were loved across the player base. Thus we can expect more valorant anime skins in the future. 

Currently, Valorant is only available for PCs; for downloading Valorant, head over to Riots official website.

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