VALORANT Patch 7.0 brings New Agent, New Mode & Gameplay Changes


  • The upcoming Episode 7 of VALORANT has the community excited about it.
  • Patch 7.0 brings a new 5v5 Team Deathmatch Mode, a New agent, i.e., DeathLock & more.
  • Episode 7 ACT 1 will release later today with the VALORANT Patch 7.0.
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The upcoming Episode 7 of VALORANT has the community excited about it as it brings a ton of gameplay changes & more. Episode 7 ACT 1 will release later today with the VALORANT Patch 7.0, and we already know the details of it thanks to the PBE that the developers shared!


For those unaware, Public Beta Environment (PBE) is a program by VALORANT that allows players that are interested to test out features that are being worked on for the game before they go live! Although one thing to note here is that not all features will make it to the live build.

Moving on, here are the full details of the upcoming VALORANT Patch 7.0, which includes gameplay changes, new agents & more.

VALORANT Patch 7.0

Modes Updates

Team Deathmatch

It is a team-oriented 5v5 deathmatch game mode, in which the first team to get 100 kills or gets the highest score at the end of ten minutes wins.

Agent Updates

Developers have added a new sentinel agent to the game named Deadlock. She is a Norwegian agent with a history that relates her to Sova.


GravNet (C)

This ability of Deadlock allows her to launch a grenade that becomes a net. The grenade detonates when it makes contact with the ground. Any enemy that gets caught within its area of effect is forced to crouch while moving and is slowed down.

Sonic Sensor (Q)

The agent, i.e., Deadlocklaunches a sensor that monitors an area for sound. So whenever there’s heavy gunfire or footstep in the area where the trap has been placed, it detonates, impacting everyone caught in its radius.

Barrier Mesh (E)


The Agent has a Barrier Mesh disk, which is launched by using the fire button, and when the Barrier Mesh makes contact with the ground, it creates an energy barrier that blocks players from entering the area.

Annihilation (X)

Deadlock Ultimate can only affect one single target only, and when it is triggered, the agent will launch a flow of nanowires that captures the first enemy and then wraps them inside a cocoon. The apprehended enemy is pulled back and will die if the nanowires reach their point of origin, and the only way to way repeal is to destroy the cocoon itself.

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VALORANT Patch 7.0
VALORANT Patch 7.0

Progression System updates

Daily rewards


Daily rewards will get a major overhaul in this patch. The progress of your match will be monitored on a Checkpoint Track, and every checkpoint will give specific XP alongside the new in-game currency, i.e., Kingdom Credits

Accessory Store

There’s a new shop in the game in which players can use their Kingdom coins to purchase domestic items from the previous battle passes, such as Titles, Gun buddies, & more.

Agent Recruitment Event

After Patch 7.0 goes live, there will be a new way to unlock agents in VALORANT, starting with the Deadlock, of course. Every new agent will now have their Recruitment Event as they are released. To unlock the agent, players will need to complete certain tasks and obtain a specific amount of XP to get the agent.


Agent Gear

The agent gear will contain cosmetic items & weapon skins that are exclusively for the agent. As usual, the players will need to perform certain tasks and get a certain amount of XP, or the players can just purchase using Kingdom coins or VALORANT points

Previously, upon reaching level 5, players got to unlock agents. However, things have now changed as now, upon reaching level 5, players will be rewarded with a flat amount of Kingdom Credits.

Bug Fixes

General Bug fixes

Developers fixed a bug where the Spray Wheel was not seen when there was packet loss during the loading.


This Patch 7.0 also fixes a bug when the players are able to see the enemy team bullet tracers during the buy phase.

The developers have fixed a bug where players were able to buy outside of their region

Agent Bug fixes

Fixed a bug Omen’s From the Shadows (X), to cancel the teleport if you subdue while forming.

Developers fixed a bug where Cyber’s Spycam (E) from being placed on the rotating door of Lotus


Fixed a bug Chamber’s Rendezvous (E) to interrupt the teleport if the player is subdued mid animation

The developer fixed the Yuro Gatecrash (E) to break in the teleport if the player is subdued mid-animation.

Fixed an issue where the frame rates would decrease when Reyna is healing from Devour (Q)

Developers fixed a bug where Sge barrier Orb (C) would rotate several times from a single button press when deploying it.

Social bug fixes


Fixed an issue where the Push to talk key would sometimes allow the voice to be transmitted even after releasing the push-to-talk key.

This patch also fixed where Chinese Baidu pinyin input could only type English in the chat

This is everything g that the players can expect in the upcoming VALORANT Patch 7.0 with Episode 7 Act 1, and this also marks the end of Episode 6 Act 3.

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