Where is the High On Life Save Location?


  • High on Life is a First Person Shooting Game that gives spine chilling experience.
  • The players of the High on Life game have reported that they are unable to find the save location of game files.
  • Follow the guide below to find the hidden location of saved game files.
High on Life
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Are you an avid PC gamer who loves to play shooting games a lot? If yes, you might have come across the ‘High on Life’ game which is making a lot of noise in the gaming community nowadays.


This First Person Shooter gamer definitely gives you spine chilling experience. However, some players have reported that they are unable to find the exact location where the game files are being saved.

Knowing the game files save location can help the players to save their progress. Unfortunately, if you are unaware of the save location, you might lose out on all your progress when unexpected incidents like PC formatting happens.

To help you overcome this issue, we have covered in detail where you can find the save location of ‘High on Life’ game files in Windows as well as Linux.

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High On Life Save Location

Where is the ‘High On Life’ Save Location in Windows?

If you are using a Windows Operating System, you can find the save location as outlined below:


Location for Save Game Files

To find the saved game files, you first need to open the File Explorer on your Windows and head on to the path


Alternatively, you can also open the Run command on Windows by pressing the ‘Win + R’ shortcut key and entering the following command: %appdata%

Now, go to Local and select Oregon and click on Saved, and then SaveGames. In short, the final URL path looks like this: 


Location for Save Game Files in Microsoft Store

The path for saving game files on Microsoft Store will be                              

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Packages\2637SquanchGamesInc.HighonLife_mh7dg3tfmz2cj\SystemAppData\wgs\[user id]\ 

Where is the ‘High On Life’ Save Location in Linux?

If you are using a Linux system and playing High on Life game on that OS, then the game save location will be:

[Folder with Steam]/steamapps/compatdata/1583230/pfx/

This location is for STEAM, as all the files get saved in the same location on Linux.

Conclusion – High On Life Save Location

We hope this article has helped you identify the hidden game save file location of ‘High on Life.’ Start saving your game files in this location and save your game progress as well.

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