5 Best Agents for Lotus Map (VALORANT)

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Valorant’s Episode 6 Act 1 is released on January 10th, and a fresh Battle has been included in this episode. Along with this, a new map called Lotus has been included.


The game’s developers, Riot Games, plan to highlight India with this latest inclusion of Lotus map, as it is based out of western ghats.

Picking the right agents is very important to have smooth gameplay in Valorant. In this article, we have listed such best agents to have for the Lotus map.

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5 Best Agents for Lotus Map


Breach Agent - Best Agents for Lotus

Breach is the first go-to choice for any kind of map. He is the strongest agent among all in the meta-comp.

Breach has the ability to damage and stun the walls, as it is his unique skill. This skill adds more value to the Lotus map for entry of all three sites due to its size and shape.


Breach can easily clear through the map due to his ability to clear the angles with utility. As a Breach, you need to coordinate with the team without doing any harm, especially while providing the utility dump.


KillJoy Agent - Best Agents for Lotus

Killjoy is the third agent introduced by Valorant game developers. This agent is an expert in crowd control, robotics, technical wonders, etc.

Killjoy has the ability to damage others by deploying gadgets through Nanoswarm or Alarmbot. She is capable of doing all this, even by hiding.

Her Turret is capable of damaging adversaries by diverting their attention if placed in the right strategic location.

For the defending side of the Lotus map, Killjoy will be the most important agent. She has the ability to protect Sites A and B from being attacked by the attackers with the help of her gear. She is also capable of slowing down the enemy pushes.


She is capable of defending at choke points. Especially her ability to shore up the flanks and Lockdown is really helpful in this map.


Viper Agent - Best Agents for Lotus

Viper is the versatile agent on the list. Her poison cloud and Toxic screen abilities are good enough to seal off certain areas in the Lotus map.

The only drawback of her abilities is that the enemies are poisoned temporarily, and also, most of her abilities are fuel based. One must be smart enough to understand the placements and tackle the gameplay.

After planting, you can take advantage of shooting the snake bite.


Omen Agent - Best Agents for Lotus

Omen is also known as the shadow hunter. Teleport helps Omen in catching the rotations without the enemies noticing it.


He is also capable of planting the spike on other sites and can confuse opponents with ease. This agent is capable of providing a high-level cover for the squad.


Neon Agent - Best Agents for Lotus

Lotus map rewards those who are fast on both defense and attack. And no one is as fast as Neon in attacking and defense. Her ability to stun and the wall is very useful in taking control over the areas like Rubble/Lobby.

Neon can also claim the same area from the other side, which makes it easier for the squad to take charge of the game. Especially on a three-site map like Lotus, it is very important to be quick and have a good speed. Neon is best at it.


Lotus is one of the large maps in the Valorant games, and it is very easy for the enemies to get into the sites. However, by choosing the best agents for the Lotus map, you will be able to take charge of the game.

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