How to Unlock Agents in VALORANT?

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Choosing a correct agent in VALORANT is as significant as your basic gaming & aiming skills. You might have noticed that whenever you try any new agent, the abilities or key binds must have confused you mid-round. 


At first, a player can only choose from 5 agents, Sova, Pheonix, Sage, Jett, & Brimstone. For the rest, players have to unlock agents in VALORANT.

By this, Riot ensures that players learn the basics of the games & these agents before jumping into the large pool of agents.

In VALORANT, there are currently 18 agents, namely Brimstone, Breach, Cypher, Viper, Jett, Pheonix, Sage, Yoru, Neon, Raze, Omen, Skye, Sova, Reyna, Kay/o, Killjoy, Chamber, Astra.

Therefore, there is a variety of agents to choose within.

But, the question arises, how to unlock agents in VALORANT? Well, there are a few ways through which you can unlock agents.


In this article, we will be explaining the required procedure to unlock agents in VALORANT.

How to Unlock Agents in VALORANT?

Like every other game, VALORANT also has a level system. You can increase your level by earning XP. XP rises every time you finish a match.

As you reach levels 5 & 10, you will get the option to unlock one agent.

Therefore, through climbing levels, you can, in total, unlock two agents in VALORANT in the beginning.

For the rest of the agents, you need to complete their contract. The remaining agents will have contracts with tier levels. By clearing all the tiers, you’ll be able to unlock the agent.

  • Open VALORANT. 
  • In the dashboard, click on Agents. 
How to Unlock Agents in VALORANT
  • You will see all the agents there. 
  • For the locked ones, you will see the option of Activate Contract. 
How to Unlock Agents in VALORANT
  • You have to click on Activate Contract for whichever agent you want to unlock next. Again, XP is required to finish the contract.

Completing every agent’s contract will take a lot of time & effort. If you want to skip the hustle, there is another way of unlocking agents in VALORANT using the in-game money (indirectly actual money).

  • You can purchase agents using VALORANT’s in-game currency, called VP.
  • VALORANT Points are purchasable for real money from the market.
How to Unlock Agents in VALORANT
  • The cost of one agent is nearly 1000 VP. (The actual price of VP differs from region to region.)

If you’re confused about which agent to play with, you can always try & learn every agent’s abilities in the Open Shooting Range.

Before starting a competitive match with a new agent, try to get experienced playing Spike Rush or Unrated.

Classification of Agents

In VALORANT, Agents are classified based on their abilities & role.

  • Duelists: These are agents with abilities that make them capable of taking fights alone. They are generally the entry fraggers for their teams. Jett, Yoru, Raze, Reyna, Neon, Pheonix.
  • Controllers: These agents assist their team by blocking targetted sites. They have smokes or walls to block the opponent’s vision. Brimstone, Astra, Omen, Viper.
  • Sentinels: They are experts in locking down an area with their abilities. These agents are critical in defending sites or playing against retakes. Sage, Cypher, Chamber, Killjoy.
  • Initiators: These agents clear sites or provide crucial information to the team. They are more valuable on the Attacker’s side. Sova, Skye Breach, Kay/O.
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