10+ Best OSU Skins Available (With Download Link)

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OSU is a free-to-play game that tests the player’s reflexes in rhythm. Although the game is nearly 15 years old, it got viral this year only after its stable release in March 2022. From new maps to songs, the game is primarily community-dependent. 


Like other games, OSU also includes in-game skins for a better user experience. Fortunately, these skins are free & players can download them from anywhere on the internet.

But there are hundreds of skins available for players to choose from, so how do you decide which one is the best? We will list the best OSU skins available in 2022 with their download links. 

Best OSU Skins Available 

Picking one skin to play with is always a difficult task. We have collected the list of the best OSU skins available for download. 


Dokidokilolixx is considered one of the best OSU skins available for players. The simplicity & the ability to customize the skin makes it more personalized, thus making it at the top of the list.

You can download the skin from here: Download Dokidokilolixx.

Best OSU Skins

Flying Tuna 

Flying Tuna is known for improving user experience and fitting every play style. You will feel the difference while using this skin in your game. Try the Flying Tuna skin in-game to experience the thrill.

You can download the skin from here: Download Flying Tuna.

Best OSU Skins


Varvalian is somewhat like the previous skin, Flying Tuna. The spiral structure is a treat to the player’s eyes and is one of the highly used skins in OSU.

You can download the skin from here: Download Varvalian.

Best OSU Skins


 The best OSU skins available list is incomplete without Yugen. From circle colors to patterns & theme appearances, you can virtually customize many things with a Yugen skin, making it among the best OSU skins.


You can download the skin from here: Download Yugen.

Best OSU Skins


Cookiezi is yet another simplistic OSU skin. You can try the skin in-game to understand the overall user experience. 

You can download the skin from here: Download Cookiezi.

Best OSU Skins


Though the Clearback skin is impressive with its mechanics, the plus sign instead of numbers in the circle can cause a distraction while playing the game. Still, it’s one of the best OSU skins available for the players.

You can download the skin from here: Download Clearback.

Best OSU Skins


Selyu skin will enhance your game to the next level. One of the most loved skins in the community, Senya is known for the thrill it carries with it. It’s somewhat similar to Flying Tuna.

You can download Selyu from here: Download Selyu.

Best OSU Skins


One of the most famous OSU skin, Informus, is known for its spectacular appearance. The skin comes in various visually stunning combinations. The skin also focuses on personalized activities like maps & game modes played by the user.

You can download Informus from here: Download Informus.

Best OSU Skins

AS – Zero Two

AS – Zero Two is one of the many skins in OSU inspired by an anime. AS – Zero Two skin has a design based on the famous anime Darling in the Franxx. The skin has over 180,000+ downloads, which shows the hype around it.


You can download AS – Zero Two from here: Download AS – Zero Two.

Best OSU Skins


Yet another minimalistic skin. Beasttrol MC is known for its simple appearance, making it easier for the user to play & does not create any clutter on the screen.

You can download BeasttrolMC from here: Download BeasttrolMC.

Best OSU Skins

New Retro Wave

New Retro Wave is for the players who like vibrant themes. It’s one of the most eye-catching ones with the glossy pink color. As the name suggests, this skin gives off a retro vibe and has nearly 300,000 downloads. 

You can download New Retro Wave from here: Download New Retro Wave.

Best OSU Skins

These were the best OSU skins available for players in 2022. Skins make a difference in the game by enhancing the player’s performance. Now that you have downloaded your favorite skin, how do you install these best OSU skins? 

Installing OSU Skins

After downloading, open the skin file. It will redirect you to the OSU game. In the game, open Settings > Skins. Under that, you’ll see the Current skin option.

It will show the skin that you’ve currently equipped if any. From there, you can switch between downloaded OSU skins.

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